Felissimo’s Cute Rabbit Item Collection―New Rabbit Themed Products Every Month

09.March.2019 | FASHION

Felissimo dropped its new rabbit product collection on February 22 from its YOU+MORE! brand. All the items in this miscellaneous collection are drawn by rabbit illustrator Shirato Akiko. The collection will run for an entire year during which a new product will be released each month.


From a tote bag to a purse and more, all of these Felissimo-originals can be incorporated into your daily life

Canvas Tote Bag

Made from canvas fabric and featuring a relaxed chestnut colour, this tote bag has a natural taste to it. Its A4 size makes it convenient for popping out to the shops or as an additional bag for work.


The perfect choice for on trips or if you need a place for your bits and bobs. It features an illustration of a cute grey Dutch rabbit with twinkling eyes.


Die Cut Cushion

This adorable orange rabbit cushion is on the small side, is soft to touch, and will have you picking it up without even thinking about it.

Coin Purse

Carry these three floppy bunnies and your coins with you everyday with this coin purse. It’s also the perfect size for storing small makeup items.

Cup With Lid

Perfect for the winter season and cold weather for keeping your tea or coffee warm. The lid can also be used as a place to put sweets, snacks or biscuits while you drink too.


There are many more products to come too, so if you love rabbits or know a rabbit lover then don’t miss out!


  • Adorable Shiba Inu Slippers and Handkerchiefs Released by Felissimo

    06.December.2019 | FASHION

    Felissimo released a new line of shiba inu slippers and handkerchiefs from their humorous brand YOU+MORE! on their website on November 26.


    The slippers feature various shiba inu pulling adorable faces, with the sole parts made to look like their fluffy bellies. The handkerchiefs are made using appliqué needlework to stitch a variety of different pups onto them. The prints are so realistic you’ll find yourself wanting to stroke them.

    The slippers come in three designs: Black Fur, Red Fur, and White Fur, all with loving faces looking up at you as you walk around the house.

    The insoles are made with long and comfy boa fabric to create the fluffy underbelly of the dogs.

    The gauze handkerchiefs come in six designs: Pomeranian, White Shiba, French Bulldog, Red Shiba, Golden Retriever, and Corgi.

    The embroidered doggy designs are 3D textured, making you want to poke and stroke them all the time you’re holding them. The front part is made from gauze and the back from pile. One of each of the six designs will be released monthly over a period of six months.

    If you love shiba inu, or know someone that does, this is the perfect gift!

  • Rilakkuma Umbrella by Felissimo Can Be Used in Clear or Rainy Weather

    19.June.2019 | FASHION

    Felissimo released a new Rilakkuma-inspired beige-pink umbrella on their website on June 10.


    The umbrella’s design is subtle and sophisticated. The outer rim is lined with a brown coloured lace reminiscent of Rilakkuma. It also has a handle made from high quality wood carved into Rilakkuma’s face. The umbrella also cuts 98% of UV rays meaning it can be used in both clear and rainy weather.



    Its beige pink colour with brown lacing gives it a sophisticated feminine design.

    Rilakkuma’s facial features on the handle were made using laser cutting and together with the frilly cotton rope tied to it give it a polished and refined look.

    There is also a name tag on the umbrella with a nonchalant Rilakkuma logo printed on it.

    There is also a separate bag you can purchase to put your umbrella in after it rains so you don’t get the floor wet if you go inside anywhere.



  • Squidgy Cat Paw Phone Cases Released by Felissimo Neko-bu

    17.February.2019 | FASHION

    Felissimo Neko-bu™ recently released a new line of cute cat paw phone cases so squidgy and fluffy you’ll want to poke them every time you pick up your phone.

    Made almost as real as the real thing, these 3D phone case designs also come with an adhesive sheet to stick  your phone to so you can just pop it right in there.

    While in place your phone can slide up and down making for a smooth transition to photo mode. They didn’t forget the handy card pocket either to keep those important cards safe.

    There are three designs to choose from and can add even more relaxation to your phone break.


    As always with Felissimo Neko-bu products, part of the price of these phone cases. goes towards numerous causes including shelter for animals with no owners and for helping find them owners, as well as aiding towards getting stray cats off the street to avoid overpopulation, and for protecting animals during times of disaster.

  • Gel-Type False Cat Nails Released by Felissimo Neko-bu™

    05.November.2018 | FASHION

    Felissimo Neko-bu™ released their new ‘Cat Nail Seals’ on their website on October 22.

    The nails come with a thick and glossy transparent gel that you simply apply to stick the nails on which also give them three-dimensionality. They are perfect for people who are in a rush, want to make their nails stylish but aren’t sure how, those who don’t have time to go to a nail salon, and those who have an interest in nail art but it troublesome.

    There are 4 designs to choose from.

    Cat & Constellations: A girly colour combination of pink and white.

    Cat Emblem: A good choice to match light skin tones with luxurious pink beige and greys. Also great for parties.

    Cat and Cat Powder: A flowery design of the cat powder plant. Perfect for when you need to look flashy.

    Cat Dots: A mix of greyish mint and brown to create a mildly cool look.


    These high quality nail ‘seals’ have been carefully designed so they can be applied to a variety of nail shapes. They are made in such a way that it is difficult to end up with creases and wrinkles in the seals so you can apply them effortlessly. If you add a top coat of gel they’ll be even longer-lasting.


    Each order comes with a set of two so you can make both hands symmetrical or asymmetrical. There are so many combinations you can make even with the same set. The cat motifs and vibrant colours are ideal for a whole range of settings, whether it’s an everyday look or you’re off to a party. They’re sure to be noticed and crop up in conversation when gathered around people. They also make for a perfect gift for cat lovers.


    As always with Felissimo Neko-bu products, part of the price of these false nails goes towards numerous causes including shelter for animals with no owners and for helping find them owners, as well as aiding towards getting stray cats off the street to avoid overpopulation, and for protecting animals during times of disaster.


    Show off your inner feline with these new nails from Felissimo Nekobu♪

  • Fluffy Cat Fur Phone Cases Released by Felissimo Neko-bu

    04.October.2018 | FASHION

    Felissimo’s brand of humorous items YOU+MORE! has teamed up with Felissimo Neko-bu™ and released a series of cat themed phone cases.

    The cases feature three different designs of cats peeking around the back of your phone. The designs are inspired by real life kitties who bother their owners when they’re not getting attention.

    The cases lock with the cat’s paws which have a magnet on them and are also made of fake fluffy fur which feels nice to touch.

    The inside of the case also features a handy card holder and pocket. Your smartphone can be used by attaching it to the adhesive sheet inside which also slides up and down for when you want to snap photos.

    The three cat designs include SabatoraMike and Kijitora. Pick your favourite!

  • Fluffy Cat Slippers Inspired by Internet Cat ‘Foo-Chan’ Released by Felissimo Neko-bu

    23.July.2018 | FASHION

    Felissimo Neko-bu released their second collaborative piece of merchandise with internet sensation Foo-Chan on July 18, this time in the form of slippers.

    The slippers are almost like a plush toy and are insulated, meaning your feet will be warm, cushioned and comfortable.

    The slippers are so fat and fluffy you’ll find yourself stroking them without even realising!

    The soles are black like Foo-chan’s paws and are made of anti-skid material meaning you won’t slide all over the place.

    There are three designs with different Foo-chan facial expressions. There’s his classic ‘disappointed’ look, a scornful look, and a cute expression he uses when he wants treats.


    As always with Felissimo Neko-bu products, part of the price of these slippers go towards numerous causes including shelter for animals with no owners and for helping find them owners, as well as aiding towards getting stray cats off the street to avoid overpopulation, and for protecting animals during times of disaster.

    Sizes accommodate those with 22.5cm-27.5cm sized feet so guys can wear them too.


    Get your very own Foo-chan slippers!



    Foo-Chan Slippers

    Price: ¥3,200 (+8% ¥3,448)

    →¥96 of the money will go towards the “Felissimo Cat Foundation”. (The money donated is tax exempt)

    Size: 22.5cm-27.5cm

    ・One design released per month. Once all have been released the product will discontinue.

    Product Page: https://feli.jp/s/pr180720/2/https://feli.jp/s/pr180704/2/


  • Let’s go to Fellisimo “YOU+MORE’s”limited-time-offer shops!

    30.April.2018 | FASHION / SPOT

    The small-goods brand Felissimo named “YOU+MORE!” will open limited-time-offer shops from May throughout Japan.

    YOU+MORE 期間限定ショップ

    They are going to sell humorous and cute goods using the motifs of animals such as rabbit, dog, panda, squirrel and hedgehog and photogenic items.


    Also, “Toy Poodle Popcorn” and “Bichon Frise Popcorn” will sell their limited items at Tokyo MITASU Store, ecute Ueno Store, and LUMINE Tachikawa Store.

    YOU+MORE 期間限定ショップ2

    Let’s get their cute and humorous items!



    Let’s check the limited time offer shop of “YOU+MORE” via the official blog!

    Shop page


  • Cat Hand Towels with Traditional Japanese Designs Released from Felissimo Neko-bu

    07.April.2018 | FASHION

    Felissimo Neko-bu opened pre-orders for a series of hand towels illustrated by manga artist Rinrin Yamano drawn in a traditional Japanese style on March 22nd. Hand towels are a commonly used everyday item in Japan, and this fun line-up features cats in various poses and scenarios.


     フェリシモ猫部 「猫あるあるの手ぬぐい」.jpg1

    The illustrations include cats interacting with traditional Japanese motifs such as paper sliding doors and temari balls, all drawn by Rinrin Yamano.


    フェリシモ猫部 「猫あるあるの手ぬぐい」.jpg2

     When hung up they can always be used as noren curtains and tapestries. There are four designs: Shoji, Futon, Maneki Neko, and Temari. They are perfect for your own personal use as well as gifts for cat lovers!


     フェリシモ猫部 「猫あるあるの手ぬぐい」.5

    Shoji: A design that showcases lively cats in a Japanese room tearing through and climbing up paper sliding doors


     フェリシモ猫部 「猫あるあるの手ぬぐい」.jpg6

    Futon: The cats are sleeping soundly in an old-fashioned Japanese futon – they look just like students on a school trip


     フェリシモ猫部 「猫あるあるの手ぬぐい」.jpg7

    Maneki Neko: A design featuring a plump and cute waving cat and the ‘Uchide-no-Kozuchi’ (Mallet of Luck)


     フェリシモ猫部 「猫あるあるの手ぬぐい」.jpg8

    Temari: This cute polkadot pop design features cats having fun with temari balls.



    As always with Felissimo Neko-bu products, part of the price of these hand towels go towards numerous causes including shelter for animals with no owners and for helping find them owners, as well as aiding towards getting stray cats off the street to avoid overpopulation, and for protecting animals during times of disaster.


    Get your hands on one of these amusing, Japanese-style hand towels.




    Rinrin Yamano Cat Hand Towels

    Price: ¥850(+8% ¥916)

    →¥25 of the money will go towards the “Felissimo Cat Foundation”. (The money donated is tax exempt)・

    Material: 100% cotton (*Can be hand-washed)

    ・Size: 90cm x 34cm

    *Due to the hand towel having been made using old-fashioned techniques, both ends have been left cut. The material may become frayed when first used.

    ・One of four designs released each month. (Product will discontinue once all are released.)

    Product Details: https://www.feli.jp/s/pr180404/2/


  • Popular animal sundries for sale – “YOU+MORE!” TOKYU HANDS Shinjuku Store will open

    03.March.2018 | FASHION / SPOT

    The humor sundry brand, FELISSIMO “YOU+MORE!” has opened a limited-time-offer shop in “TOKYU HANDS Shinjuku Store” (March 1st (Thurs.) to March 14th (Wed.)).



     “YOU+MORE” is a brand that sells many original items which make people’s everyday lives amusing. The limited-time-offer-shop they opened this time will sell many kinds of funny and cute animal sundries using the motifs of animals like rabbits, shiba dogs, pandas, squirrels and hedgehogs.


    Below are examples of theses series.



    Mofu Mofu Kousagi Pouch – 2,300 yen + tax

    A long-haired variety of rabbit called Jersey Wooly is expressed by soft fake fur. The product is very soft and has a fastener on the back so that the users can put small goods like lip cream in them!



    Panda Big Cushion 6,900 yen + tax

    This is a 5-month old panda cub. You can hug this cushion because it is big! The silhouette, paws, claws and the white/black print look very realistic.



    Wallaby Kinchaku Pouch – 2,300 yen + tax

    A pouch of a wallaby which is known as “the happiest animal of the world.” This pouch can be used as a goods-storage item since its feet can be used as  clips. Why not get your very own cute pouch!



    Korontto Marui Harinezumi Gamaguchi – 2,300 yen + tax

    A purse shaped like a hedgehog. The needles on the back are made using boa, so it is very soft and cute. If you put cosmetics or snacks inside the hedgehog becomes roly-poly and it will look like it is curled up.



    Mini Wafu Marshmallow Usagi Hozui – 1,480 yen + tax

    The rabbit version of the very popular marshmallow series! Each marshmallow has a different facial expression, so the product is suitable to be uploaded onto your SNS. Chocolate is stuffed inside the mouth. The product can be used as a souvenir since the design of the package is very stylish.


    Why not get your very own unique and cute animal items!



    Tokyu Hands Shinjuku Store “YOU+MORE!” limited-time-offer-shop

    Period: 2018/03/1 (Thurs.) to 2018/03/14 (Wed.)

    Time: 10:00 to 21:00

    Venue: TOKYU HANDS Shinjuku Store, 2F Entrance – event space

    Address: 2 to 8F Times Square Building, 5-24-2, Sendagaya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo



  • You will be licked by a shiba dog! “Shibainu no Kaopero Aburatori Kami” is now on sale

    24.February.2018 | FASHION

    The humor sundry brand of Felissimo, “YOU + MORE! <Humor>” started selling “Shibainu no Kaopero Aburatorigami” from the 19th of February on their website.

    フェリシモ 柴犬

    This product is an oil absorbent paper depicting the situation where a lovely shiba dog is licking the face of its master. The pink tongue is the part where you can use as an oil absorbent paper. There are three kinds of designs available; “black shiba dog,” “brown shiba dog” and “white shiba dog.” The package includes two designs with different facial expressions.

    フェリシモ 柴犬2

    First, pinch the pink tongue softly and pull it out.

    フェリシモ 柴犬3

    The oil absorbent paper is shaped like a dog’s tongue.

    フェリシモ 柴犬4

    It is a cute item which you can used to absorb the oil on your forehead and wings of your nose.

    フェリシモ 柴犬1

    It is recommended that you use the item with you friends since one package includes two varieties.

    フェリシモ 柴犬6

    “YOU+MORE!” also sells many kinds of “shiba dog” items. Let’s get their cute items!




    YOU+MORE! Shibainu no Kaopero Aburatorigami

    1 set (per month) – 650 yen(+8% ¥702) – 30 papers × 2 pieces (two designs)

    Material: paper

    Size: 10.5 cm (height)×11cm (width)

    1 kind will be delivered out of 3 kinds every month. (the shipment will be ended after all kinds are shipped.)

    (Made in Japan)

    Detailed information and reservations – https://www.feli.jp/s/pr180222/2/



  • FELISSIMO releases a mini Japanese style marshmallow

    25.January.2018 | FOOD

    The sundry brand of FELISSIMO “YOU + MORE!” started selling “Taberarenai Kawaisa Mini Wafu Marshmallow Usagi Hozui <chocolate an>” on the Internet.




     “Hozui” is a Japanese style marshmallow which has been eaten in Kyoto from a long time ago. A bean jam with the flavor of chocolate is stuffed inside the product. The product is a little harder than usual marshmallows since it is made of egg white and ager.


    sub1 sub2


    A cute rabbit is printed on the product. Each piece looks very cute and is made by hand.





    9 varieties such as “Orange” and “Himalayan” with a spotted pattern and red eyes are available which rabbit-lovers will love. The product is suitable to be bought as a gift since the package is very elegant.




    Let’s enjoy these rabbit marshmallows.






    Taberarenai Kawaisa Mini Wafu Marshmallow Usagi Hozui <Chocolate An>

    Price: 1,200 yen (tax not included)




    ※ please not that the color of the product might change if it is exposed to sunlight

    ※ this product will be shipped during the month when the reservation is made (produced in Japan)

    ※ the product cannot be returned or exchanged unless a reject item is shipped accidently. (please take a look at the website below RE their returning/exchanging policy.





  • New collaboration sundries of FELISSIMO and Rilakkuma

    16.January.2018 | FASHION

    FELISSIMO has started selling new collaborative sundries with “Rilakkuma” on the Internet from the 14th of December. Various goods will be sold such as a full-sized futon (Japanese style-bedding) a case, a knapsack inner pocket, a tote bag, fashion items and foods. They are also releasing the a digital catalog which introduces these new collaborative items and normal items.


    Toshindai Rilakkuma no Fukafuka Nuigurumi Cushion Case




    This full-size Rilakkuma is a futon case. The case will also become a stuffed toy by putting cushions that you are not using inside. Why not take a nap or watch TV with this cute housemate which can be used as a case or stuffed toy.


    One piece – 12,500 yen (+8% ¥13,500)

    Detailed information and reservations – http://www.feli.jp/s/pr171220/2/


    Cute and Adult-like Cash Register Knapsack


    This is a “cash register knapsack” which you can put in your shopping basket when you are checking out at the cash register. The product can be shouldered or put around one’s shoulder. The design of Rilakkuma printed on the huge bag is very cute.



    You can also use it like a hammock when cleaning up inside your car.


    One knapsack – 4,700 yen (+8% ¥5,076)

    Detailed information and reservations – http://www.feli.jp/s/pr171220/3/


    A porch will come together! Knapsack Inner Pocket




    This is an inner pocket which you can put inside your knapsack which enables you to store many things in a tidy manner. Your stuff will not become jumbled together by using this product. The stiches of Korilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori are so cute. It is recommended for those of you who want to organize the inside of their knapsack.


    One piece – 3,500 yen (+8% ¥3,780)

    Detailed information and reservations – http://www.feli.jp/s/pr171220/4/


    A sparkling Rilakkuma♪ Kutatto Totebag



    A cute wrinkled totebag made with soft cloth. It is a moderate-sized, convenient totebag where a A4-sized notebooks of Rirakkuma laying on the floor and sketch books can be put inside. Since the color of the product is brown and it is designed simply, the product is recommended for adults, not just kids. The handle of the bag can be put around your shoulder.


    One piece – 3,100 yen(+8% ¥3,348)

    Detailed information and reservations – http://www.feli.jp/s/pr171220/5/


    Fuwafuwa Kyusui Sokkan Towel no Kai


    In this product Rilakkuma is turned into a popular character of the waterfront by appearing on a cute towel! The body of the towel where you can dry your hands is made with microfiber so that water on your hands can be dried quickly.



    Three designs are available; “Penguin,” “Shirokuma” and “Rakko (sea otter).” You can tell your kids to stroke the illustration depicted on the towel so as to dry their hands. The towel can be hanged up since it has snap buttons and can be washed in a washing machine.


    One piece per month 1,850 yen (+8% ¥1,998)

    Detailed information and reservations – http://www.feli.jp/s/pr171220/6/


    Chairoi Koguma (brown bear cub) loves it! Hachimitsu to Fruit no Spread no Kai


    This is a spread that uses lots of honey and fruit juice which Chairoi Koguma, a bear cub which has the scent of honey on its body, loves. The spread does not use any sugar which means that you can enjoy the natural sweetness and flavor of honey. Why not enjoy a tea time with this spread and pancakes?



    There are three kinds; “Honey & Strawberry,” “Honey & Hyuganatsu” and “Honey & Blueberry.”


    One bottle per month – 1,200 yen (+8% ¥1,296)

    Detailed information and reservations – http://www.feli.jp/s/pr171220/7/


    Why not get your very own relaxing and cute collaborative goods.



    felissimo meets Rilakkuma

    List of collaborative items:http://www.feli.jp/s/pr171220/9/