Krispy Kreme Japan Showcases 3 New Doughnuts

21.May.2019 | FOOD

As part of a new campaign by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Japan (KKD) titled “Good-day, Good-doughnuts!” the doughnut chain has announced three new doughnut flavours to be released at all branches across Japan from June 5, 2019.

Two of the doughnuts are made with KKD’s classic yeast dough and are laced with bran powder while the other is made with their old-fashioned dough and laced with koji, a type of rice malt. Bran is known for containing many minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron while koji contains glucose, vitamins and amino acids.

Fruit Yoghurt Bran: ¥230 (Before Tax)

This fruity doughnut is a mix of soy milk chocolate, sweet and sour berries, and a fruit nappage and is topped with dried berries. It’s filled with yoghurt cream which is a perfect accompaniment to the fruits, creating a light and refreshing flavour.

Ginger Lemon Bran: ¥230 (Before Tax)

If you’re looking for something more zesty then tuck into this doughnut which is coated in a refreshing lemon and ginger glaze. It’s drizzled with lemon sauce and topped with pistachio pieces and honey cubes. The sourness of the lemon sauce and mellow sweetness of the honey cube give accent to both the flavour and appearance of this doughnut.


Old-Fashioned Koji: ¥230 (Before Tax)

This doughnut contains four types of toppings: poppy seeds, cocoa nibs which are known as a super food, roasted flax seeds which are another super food, and almonds. The koji-laced doughnut is also coated in chocolate containing soy milk.


If it’s healthier doughnuts you’re looking for, then look no further than KKD’s three new options coming on June 5.