Snoopy Tea House in Yufu to Re-Open With New Menu and Merchandise

02.April.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

The Yufu branch of Snoopy themed tea house Snoopy Chaya―which brings together traditional Japanese elements with the internationally beloved comic Peanuts―will turn 5-years-old on April 19. To celebrate, the cafe is receiving some exciting changes that will introduce a new menu and all-new merchandise both inspired by motifs that echo the town of Yufu such as hot springs, nature and matcha.

Snoopy Hamburger Omurice – ¥1,580 (Before Tax)

Snoopy Chaya’s number one most popular dish: hamburger omurice topped with colourful thick-cut vegetables. It’s made with the cafe’s exquisite demi-glace sauce and served with fried shiitake mushroom grown in Oita Prefecture.

Charlie Brown Chicken & Egg Bowl – ¥1,080 (Before Tax)

This bowl is filled with chicken, fluffy egg and a cute Charlie Brown wafer cake.

Snoopy Matcha Parfait – ¥1,080 (Before Tax)

Matcha parfait is a classic dessert at Snoopy Chaya. It comes with matcha ice cream, red bean paste, bracken starch dumplings laced with matcha sauce, and three-coloured dango.

Belle’s Blessed Forest Pancake – ¥1,080 (Before Tax)

These fat and fluffy pancakes are topped with milk flavoured ice cream, berries and almonds to create a delicious edible forest covered in sweet strawberry sauce.

Snoopy Onsen Manju – ¥380 (Tax Included) *Ordered for take-away

One cup contains three cute handmade onsen manju with Snoopy’s smiling face on them. It comes with a utensil for eating with a Woodstock design on it.


A new collection of original Snoopy items will also be sold that cannot be bought anywhere else including these adorable coasters.

Micro Fibre Coasters (7 Designs) – ¥300 (Before Tax)

There’s lots more merchandise to be had too. Be sure to check the cafe’s homepage.