Cupcake Cafe MO’ CREAM DECO CAFE to Open in Omotesando for Limited Time

04.April.2019 | FOOD

MO’ CREAM DECO CAFE by MONTEUR is a new cupcake and dessert cafe that will open at hanami in Omotesando for a limited time from April 11 to 17. Customers can look forward to enjoying free decorations with their MO’ CREAM and taking plenty of photos for Instagram.



MO’ CREAM: ¥259 (Tax Included)

MO’ CREAM is made with carefully selected fresh cream to made a rich cream. Underneath the cream is a soft chiffon cake that goes deliciously with the cream. Its simple form means you can enjoy topping it with fruits and chocolate from home. When MO’ CREAM was released in October last year, Japanese social media was flooded with people posting their own creations.


When ordering at the cafe, customers get to pick three free toppings for their MO’ CREAM from 10 options including cookies and marshmallows.


Special DECO Kit (Fee Charged)

Fruit Kit: ¥300 (Before Tax)

Various ‘kits’ can also be bought to combine with your MO’ CREAM. This includes the fruit kit which contains colourful assorted fruit.


Animal Kit: ¥150 (Before Tax)

Create a cute animal from ice cream and biscuits.


Pucchin Purin Kit: ¥150 (Before Tax)

Create a purin à la mode with a tiny custard pudding from Glico.

The outside of the cafe will be decorated in MO’ CREAM’s iconic dotted pattern. Two pink photo spots will also be on site for taking cute photos. And don’t miss the MO’ CREAM Tower, a huge tower made from the cupcake cups.

The cafe will also hold a campaign to win some MO’ CREAM merchandise. To enter, take a photo of your MO’ CREAM that you decorated in the shop and post it on social media. Prizes include a spoon, clip and more with designs of the cafe’s official mascot characters Shu Cream-kun and Shu Cream-senpai. These items are limited in stock so don’t miss out.