Cherry Blossom Sweets Fair Blooms at Daimaru Tokyo

12.March.2019 | FOOD

The hanami season is almost here! Hanami is one of the main ways of enjoying spring in Japan, but don’t forget about all of the seasonal, cherry blossom themed treats being sold specially for this spring time. Why not head to a cafe to see what seasonal goodies they have this year?


Over at Daimaru Tokyo they are having a cherry blossom sweets fair from March 15 to April 9. Let’s take a look at new desserts at 7 cafes in the department store.


Sakura Doki: ¥1,533 @ Saryo Tsujiri (Floor 10F)

A new experiment this season, the Sakura Dokri is a parfait made with non-alcoholic sweet sake. Spoon into cherry blossom flavoured sweet sake jelly, cherry blossom iced cream, strawberry sherbet, dango and more. This is spring and sakura in a cup!


Blue Afternoon Tea Fragola for 2: ¥5,600 @ THE CAMPANELLA CAFE (Floor 4F)

The hugely popular Blue Afternoon Tea Set of THE CAMPANELLA CAFE is turning pink for this spring season only.

Cherry Blossom & Strawberry White Crepe: ¥1,944 @ Sembikiya Fruit Parlour (Floor 3F)

A beautiful offering of cherry blossom bean paste and Japanese strawberries served onto a crepe with cherry blossom-fragranced white chocolate sauce and strawberry ice cream.

Classic Pancake Strawberry Fall: ¥780 @ Tully’s Coffee (Floor 4F)

These pancakes are loaded with strawberry sauce and drizzled in condensed milk.

Fruit Waffle: ¥1,080 (w/ drink ¥1,404) @ Cafe Eikokuka (Floor 7F)

Strawberries, kiwi and other colourful fruits bring spring to these deliciously fried waffles.

Cherry Blossom Anmitsu (w/ drink): ¥1,400 @ INODA COFFEE (Floor 8F)

This anmitsu―or syrup-covered anko bean jam―has been updated for spring with a cherry blossom flavour.

Printanier: ¥864 (w/ drink ¥1,404) @ BURDIGALA CAFE  (Floor 5F)

This printanier is a cake made with cherry blossom and mascarpone cream and a pistachio mousse.


Don’t miss this sakura sweets this spring at Daimaru Tokyo!