Idol Anime B-PROJECT-Themed Café Opens in Harajuku for Limited Time Only

31.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

For 38 days only, idol anime B-PROJECT is going to take over AREA-Q in Harajuku with a B-PROJECT-themed café, exhibition contents, and much more exclusive material! This will only be running from Friday May 31 to Sunday July 7.


Take a seat at the “home party”-themed B-PROJECT café! The menu is full of meals and drinks that are based on the characters from the anime. Here, you can witness the original scripts used for the anime voice overs, an exhibition showcasing scenes from the anime and an area featuring the filming spots! There will also be a special video playing in the event space featuring the voices of the idol group Kitakore! Of course, there will also be original cafe goods, too! The goods are decorated with the cute, small chibi versions of the characters.   

KITAKORE: Monochrome , Vietnamese-Style Dessert ¥800    THRIVE: Sesame Hot Drink ¥800

MooNs: Rice Eggs Benedict ¥1,000      KiLLER KiNG: Berry Danish ¥800 (all prices include tax)


Special Drink: ¥700 each (tax included)

The 38-day long event period will be split into two. Part 1 will run from May 31 to June 18 and part 2 will run from June 19 to July 7th. For each of the event periods, the drinks menu and special bonus features will be different!

There will be something special given to visitors on their first visit, for those who revisit, and those who purchase goods or food and drinks! This event is packed with fun and loads of bonuses which makes it even more special.

The B-PROJECT~Zeccho *Emotion~ Home Party in AREA-Q café is the perfect place to surround yourself with the idol-tastic world of B-PROJECT. Please stop by!


© B-PROJECT~Zeccho *Emotion~ Home Party in AREA-Q executive committee.