The full Leo Lionni Cafe cafe menu has been unveiled!

03.April.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

Famous author of children’s picture books Leo Lionni has a concept cafe dedicated to him! The cafe will open ahead of his original exhibition in Tokyo this summer. The cafe will only be open for a limited period from Wednesday 3rd April to Wednesday 31st July at MARRONNIER GATE GINZA.


We already released news on the Swimmy and Frederick-themed dishes that will be on the original menu. All items on the menu look just like they’ve been taken right out the picture book! They’re brightly coloured and cute too!

Rainbow-coloured french toast ¥1,780 (+ tax)

The theme of this colourful cheese french toast dish is: “A color of his own”. It contains meatballs simmered with tomatoes and red cabbage and comes with a side of creamy mustard sauce. The cream cheese chameleon has been coloured using vegetable powder sourced from Nagano’s Firefly Nouen Tatsuno.

Inch by Inch cheese tea ¥850 (+tax)

This is a chilled cheese tea that has been topped by matcha and walnut crumble. This drink is themed around “Inch by Inch”, which is Japanese poet and translator Shuntarō Tanikawa’s favourite picture book! Only 10 of these will be made per day!

La botanica parallela chocolat ¥1,200 (Price with drink, not including tax)

This is themed around Leo Lionni’s fictional plant “botanica parallela”. This moist chocolate cake is a garden of illusions!

※ Only available on weekends and national holidays.

※ You can also order this cake to take away!

Little Blue and Little Yellow herbal tea ¥900

This is a herbal tea made from butterfly pea, lemongrass and chamomile. It represents the characters Little Blue and Little Yellow. Mix it all up and watch what happens! You can only get this drink here! There’s a limited edition magnet that comes with the drink too!


All dishes on the menu, just like those mentioned above, look cute and were made with specially selected ingredients and carefully balanced flavours. Check out the official website for more information!