Linked Horizon Releases Promotional Video for New Song ’13 no Fuyu’ sung by Mikasa from Attack on Titan

14.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

Music group Linked Horizon released the promotion movie short version for their new song 13 no Fuyu (13 Winters) on Monday 13th May.

13 no Fuyu will be released on Wednesday 19th June as the band’s fourth single release. This song is the opening theme song for season 3 part 2 of the anime Attack on Titan, which was released in April. 13 no Fuyu will be part of the album Shinjitsu e no ShingekiLast month on 1st April (April Fool’s Day), a mysterious small snippet of this song was released. All that was mentioned was that the singer was a female…but who is it?! As speculation circled among fans, it became a heated topic.


The mysterious singer was then revealed to be no other than Yui Ishikawa, who is the voice actress of Mikasa from Attack on Titan! The world of Attack on Titan created by Link Horizon’s music, combined with the passion of the voice actress for Mikasa makes for a phenomenal masterpiece. Combining the song with the anime opening video has created a very unique world.


A short version for the song 13 no Fuyu is available for viewing on the streaming service GYAO! as part of a promotional video.

Yui Ishikawa’s commented the following: “When I was first asked to do this, my initial reaction was “wow! Do you really mean it?!” I was so shocked! Revo composes songs for the anime Attack on Titan, and he always reads into the storyline very deeply. As a result, his songs are full of feeling in many ways. For this reason, I believe that Attack on Titan and Linked Horizon are a collaboration you can trust! I have always wanted to sing a song written by Revo, however, I was aware that to do so requires representing the world of Attack on Titan in the form of words, and so I laid this dream to rest at the bottom of my heart.”


She continues: “Now, this dream has taken form in a beautiful way! I just cannot express how happy I am. I was chosen for this because I am the voice actress for one of the main characters. I am aiming to live up to these standards! I have put my heart and soul into singing this song. I really want Linked Horizon fans and Attack on Titan fans to listen to this song….Also, Eren should have a listen too…”