Introducing our first recommended matcha gift of the Reiwa era: The Matcha tiramisu sand -Yui-!

22.April.2019 | FOOD

Our first ever recommended matcha dessert gift of the Reiwa era is the Matcha tiramisu sand -Yui-, which will be released for a limited period from Wednesday 1st May.

 Matcha tiramisu sand -Yui-/ ¥2 000 per cake /4 slices:  ¥1 320 (prices before tax)


As 1st May marks the first day of the new Reiwa era of Japan, the Matcha tiramisu sand -Yui- cake will be sold in a special wooden box decorated with a special “Reiwa” print. This gift intends to connect not just the Heisei era to the Reiwa era, but also people, creating smiles and delivering delicious flavours.


Homemade marmalade containing orange chunks is mixed with cream made using mascarpone sourced from Hokkaido. Smooth, melt-in-the-mouth cream is mixed luxuriously with Kyoto uji matcha and then baked to make a soft and fluffy chiffon cake. The cream is then sandwiched between the cake layers to complete the tiramisu sandwich. The bitterness of the matcha is balanced with the mascarpone cream to create a refined flavour. Afterwards, you will be hit with a refreshing citrusy tinge. What a comforting matcha dessert!


This would make a perfect summer gift, or how about giving it to someone who is important to you?