Tokyu Hands commemorates 40 years in business with a “Hands Thanksgiving Celebration” — Sanrio, Fuchiko and many more famous characters collaborate!

18.October.2016 | Uncategorized

Tokyu Hands is celebrating 40 years since their founding with the “Hands Thanksgiving Celebration” which will start from Tuesday 1st November! This will involve a range of popular characters and goods, brands and tags! As well as 10 collaboration items, there is a large range of other stuff to enjoy!


One of the most attention-grabbing collaborations is the “Cup no Fuchiko”. For this collaboration, the character figure is dressed in the old Tokyu Hands uniform that was worn long ago, and she is copying the same pose as in the Tokyu Hands logo! Customers who wear the current uniform and turn up to the store will receive one of the 2 varieties of posing Fuchiko! There is a massive lineup of goods in store that you won’t be able to take your eyes off, including the Sanrio Hands limited edition mascot!


The store will be offering a variety of workshops too to ensure that the 40 year commemoration event will be jam-packed with lots of fun! From now on, information about bargains and further information about the event will be updated on the 40 year commemoration special site! Please check it out and don’t miss out!!



ハンズ感謝祭 (Hands Thanksgiving Celebration)




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  • My Melody and Kuromi Bubble Tea to be Served at Pearl Lady in Japan

    18.October.2020 | FOOD

    Bubble tea chain Pearl Lady, which is celebrating its 17th anniversary this year, is teaming up with Sanrio for the second time to release two new drinks themed on the popular characters My Melody and Kuromi on October 16, 2020. My Melody and Kuromi are also celebrating their 45th and 15th anniversaries respectively.

    Black Lemonade | Strawberry Milk Tea (w/ Novelty) – ¥500 Each (Tax Included)

    The two beverages are Sweet Strawberry Milk Tea, which is inspired by the cute My Melody, and Black Lemonade, which is based on her rival Kuromi.

    When ordering either of the drinks at Pearl Lady, customers will also get one of 6 possible badges as pictured above. One of the designs is a secret, so you’ll need some luck if you want that one.

  • Demon Slayer Confections Slash Their Way Into Lawson Convenience Stores in Japan

    16.October.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Bandai Candy’s character-inspired Japanese confectionery series Tabemas collaborating with the popular TV anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba to release two confections themed on the show’s main characters Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado as well as a collection of tarts. The sweet treats will hit the chilled desserts corner of Lawson convenience stores in Japan on October 20, 2020.


    Tabemas x Demon Slayer

    Tabemas x Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Tanjiro Kamado/Nezuko Kamado) – ¥264 Each (Before Tax)

    The tarts feature all the little details of the beloved characters, from the scar on Tanjiro’s forehead and his earrings to the bamboo pipe in his sister Nezuko’s mouth and her hair adornment. It also captures the designs of their clothes. Both are filled with Japanese red bean paste with Tanjiro being chocolate flavoured and Nezuko strawberry flavoured.


    Demon Slayer Tarts

    Demon Slayer Tarts | ¥231 (Before Tax)

    An assortment of biscuit base tarts laced with caramel mousse. The tart designs feature a range of popular characters from the anime series including the Kamado siblings, Zenitsu, Inosuke, Shinobu, and Tomioka.


    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a manga series by Koyoharu Gotouge serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump. The popular series has over 100 million copies in circulation and spawned a hit anime series last year. The upcoming anime film Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train, which is being animated by ufotable, is set for release tomorrow on October 16, 2020 will serve as a direct sequel to the 2019 anime series.


    ©Koyoharu Gotouge/Shueisha・Aniplex・ufotable

  • Get Ready For Summer with mikko illustrations and HONEY SALON’s Collection

    09.July.2020 | FASHION

    Fashion brand HONEY SALON, which was developed by Stripe International Inc., is releasing a new line of items in collaboration with mikko illustrations. mikko illustrations is famous for their charming illustrations of women with sexy flair. The new line of items will be released from July 4, 2020.


    About mikko illustrations

    Charming, nostalgic with a touch of sexiness, mikko illustrations welcomes you to the adorable everyday life of a girl. mikko illustrations started off as a freelance illustrator in 2013. Their illustrations appeared in women’s magazines, on websites and in apparel collections. They have also showcased their portraits and original merchandise at a number of exhibitions.

    mikko illustrations and HONEY SALON Collaboration Collection

    “An extraordinary girl like a sweet cherry” is the main concept of the collaboration. The sexy illustrations are also inspired by the retro and sexy 80’s pin-up model. The collaboration items include t-shirts and skorts (skirts with shorts underneath). There are also tote bags, and two kinds of pouches.  The design seen above shows an adorable girl striking a pose with a cat helping itself to her scrumptious dessert.

    sweetest cherry Puff Sleeve Shirt: ¥5,900 (Before Tax) Colours: White/ Light Pink

    The illustration featured on this shirt shows the adorable young woman putting on her makeup while her mischievous cat seizes the opportunity to steal the cherries on her drink. The design is in full colour and in vintage style. Dainty and light material is used to make the puff sleeves which are decorated with ribbons to finish the vintage girly look. The skirt the girl is wearing in the illustration inspired the design for the gingham skorts in the collection.

    sweetest cherry Gingham Skorts: ¥9,000 (Before Tax) Colours: Red/Black

    The skorts are lined with a collaboration-limited gingham pattern. A beautiful ribbon hides the elastic that beautifully embraces the waistline while adorable round buttons decorate the front. Tuck in your top to enjoy this look. The high waist skort can be worn with the top for a beautiful silhouette.

    sweetest cherry Compact Tote Bag: ¥4,800 (Before Tax) Colour: Ivory/ Pink

    The tote bag comes with a useful pocket, making it easy to carry and use as one pleases. It is perfect for carrying a mini purse, train card and essential items to enjoy a day out. The back pocket design is adorable and cherry-themed. The tote bag is made from light satin, making it perfect for any kind of trip.

    sweetest cherry Frilly Pouch: ¥2,900 (Before Tax) Colour: Ivory/ Pink

    Every time you pull out this soft, frilly satin pouch, your heart will be overwhelmed by the kawaii world of mikko illustrations. This two-coloured pouch is fastened together with a heart-shaped charm. The round shape makes it easy to organise and easy to use.

    sweetest cherry Multi-Pouch: ¥3,000 (Before Tax) Colour: Ivory/ Pink

    The multi-pouch is made from water resistant fabric and shows off an original design. This pouch is perfect for your toothbrush and toothpaste, cosmetics, hair comb, handkerchief, mask and much more. A snap faster is affixed to close the pouch, making it easy to access.


    If you want to get your hands on some of the items in this collection, head to Laforet Harajuku. These items will be sold from July 4 to July 17, 2020. Not only can you get your hands on these collaboration items here, but also many other items which feature original designs by mikko illustrations. Spend more than ¥13,000 (tax included) on mikko illustrations items and you will be given a ticket granting entry to a campaign where mikko illustrations creates digital portraits of participants.


    As we’re celebrating summer, this is the perfect opportunity to spice up your wardrobe.

  • Streetwear Brand XLARGE to Release My Hero Academia Collaborative Clothing

    14.April.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Established in November 1991 in Vermont Avenue los angeles, XLARGE has become one of the leading streetwear brands, infusing a range of culture such as music, art and comics into their designs and pioneering a new direction in fashion. 


     XLARGE is set to release a line of My Hero Academia collaborative clothing with Kōhei Horikoshi – the creator of the popular Weekly Shōnen Jump series (Shueisha. Inc).  


    My Hero Academia is set in a world where 80 percent of the world possess some kind of superpower called “quirks”. The main character Izuku Midoriya (Deku), who has dreamt of becoming a hero since childhood, discovers that he was born quirkless. After an unexpected encounter with the world’s greatest hero All Might, Deku inherits the “One For All” quirk and is able to enter the prestigious hero school U.A. High School where he studies and fights alongside his new classmates to master his quirk. From children to adults, the series has become incredibly popular worldwide and the TV anime is set to release its fifth season. 



    The new clothing series features Izuku Midoriya, his rival from childhood Katsuki Bakugo, the top-class hero Shoto Todoroki and the world’s number one hero and Deku’s biggest role model All Might. All the illustrations are original and include the XLARGE logo.


    MY HERO ACADEMIA DENIM PANT LtINDIGO / 30,32,34,36inch / ¥20,000+TAX

    If you’re a fan of these new generation Jump characters then this stylish lineup is just what you need. The lineup will be sold from May 2, 2020 on calif and ZOZOTOWN online stores. 


    This is perfect for any My Hero Academia fan looking to quirk up their look. 


    ©Kōhei Horikoshi/ SHUEISHA. Inc, My Hero Academia Production Committee

  • Tokyu Hands to Open New Branch at Singapore Changi Airport

    28.January.2019 | SPOT

    Tokyu Hands has announced that it will open a new branch at the new Jewel Changi Airport set to open at Singapore Changi Airport in spring this year. This will be the chain’s fourth branch to open in Singapore.


    Tokyu Hands is a Japanese department store which describes itself as “the one-stop shop chock-full of many products unique to Japan.” Its stores stock a wide variety of products, and those visiting the new Jewel branch too can expect to get their hands on a range of items from Japan including high-quality living ware, hobby and lifestyle products and more.


    If you’re passing through Singapore Changi Airport be sure to pop in for a visit this spring.

  • A new design was added to the series of lip balm included inside “omamoris” (Japanese charms) called “Fuku Fuku Lip”

    06.February.2018 | FASHION

    “Fuku Fuku Lip” is a product which was released in November of 2017 and it has gained a high reputation. From the 6th of January 2018, the new products (17th, 18th, 19th designs) “Fujiyama,” “Daruma” and “Hanabi” were added to the series.


    You can wear them or give them as a gift to person who are precious to you.

    “Fuku Fuku Lip” was created under the concept of introducing “omamori” to many people in a fun manner.

    It is a new style of omamori which has a modern design and includes a lip balm inside.


    The cuteness of the series gained much popularity and took the first place in the lip balm category sales in November and December.

    Luck will come to persons with moist lips. “Fuku Fuku Lip” which brings luck can be used in everyday life or as a gift to foreign guests.



    Fujiyama – This product has an illustration of Mount Fuji which is known as the symbol of luck in Japan and a shiny full moon. The product has a premium feel and is suitable to be used as a gift for celebration events.



    Daruma – A product which has the pattern of a daruma which is known as the “God of exams.” The product has a cute design which is colored in beige and has a red string attatched.



    Hanabi – Hanabi (fireworks) are often set off on Lunar New Year in China and is known as a symbol of celebration. The product has a delicate pattern of a golden string and a white string on top of a black colored surface.



    The products have the scent of “yuzu” (Japanese citrus fruit) which has been used in Japan from a long time ago. The products uses the rare essence of yuzu produced in Japan.


    Let’s call in luck by using “Fuku Fuku Lip.”





    Fuku Fuku Lip

    Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)

    TEL: 03-3239-1635

    Available stores: Tokyu Hands, Loft, Isshindo Honpo Tsushin Hanbai’s Tokyo Sky Tree Town store, Soramachi store etc…


  • Street Fighter collaborates with Saga Prefecture to open Sagat themed shop in Ginza

    15.January.2018 | SPOT

    Saga Prise, a project set up to promote the latest news and info on Saga Prefecture, has announced a joint-collaboration with Street Fighter II – the second entry to the critically acclaimed competitive fighting game series Street Fighter, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year – to create the “Street Fighter Saga” project. In conjunction with this, Street Fighter character Sagat will open a special local goods store called “Sagatto Shouten” in Ginza for a limited period starting from January 22nd.


    “Street Fighter Saga” is a collaborative project to celebrate the charm of Saga Prefecture’s local specialties. The distance between Saga Prefecture and Thailand is rapidly growing closer, so to help the process, the popular Thailand-born character Sagat will join the fray. Saga Prefecture was used as a filming location for a movie in Thailand, and since then, the number of tourists visiting from Thailand has increased, deepening relations between citizens of Saga.


    Sagat is the center of this project, but 8 of the main Street Fighter II cast will also be joining him, giving life to a range of collaborative local specialties. There is a total of 14 items to get your hands on, and they’ll all be sold in Ginza at “Sagatto Shouten.” The shop’s name, “Sagatto Shouten” (Sagat Shop), has been written as a pun in Japanese (佐賀ット商店) to refer to Saga Prefecture. Sagat has been inaugurated as a tourist ambassador and the shop’s manager where he will promote Saga Prefecture to locals and tourists coming to Ginza.


    Street Fighter Saga Aritayaki Porcelain – 8,000 (tax incl.)

    Arita ware is one of Japan’s oldest type of porcelain made in Arita, Saga. The gorgeous gloss and vivid, detailed porcelain painting of this product will dazzle fans. This limited edition Sagatto Shouten item was made by “Koransha,” a long-standing Aritayaki pottery company that has been around for 137 years.


    Losing Face Band Aids – 900 (tax incl.)

    Pharmaceutical company “Yutoku Yakuhin” is located in Kashima, Saga, and they make band aids. These fun Street Fighter band aids showcase the characters’ losing faces. Hopefully these will give you the motivation to ‘continue’ if you hurt yourself.


    Black Mon Blanka – 200 (tax incl.)

    This chilled ice cream is produced by “Takeshita Seita” in Ogi, Saga. The unique name of the product originates from when the former company president Takeshita Shotaro gazed at Mont Blanc in the Alps and thought to himself “wouldn’t it be delicious if you put chocolate onto this pure white mountain and ate it?” It’s a widely recognised snack in Kyushu, to the point that there’s probably no one there who has never seen it before. Even Blanka from Street Fighter couldn’t resist how tasty this is.


    Saga Nori in Classic Packaging – 900 (tax incl.)

    This special box contains seaweed from Saga. “San Nori” is expertly farmed in the gorgeous Ariake Sea. Has a melt-in-the-mouth taste and irresistible sweetness. The packaging features a classic Street Fighter design.


    There are lots of other unique items available too, so be sure to head on over to the shop before it closes for good!



    Location: GINZA PLACE 3F, common ginza RAMO FRUTAS CAFÉ

    Address: 5-8-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    Running: January 22, 2018 – January 28, 2018

    *Merchandise, art display and collaborative menu available

    Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00 (open 15:00-21:00on January 22nd)

    Sagat (Costumed) Appearance Times:

    ・January 22nd: 15:30-16:00/16:30-17:00/17:30-18:00

    ・January 26th-28th: 13:00-13:30/14:00-14:30/15:00-15:30/16:00-16:30


    Saga Prise! Official Website:

    Street Fighter V Official Website:




  • Where’s Wally? He’s now an ambassador at Zoff! Your chance to search for the perfect circular specs!

    26.August.2017 | FASHION

    Cute round glasses brand “Zoff” is running a new campaign from Friday 1st September. The “Maru Megane wo Sagase! Campaign” will set you on a hunt for round spectacles. Character Wally from the popular picture book “Where’s Wally?” has been appointed as the ambassador for this campaign and is thrilled to bits. The campaign involves the release of limited edition original goods including glasses cases, wiping cloths and much more.


    From BOSTON to round, circular specs are becoming increasingly popular. There are many people who would love to challenge their look with round specs, but give in to fear…





    …but that’s where Zoff comes in! Zoff’s campaign is giving you the chance to causally try on circular specs for fun! Pop in to Zoff’s store to try on a wide range of specs – from BOSTON to round, there are over 100 types of specs waiting for you! Come join in the fun with ambassador Wally!


    Glasses cases

    Glasses cloths


    There will be a limited number of Zoff original Wally goods. Those who purchase glasses or sunglasses will receive a case as part of a set. There are two glasses case designs available. If sold separately, they are ¥700 (+ tax) and can also be purchased online. There will also be four varieties of large (30cm X 30cm) glasses cloths selling at ¥700 each (+tax), and a limited number of shopping bags.

    Look at that limited edition shopping bag! Try searching for the Zoff Husky and Zoff staff wearing round glasses!



    What a cute design ♡ The glasses cloths and shopping bags are decorated with original Zoff illustrations. In these drawings, try to spot Zoff staff or even a Husky dog wearing round specs – it’s not just Wally you’re looking out for!


    This is your chance to look for circular specs that suit you!



    ■ Information

    Maru Megane wo Sagase! Campaign – (Search for the round glasses campaign)

    Starts: Friday 1st September



  • Streetwear Brand “XLARGE®” to Release Dragon Ball Z Collaborative Clothing

    21.July.2017 | FASHION

    Men’s streetwear brand “XLARGE®” have teamed up with the quintessential Japanese anime series “Dragon Ball Z” to release a line of collaborative clothing, set for release on July 21st.


    The designs in the new collection include Vegeta, Trunks, and Majin Buu, three characters recognisable all around the world.


    The Vegeta and Trunks designs present the XLARGE company name in the same style font as the Dragon Ball Z font, superimposed on the characters themselves as they appear in the show.


    The Majin Buu design features the XLARGE logo in its standard design in a salmon pink colour just like Buu.


    If you love streetwear and you love Dragon Ball, then be sure to pick up a t-shirt by XLARGE of your favourite character and join in with the new streetwear culture offered by this collaboration.



    Available at XLARGE® and calif stores from July 21st for a limited time

    Stores: XLARGE® –

     B’s INTERNATIONAL Online Shop calif –

    Dragon Ball S/S VEGETA
    PRICE: ¥5,000+tax
    SIZE : S, M, L, XL
    COLOR: White, Black, Navy

    Dragon Ball S/S TRUNKS
    PRICE: ¥5,000+tax
    SIZE :S, M, L, XL
    COLOR: White, Black, Light Purple

    Dragon Ball S/S MAJIN BUU
    PRICE: ¥5,000+tax
    SIZE : S, M, L, XL
    COLOR: White, Black, Pink


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  • Japan’s popular “Angel Pie” transforms into Barbapapa ー selling for a limited period at PLAZA general goods stores!

    17.December.2016 | FOOD

    Starting up sales in 1961, Japan’s much loved “Angel Pie” (Morinaga & Co) has been selling for more than 50 years. Now, they have teamed up with famous character Barbapapa to create a new, delicious limited edition treat to be sold at general goods store PLAZA and MINiPLA!


    The “Mini Angel Pie <Barbapapa>” edition includes 4 varieties of Barbapapa-themed packaging designs. The colours and Barbapapa’s expression used on the packaging vary with each design and are quite cute! The special Barbapapa design will also be on the reverse side of the packaging and on the individual packets of Mini Angel Pie. When you see it, you won’t be able to stop a smile spreading on your face!


    This special edition can only be purchased at PLAZA stores, so don’t miss out!



    Mini Angel Pie <Barbapapa>

    4 designs, ¥320 each (tax not included)




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  • BAPE KIDS® celebrate their 10th anniversary with Hello Kitty & My Melody collaborative t-shirts!

    17.November.2016 | FASHION

    It’s been 10 years since BAPE KIDS® was created as part of clothing brand BAPE. To celebrate, BAPE have announced a collaboration with the Sanrio characters “Hello Kitty” and “My Melody” to release special anniversary t-shirts. The BAPE KIDS® store in Harajuku will also be holding an anniversary event to celebrate 10 years.


    BAPE KIDS® will turn 10 years old on November 22nd, 2016. In line with this, a collaborative, limited edition t-shirt design featuring Hello Kitty and My Melody will be available at the BAPE KIDS® store in Harajuku from Saturday November 19th. The Sanrio characters will also be joined by 10 BABY MILO® designs to mark the 10 year anniversary. BAPE KIDS® will also be selling limited edition junior size items (150cm-160cm) for the very first time on the same day.


    In addition, BAPE KIDS® Harajuku will be hosting an anniversary event. You’ll be able to meet the mascot character BABY MILO® who will be there to make the event even more fun. Special sweets with BABY MILO® printed on them will also be handed out. It’s looking to be a day of big celebration of 10 years for BAPE KIDS®.
    ※The special sweets are limited in quantity. Once all have been handed out there will be no more.


    Photography Location: BAPE KIDS® Harajuku
    Date: Saturday November 19th, 2016
    Photography Time: First Slot – 15:00-15:30 / Second Slot 16:30-17:00
    Address: 3 Chome-29-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL. 03-5770-4455


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  • Celebrate Cocoa Day this November with Morinaga & Company’s Milk Cocoa X VERY FANCY limited edition collaboration menu!

    08.November.2016 | FOOD

    To celebrate Cocoa Day, which is on 7th November, specialist pancake shop “VERY FANCY” will be serving up a new limited edition collaboration menu from Monday 7th 〜 Wednesday 30th November. The new collaboration menu uses “Milk Cocoa” ー a long selling brand of chocolate by Morinaga & Company, Ltd.


    Enjoy the full yet mild-flavour of Morinaga & Company’s standard milk cocoa sauce, which has been generously poured over the pancake. The batter of the pancake has also been kneaded with cocoa, and then finally sandwiched with layers of mascarpone cream and banana. The chocolate and banana combination is perfect for children and even adults.


    The pure cocoa pancake is another variety of pancake sold ー cocoa pancakes are layered with mascarpone cream and strawberries and finished off with Morinaga & Company’s pure cocoa sauce. The bitter chocolate combined with the strawberries makes a perfect match, creating a bittersweet flavour which adults may find particularly appealing.


    The collaboration drink uses Morinaga & Company’s cacao 70 as the bass. This is then topped with extravagant fresh cream to make a perfect high bitter cocoa drink which has a bittersweet scent. This drink is perfect to warm up your heart and body this Autumn and Winter!


    Made with the best wheat flour, buttermilk, homemade cheese and baking powder without aluminium ー don’t miss out on VERY FANCY’s pancakes or the long-loved Morinaga & Company’s Cocoa combination! The limited edition collaboration tasty treats will be available until 30th November, so grab some while you can!



    Limited period: Monday 7th 〜 Wednesday 30th November
    Location: Available at 6 “VERY FANCY” stores nationwide

    Official website:



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