Celebrate the summer with these gorgeous Lindt treats! ♡

11.May.2019 | FOOD

Swiss chocolate brand Lindt has held a strong reputation for many years. From Saturday 1st June to Sunday 1st September, Lindt is going to celebrate summer with the opening of the summer-limited Summer Chocolate Festival to be held at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe.


Lindt has combined chocolate with summer fruits to create three different treats; Lindt Soft Cream Chocolate, Lindt Ice Chocolate Drink and Lindt Chocolate Parfait. A new base flavour will be used for each month. The chosen flavour will reflect the flavours of that month. From 1st June, the flavour will be cherry. From July, it will be lemon, and tropical will be the base flavour for August!


The ice cream that will be used to make these treats is the Lint Soft Cream Chocolate, which is made using a generous amount of high-grade chocolate. The cafe’s chocolate ice creams are extremely popular and are a perfect match with the premium chocolate waffle cone, which is made using 70% cacao dark chocolate sourced from Lindt’s provider in Ecuador. The summer-limited Lindt Soft Cream Chocolate will be the cafe’s first ever white chocolate fruit-flavoured soft serve ice cream.

Lindt soft cream chocolate: cherry/ lemon/ tropical ¥699 (price including tax)

Indulge in the smooth, melt-in-the-mouth, rich, juicy fruit and chocolate soft cream. Amongst Lindt’s milky, mild and sweet white chocolate, you will discover a luxurious fruity puree that will catch you off guard. The two are blended perfectly, and the strong fruity flavour is the perfect accent for the milk chocolate. Come enjoy this dual flavour!

Lindt ice chocolate drink: Cherry/ lemon/ tropical ¥772  Ginza branch price: ¥,1388 (prices include tax)

This ice chocolate drink includes fresh fruity pieces that spread throughout the drink, leaving you refreshed with every mouthful. The mild Lindt white chocolate and strong fruity flavour work together in harmony, balancing out to create a divine flavour. Each cup is carefully decorated with the pattern of fruity chocolate spilling over the cup and crunchy-textured chocolate. From the flavour to its presentation, this cup is overflowing with enjoyment! This is a combination of refreshing cool frozen fruitiness and light and rejuvenating whipped cream. What a perfect dessert!

Lindt chocolate parfait: cherry/ lemon/ tropical ¥980 Ginza branch price: ¥1,780 (prices include tax)

A rich fruity flavour served up with soft serve chocolate ice cream and topped generously with frozen fruit and fruit sauce to create one very fruity parfait! Starting from the strong yet sweet fruity flavour, you will soon arrive at the accented milk chocolate soft cream, followed by the rich chocolate sauce. Enjoy the harmonious interweaving flavours between the layers of chocolate! Chocolate copo, macaron cakes, almond nougatine and crispy almond croustillant will add texture to your dessert!

Lindt Délice: Cherry/ lemon/ tropical ¥302 (price including tax) 

A crispy shell filled with melt-in-the-mouth fruity ganache. Lindt white chocolate is infused with fruit puree for a strong, sweet fruity flavour that you can enjoy as a light treat. The vibrant vitamin colours are perfect for those summer vibes! This would make for the perfect gift!


These desserts just look so gorgeous! This is how you celebrate summer!