Global Sensation Anime Film Human Lost To Feature at Anime Expo Screening Event in LA

14.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE

Human Lost is the dynamic animated film adaptation of the sensational masterpiece Ningen Shikkaku (No Longer Human) which was written by Japanese novelist Osamu Dazai in 1948. The film shows us the story of a man’s life that turns to utter ruins. The philosophical viewpoints of life and death of this timeless literary masterpiece linger intensely even to this day. A group of Japan’s top creators that have captured the adoration of the entire world have reconstructed this piece into the animated film Human Lost. This is set for worldwide release in 2019, which would mark Dazai’s 110th birthday were he alive today.

There will be a screening of the film in Los Angeles at Anime Expo 2019, which is the world’s largest anime event. The film’s director Fuminori Kizaki and Mamoru Miyano, the voice actor for the main character Yozo Obaba, will be taking to the podium for a talk show, where they will provide an interesting insight to the film. As Human Lost continues to tease the interest of countries all over the world, expectations for the film’s success continue to rise.


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