Petite Disney Tsum Tsum cakes on sale at Ginza Cozy Corner from November 1st!

27.October.2016 | Uncategorized

For a limited time only, confectionary store Ginza Cozy Corner will be selling petite, Disney themed cake sets from November 1st to December 16th. Characters featured on these delicious treats include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winne the Pooh, Olaf, Squeeze Toy Alien, Curious Oyster, Baymax, Piglet, and Jiminy Cricket.

You’ll feel like you’re at a buffet deciding which of these cute little tasty cakes to try first. Eat them as a snack or have them at tea time. We also recommend having some ready for family and friends if you throw a party. There’s no doubt that Disney Tsum Tsum fans will love these cakes with their fun designs and delicious taste! Disney Tsum Tsum surpasses generations and is loved by all. How about enjoying an early Christmas party together with your favourite cute character? ♡

Petite Gateau Christmas <Disney Tsum Tsum> Collection (9 cakes included)
On Sale: November 1st, 2016 to December 16th, 2016
Price: ¥2,100 (total with tax included: ¥2,268)

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