Collaboration cafe opens in Ginza featuring famous picture book author Leo Lionni’s “Swimmy” and “Frederick” in food form!

08.March.2019 | FOOD

Leo Lionni was a children’s picture book illustrator and author whose famous works include “Swimmy” and “Frederick”. His works were so popular that they even appear in textbooks! The Leo Lionni concept cafe will open at Sunday Brunch Marronnier Gate, Ginza from Wednesday 3rd April to Wednesday 31st July 2019.

This will be the first ever Lionni cafe collaboration in the world. As a result of the cafe’s successful collaborations with “Shaun the Sheep” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” in the past, Sunday Brunch cafe has been referred to as the “delicious collaboration cafe”. 


There will be 13 new items on the collaboration menu. A portion of the menu has been announced so today let’s take a sneak peek together!

Frederick no Iroatsume ¥1,580


The first part of the menu to be announced includes 6 items! The Frederick-themed dish features the main character Frederick bathing in a nice warm pool of bright and colourful light. Frederick is made from an assortment of grained rice that comes from blended black rice. This is coated with parmesan cheese. The bright, warm light is made from bacon and onion carbonara sauce that is mixed with tomato purée. Three colourful dollops of beetroot, matcha and pumpkin cream finish the dish.

Swimmy Plate ¥2,600

The “Swimmy Plate” features a single black fish that is the eye of another larger fish to represent the meaning of “swimming with everyone”. The larger fish is a bread that you can tear and enjoy with the salad. Cream cheese, Ginza honey, tomato sauce and tuna rillettes are hidden under the fish bread.

Cornelius no Shippo ¥1,780

Leo Lionni Kid’s Plate ¥1,000 (comes with a drink)

You can also order a curry featuring Cornelius hanging from a tree by his tail. The Kid’s plate includes a tuna tomato sauce pasta topped with a Swimmy cookie and a muffin decorated with Fredrick’s face.

Nee Frederick, nani shiteruno?  ¥1,250 (comes with a drink)

Aruite detekita Cornelius ¥1,200  (comes with a drink)

Of course there’s a dessert menu! How about a  cheesecake topped with white chocolate ganache and sprinkled with seasonal berries and multiple Fredericks?! There is also a matcha and chocolate gateau chocolat featuring Cornelius! Not only are these desserts cute, but a lot of care and attention has been put into creating the flavours for these dishes.


We are expecting that the rest of the menu will be announced very soon. Who will be the next characters to be turned into tasty dishes? We hope you’re just as excited as we are! The official collaboration website has also been opened so you can find out more information about the cafe and book seats!


This collaboration cafe is bound to get busy so make sure to check the website out first before heading out!