Pom Pom Purin becomes a delicious caramel & custard with marshmallow McFlurry!

08.October.2016 | FOOD

For a limited time only, Pom Pom Purin will be collaborating with McDonalds to release a new item to the menu – the “McFlurry Pom Pom Purin”, and it will be available at McDonald stores nationwide in Japan.

The “McFlurry Pom Pom Purin” is the first collaboration item between Sanrio and McDonalds. The balance of flavours for this new desert make for a tasty treat, with a combination of slight bitterness and tongue tingling sweetness from an amalgamation of caramel & custard sauce mixed with a thick and sweet soft cream topped with fluffy marshmallows that have images of Pom Pom Purin on them. This is a unique topping for the popular McFlurry, making it a very special one indeed.

The Pom Pom McFlurry of course comes in a special cup which has on it Pom Pom Purin giving us a cute pose while wearing a McDonalds uniform. This is the product of “By McSWEETS” and is something you can really enjoy, from the appearance right to the taste. Moreover, there will be 8 different kitchen themed toys up for grabs in the Happy Meals from the day of release, Friday October 14th. Whether you’re a fan of Pom Pom Purin or of By McSWEETS, the McDonalds dessert brand, make sure you don’t miss out on this fun campaign.

McFlurry Pom Pom Purin
On Sale: Friday October 14th to the beginning of November
Location: McDonalds stores nationwide in Japan (some stores not running the campaign)
Price: ¥290

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