Noborito Station Transforms Into a Doraemon Dream World

27.April.2019 | FEATURES / SPOT

Hi, everybody. I’m Midori from MMN’s editorial department.


Right now, the Odakyu section of Noborito Station in Kanagawa is all Doraemon coloured! It is the closest station to the Kawasaki City Fujiko F Fujio Museum―a museum for the manga duo who created Doraemon―and so the station has been transformed into all things Doraemon to immerse fans in his bright blue world before they head to the museum. I heard that the station looked super cute so I took no time at all to pay a visit!


You can arrive at Noborito Station is 16-minutes from Shinjuku Station via the Odakyu Line. There may be some people unfamiliar with the area but it’s surprisingly close! Recently the Rapid Express trains have started stopping there making it easier to commute to. The JR Nambu Line also rides to Noborito Station so you can leave from Tachikawa or Mizunokuchi too.

As soon as you step off the train the platform signs are all Doraemon coloured! And if you look closely you can see his bell too.

These little details are everywhere―they’re even on the pillars!

The platform garbage bins too!

And the bigger waste and recycling bins.

The staircase leading down to the platform and up into to the station features illustrations of Doraemon flying with his friends in the clouds.

The elevator design is based on Doraemon’s Anywhere Door♡

And if you look closely at the toilet doors you can see cute designs of Doraemon for the men’s and Dorami-chan for the women’s! The section in the middle hadn’t been changed.

There’s also a Doraemon to the side holding a small light. He’s pretty big so he’s perfect for taking a picture with!

Walking a little further along there was an Anywhere Door, which when you approached…

opens up! You’ll get to see many different sights through the door.

They went all out with the little details even putting Doraemon’s colours and bell on this big sign too.


A little further along…


was a bronze Doraemon statue! He’s surprisingly small but really stands out.

He has a shiny nose.


I then descended the escalator to the bus terminal…

…and found a statue of Dorami-chan too. In front of this statue is a shuttle bus that takes you to the Kawasaki City Fujiko F Fujio Museum.

The bus design is really special! So cute!


It was so much fun just walking around the station and seeing all the carefully placed details. There might be even more that I didn’t see too, so you should head to the station and seek them out!


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