BAND-MAID Announces European Leg Of ‘Tumultuous’ 2019 World Tour

02.May.2019 | MUSIC

BAND-MAID, a name which by now should strike you with energetic exhilaration and musical admiration. This quintuple line-up of hard-rocking maids are no stranger to performing live, with a string of dates locked in for them to perform at some of Japan’s biggest rock festivals this year.


With that in mind, overseas fans can start to get excited as the band have just announced the European leg of their 2019 world tour, one which will begin this June and one whose decided theme is Gekidou, or “tumultuous.”


All shows on BAND-MAID’s 2018 world tour sold out completely. The initial European leg of their long-awaited new world tour will take them to 3 countries for 4 performances. US shows are scheduled to be announced in the near future.


BAND-MAID’s event promoter for this tour is Live Nation who have worked with some of the biggest names in music including Madonna, Lady Gaga and over 2000 other artists. They manage well over 20,000 concerts a year.


Below are comments from the members regarding the upcoming tour.


・Miku Kobato (Vocals/Guitar)

“For us, whose goal is world domination, getting to work with such a wonderful event promoter as Live Nation is reassuring and makes me happy. To all of the Masters and Princesses of the world, we work hard so that we can deliver to you a glorious Serving [concert].”


・Saiki (Vocals)

“I was really surprised and am glad that we were able to join hands with such [an event promoter] as Live Nation. We will also work hard to ensure we can hold more Servings around the world.”


・KANAMI (Guitar)

“I am so excited to get to join up with Live Nation! We will work hard so that we don’t lose to all the other international artists already associated with them! I hope we can endeavour to have fun together as we head towards world domination!”


・AKANE (Drums)

“We’ve linked up with Live Nation!! I’m so happy!! We will push through with everything we’ve got to ensure this is a new step forward for BAND-MAID!! We ask for your kind support!!!”


・MISA (Bass)

“I am honoured to be teaming up with Live Nation. We will work hard so that we can perform at overseas festivals and more in the future. And I want to drink some delicious sake with everyone!”