Krispy Kreme Japan Showcases 3 New Doughnuts

21.May.2019 | FOOD

As part of a new campaign by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Japan (KKD) titled “Good-day, Good-doughnuts!” the doughnut chain has announced three new doughnut flavours to be released at all branches across Japan from June 5, 2019.

Two of the doughnuts are made with KKD’s classic yeast dough and are laced with bran powder while the other is made with their old-fashioned dough and laced with koji, a type of rice malt. Bran is known for containing many minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron while koji contains glucose, vitamins and amino acids.

Fruit Yoghurt Bran: ¥230 (Before Tax)

This fruity doughnut is a mix of soy milk chocolate, sweet and sour berries, and a fruit nappage and is topped with dried berries. It’s filled with yoghurt cream which is a perfect accompaniment to the fruits, creating a light and refreshing flavour.

Ginger Lemon Bran: ¥230 (Before Tax)

If you’re looking for something more zesty then tuck into this doughnut which is coated in a refreshing lemon and ginger glaze. It’s drizzled with lemon sauce and topped with pistachio pieces and honey cubes. The sourness of the lemon sauce and mellow sweetness of the honey cube give accent to both the flavour and appearance of this doughnut.


Old-Fashioned Koji: ¥230 (Before Tax)

This doughnut contains four types of toppings: poppy seeds, cocoa nibs which are known as a super food, roasted flax seeds which are another super food, and almonds. The koji-laced doughnut is also coated in chocolate containing soy milk.


If it’s healthier doughnuts you’re looking for, then look no further than KKD’s three new options coming on June 5.


  • Spooky Halloween Doughnuts Float Into Krispy Kreme Japan

    24.August.2019 | FOOD

    Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Japan (KKDJ) is carving its jack-o-lanterns out early this year in time for Halloween as it reveals its new series of holiday-themed doughnuts titled “MONSTER HARVEST in Monster DINER.”

    This pumpkin, chestnut and apple flavoured selection will be available at most Krispy Kreme branches across Japan from September 11 to October 31.


    Pumpkin Custard Jack

    Price: ¥230

    The jack-o-lantern is the centrepiece of Halloween, and now you can much on one in doughnut form! Its face is coated in dark chocolate and filled with a velvety pumpkin custard cream. It also contains some pumpkin seeds for a crunch.


    Black Cat Chestnut

    Price: ¥250

    The black cat’s dark chocolate covered face includes crunchy cracker ears, giant white chocolate button eyes, and caramel chocolate nose and whiskers. Inside it’s filled with a rich chestnut cream made from domestic chestnuts. The bottom part of the face is also sprinkled with tasty poppy seeds.


    Apple Caramel Monster

    Price: ¥230

    This cute apple monster is a new addition to the KKDJ Halloween range. It’s made from a juicy, sweet and sour apple nappage made from the juice of apples grown in Aomori Prefecture. The single eyeball is made from a mix of white and dark chocolate and is what makes this doughnut so cute. The single pumpkin seed at the top completes the monster’s apple disguise.

    Halloween Sprinkle

    Price: ¥190

    Covered in rainbow sprinkles, this custard pudding (purin) flavoured doughnut is subtly sweet and satisfyingly crunchy.


    Halloween Dozen (Box of 12)

    Price: ¥2,000

    If you’re having a Halloween party with family or friends then this box of dozen doughnuts is the perfect treat, containing all of the above doughnuts as well as some of KKDJ’s classic doughnuts. You save ¥440 by picking up this box.


    Don’t miss this year’s seasonal delights from Krispy Kreme.

  • Krispy Kreme Japan Releases 2 New Premium Doughnuts in Nagoya

    08.June.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Two new doughnuts in the Krispy Kreme Premium series were released at the JR Nagoya Takashimiya branch of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on June 5. Available for a limited time only, the new release includes the White Bear and Peach doughnuts.


    The Krispy Kreme Premium series is sold only at this branch of Krispy Kreme. Made with much time and effort, they are cake-like in their form and texture and are filled lavishly with delicious ingredients such as whipped cream.

    The Krispy Kreme Premium Shirokuma white bear doughnut is an image of summertime fun. This cute delight is a ring doughnut coated with white chocolate and glazed with sweet and sour lemon sauce. It’s also filled with whipped cream and pineapple jam for a super rich and tropical combination.

    The Krispy Kreme Premium Peach doughnut is a coating of refreshing peach nappage and white chocolate. This doughnut is unique however as it’s cut like a sandwich and filled with fluffy whipped cream. It’s topped with gold leaf and star-shaped chocolate for a glittery summer night sky look.


    Those passing through Nagoya this summer won’t want to miss out on these limited-time special doughnuts.

  • Popular Kyoto Doughnut Shop koe donuts kyoto Opens Pop-Up Store in Shibuya

    25.April.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    hotel koe tokyo, located in Shibuya, is a hotel that offers guests a variety of services from accommodation to fashion, music and dining. The hotel has regular pop-up stores that set up shop on the first floor “koe space.”


    koe donuts kyoto is the next store to hit the koe space where it will run from May 1 to 6. The hugely popular doughnut shop had its grand opening in Kyoto on March 21 this year. They are now set to bring their “ethical & wellness” doughnuts to the people of Tokyo.

    Plain Financier Doughnut: ¥320 / Five-Coloured Bean Financier Doughnut: ¥350 / Carrot Cake Financier Doughnut: ¥350 / Black Bean Financier Doughnut: ¥350 / Crumble Financier Doughnut: ¥350 (*Pre-tax prices)

    A selection of koe donuts kyoto merchandise illustrated by Japanese illustrator Yu Nagaba will also be sold featuring drawings of the “Doughnut Professor.” There are six items in total including a t-shirt made from organic cotton (which includes beige and purple colours exclusive to Shibuya), a tote bag, mug, and more.

    If you’re in Tokyo in early May for Golden Week then try some exclusive doughnuts all the way from Kyoto!


    Photo © Masaki Hamada (kkpo)

  • Kawaii Gorilla Doughnut Climbs its Way to Krispy Kreme Japan

    13.April.2019 | FOOD

    Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Japan has revealed a new product as part of its Krispy Kreme Premium doughnuts. Named the Krispy Kreme Premium Gorilla, this cute doughnut will be sold at the JR Nagoya Takashimaya branch from April 17 to June 4.


    Krispy Kreme Premium Gorilla: ¥300 (Before Tax)

    The Krispy Kreme Premium series is sold only at this branch of Krispy Kreme. Made with much time and effort, they are cake-like in their form and texture and are filled lavishly with delicious ingredients such as whipped cream.


    Their new gorilla doughnut is coated in bright green vanilla flavoured chocolate. Sticking its head out of the centre of the doughnut is an adorable gorilla made from fluffy chocolate whipped cream. Sprinkled around him are butter crunch pieces to finish the doughnut’s grassland-like look.


    The gorilla’s face is made from caramel chocolate and dark chocolate while his ears are made of coffee bean chocolate. Underneath the gorilla is a banana sauce, every gorilla’s favourite flavour!

  • Vegetable Café & Night Bar “SOAKS” in Nakameguro

    26.March.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    Nakameguro—Meguro, Tokyo. This stylish district is lined with fashionable select shops, second-hand clothing stores and antique sellers where fashion dolls and dandies from inside and outside Japan bustle.

    At just a 3-minute train ride from Shibuya via the Tokyu Toyoko Line, Nakameguro is an easily accessible location.


    Today, we will take a look at SOAKS, a popular café you can stop by during your shopping spree. At this vegetable powder café, customers can look forward to tucking into tasty, high-quality vegetables made by Kumiko Takeshima.



    The owner of SOAKS is an experienced reporter on gourmet cuisine. She decided to open the café from her own experience to serve food that is both delicious and good for the body.



    This year marks the 7th anniversary of SOAKS, where the main menu item is doughnuts made using healthy lotus roots. The name of the café originates from wanting to offer vegetables “soaked” in nutrition.



    SOAKS is an open-kitchen style café where you can enjoy the food making process, from the sounds to the smells. There are both table seats as well as individual counter seats if you’re just popping in by yourself.



    The most popular item sold at SOAKS is their vegetable powder (43g / \650 tax incl. *ginger powder only 27g) that’s made using 100% pure vegetables grown in Japan. Its characteristic comes from the boiled vegetables and same quality of nutrition that’s left in the powder. For example, in the case of the spinach powder, it’s packed full of nutritional value with just one teaspoon!


    There are 13 varieties of powder to choose from, including lotus root, broccoli and yuzu. The café also offers simple recipes that can be made using the vegetable powder.



    This is the doughnut that’s made with lotus root vegetable powder (Right: \300 tax incl. / Left: \16- tax incl.) There are 6 doughnut varieties in total: on weekdays there are 3 and, on the weekend, the full line-up of 6 is on offer.



    The doughnuts are cooked with organic palm oil. The baking powder used contains no alums, only ingredients that are good for the body, allowing you to enjoy eating the doughnuts without worry. You can order doughnuts to take out from 10:30am, so it’d be perfect to take one while walking along Meguro River!



    Other popular menu items include the plate servings. This is the hearty doughnut plate (\900 tax incl.) which also comes with salad, bacon, sausages and more. The doughnuts aren’t overly sweet, so they go well with bacon and sausages. The salad is dressed with flavourful ginger powder.



    During the evening, the café turns into a bar where you can order alcoholic drinks. One popular drink is a cocktail specially made with spinach powder (\800 tax incl.) With just a sip from your drink, you can get your fill of vegetables. It’s especially recommended for people that don’t have time to keep up their looks every day.

    SOAKS is a place where you can easily get your fill of delicious vegetables. Whether you’re a veggie lover or not, be sure to stop by to give the café a try.



    Photo:Haruka Yamamoto

    Edit:Namiko Azuma

    Text:Ryoichi Komaba






    Address: 1-5-10 Kamimeguro, Meguro, Tokyo

    Opening Hours: 11:30-23:00

    No Fixed Holidays.

    TEL: 03-5794-3451



  • “Barbapapa” doughnuts will be sold at “Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!”

    14.February.2018 | FOOD

    Krispy Kreme Doughnut Japan will sell four kinds of collaborative doughnuts with the world-popular character, “Barbapapa” from France, under the promotion name of “Barbapapa Promotion,” from the 1st of March 2018 (Thurs.). Also, Barbapapa Easter Version Doughnuts will be sold from the 15th of March 2018 (Thurs.) to the 17th of April (Tue.) in accordance with Easter which is gaining much popularity in recent years.




     “Barbapapa Strawberry”

    Available period: 2018/03/01 (Thurs.) to 04/17 (Tue.) (plan)

    Price: 250 yen (tax included)

    Here is a doughnut using the motif of “Barbapapa” who is very dependable. Fresh strawberry cream is stuffed inside a sour/sweet face made of strawberry chocolate and the round eyes, mouth and nose are depicted with white chocolate.



     “Barbazoo Caramel”

    Available period: 2018/03/01 (Thurs.) to 04/17 (Tue.) (plan)

    Price: 250 yen (tax included)

    A pudding-flavored chocolate which is not too sweet is coated around the doughnut that includes bitter and smooth caramel. The boy who loves animals, “Barbazoo” becomes a doughnut.



     “Barbamama Custard”

    Available period: 2018/03/01 (Thurs.) to 04/17 (Tue.) (plan)

    Price: 270 yen (tax included)

    A doughnut of Barbamama who wears a hair accessary made of colorful sugar. Lots of custard cream including vanilla beans is stuffed inside the face made of chocolate.



     “Barbalala Melon”

    Available period: 2018/03/01 (Thurs.) to 04/17 (Tue.) (plan)

    Price: 270 yen (tax included)

    Red fresh melon cream is stuffed inside the doughnut coated with vivid green vanilla chocolate. The eyes are depicted using white chocolate and the nose and mouth are depicted w bitter chocolate. The hair accessory is made with colorful argent.



    Moreover, the pick of rabbit’s ears will be placed on top of “Barbapapa Strwaberry” and “Barbazoo Caramel” during the Easter season and the popular product of KKDJ, “Chocolate Custard” will be changed into “Chocolate Custard Egg.” The product will be sold with “Pink Flower” using the motif spring flowers for a limited time offer.



    Let’s have a fun by eating Barbapapa doughnuts♡



    Krispy Kreme Doughnut Japan:

  • Mister Doughnut and Gion Tsujiri will collaborate! A new maccha (Japanese green tea) sweets item will be sold for a limited time offer.

    25.September.2017 | FOOD

    Mister Doughnut will release “Hot Maccha Ore Tonyu Whip” and “Cotton Snow Café Maccha” produced with “Gion Tsujiri,” a Ujimaccha specialized store for a limited time offer.


    It is a dessert drink which uses maccha made by the traditional “Ishiusu Hiki Seiho (stone ground)” method. In this method, Gion Tsujiri’s (a maker which has been running their business for more than 150 years) freshly picked “Ujimaccha” is ground using a stone mill.



    “Hot Maccha Ore Tonyu Whip” includes Azuki bean paste produced in Hokkaido which goes well with maccha and maccha ore using “Gion Tsujiri’s” maccha and is a Japanese style drink with tonyu (soy milk) whip mixed with maccha. You can change the taste of the drink by mixing the azuki paste and tonyu whip.



    “Cotton Snow Café Maccha” has the doughnut melba toast (a Mister Doughnut’s doughnut baked in an oven) as a topping. You can enjoy the drink in various ways such as drinking the maccha ore independently or mixing the drink with the milk-tasted cotton snow candy.


    Let’s check out this limited-time-offer product created by Mister Doughnut and Gion Tsujiri.




    Hot Maccha Ore Tonyu Whip (356 yen)

    Cotton Snow Café Maccha (518 yen)

    ※The prices above include tax


    Release date: September 22nd (Fri.) to the late March 2018 (The production of the products will be ended subsequently)

    Available shops: Mister Doughnut stores throughout Japan (except at certain stores)

  • Mister Donut collaborates with My Melody & Kuromi this Halloween!

    20.September.2017 | FOOD

    Mister Donut are holding a campaign titled “Magical Mister Donut Halloween” where they are releasing Halloween doughnuts themed around the Sanrio characters My Melody and Kuromi casting magic on Mister Donut. The doughnuts will go on sale from September 15th.


    As well as selling 11 different limited edition Halloween doughnuts, Mister Donut will also be selling limited quantities of two different My Melody & Kuromi collaborative blankets as a set with the doughnuts.

    My Melody & Kuromi have cast their spell over Mister Donut for this year’s Halloween season, so you can look forward to getting your hands on a range of Halloween goodies and merchandise.



    The spell casted by the popular Sanrio characters has changed the doughnuts into spooky ghoul faces. There are 7 varieties of “My Melody & Kuromi’s Halloween Friends” doughnuts with monster faces, and 4 different of the popular Pon de Ring doughnuts that they are calling “Pon de Eyeball” as these spooky treats have eyeballs on them coated in white chocolate.



    And don’t forget the “Magical Mister Donut Blankets.” There are two designs that you can purchase as a set along with the limited edition Halloween doughnuts or the regular doughnuts.

    Mister Donuts is the only place you can enjoy such a Halloween doughnut feast, so sink your teeth into some delicious and unique looking doughnuts and pick up a My Melody & Kuromi blanket to cover yourself from the creepy ghouls this Halloween.



    My Melody & Kuromi’s Halloween Friends

    Available: Friday September 15th to Tuesday October 31st

    Participating Shops: Available at select Mister Donut stores in Japan


    Doughnut Pop Halloween Limited Edition Flavour

    Available: Friday September 15th to Tuesday October 31st

    Participating Shops: Available at select Mister Donut stores in Japan


    Magical Mister Donut Blankets

    Available: Friday September 15th until all are sold out

    Participating Shops: Available at select Mister Donut stores in Japan


    Official Website:


  • Japan’s autumn flavor! Doughnut that use Japanese sweet chestnut, “Crispy Cream Premium” will debuet.

    01.September.2017 | FOOD

    Crispy Cream Doughnut Japan will sell the following three new donuts, “Crispy Cream Premium Otsukimi Usagi,” “Crispy Cream Premium Brulee Grace De Mont Blanc” and “Crispy Cream Premium Maccha (green tea) & Kuromame Kinako (black bean and toasted soybean flour)” as a new item in the series called “Crispy Cream Premium” which can be purchased only at JR Nagoya Takashimaya from the 30th of August, 2017 (Wed) for a limited time offer.



    The “Crispy Cream Premium” series is a premium series of cake-like doughnuts which can be purchased only at JR Nagoya Takashimaya. The doughnuts use a lot of whip cream and are decorated. Customers can enjoy the freshly baked doughnuts.


    Crispy Cream Premium Otsukimi Usagi

    Available date: August 30th, 2017 (Wed.) to September 30th (Sat.)

    Price: 280 yen (tax included)

    The donuts are decorated with a full moon made of chocolate with a pudding flavor and Japanese silver grass made of caramel chocolate on top of which is a bitter-tasting chocolate which reminds us of a rabbit watching the full moon. A potato cream which has a soft potato flavor is hidden beneath the cute rabbit made with whip cream and piecrust.


    Crispy Cream Premium Brulee Grace De Mont Blanc

    Available date: August 30th, 2017 (Wed.) to November 30th (Thurs.)

    Price: 280 yen (tax included)

    “Original Grazed ®” which is the most popular product of Crispy Cream Doughnut is used. The surface of the doughnut is roasted and it contains hot and soft Mont Blanc cream made of Japanese sweet chestnut and bitter tasting caramel sauce. The doughnut is a very “autumn-like” product.


    Crispy Cream Premium Maccha & Kuromame Kinako

    Available date: August 30th, 2017 (Wed.) to November 30th (Thurs.)

    Price: 280 yen (tax included)

    This is a Japanese-styled doughnut that contains chocolate with Ujimaccha (Japanese green tea), bean paste that has an elegant sweetness and cream made of black bean and toasted soybean flour. You can enjoy the chewy texture of this donut.


    Let’s enjoy the autumn products of Crispy Doughnut!



    Crispy Cream Doughnut JR Nagoya Takashimaya Store

    Address: North block of JR Takashimaya 1F, 1-1-4, Meieki, Nakamuraku, Nakamurashi, Aichi

    TEL: 052-589-2655

    Business hours: 10:00~20:00


    Crispy Cream Doughnut HP: