Shiroi Koibito Ice Cream Store Opens Inside atmos Heart in Shibuya

01.May.2019 | FOOD

The all-new Shiroi Koibito Soft Cream Store opened on the second floor of atmos Heart in Shibuya on April 26. atmos Heart is a shoe store aimed at women managed by sneaker company atmos.


“Shiroi Koibito Soft Cream” is made using white chocolate from Hokkaido’s famous snack company Shiroi Koibito and Hokkaido milk. It’s the ultimate Hokkaido combination set to tickle the taste buds of Japan’s capital.

Shiroi Koibito Soft Cream (White/Black/Mix): ¥500 Each (Tax Included)

This is the company’s first permanent branch outside Hokkaido. The store’s ice cream portions will be bigger than those sold at other branches.


If you’re in Tokyo then head to the store to try some authentic Hokkaido flavours.