TV Anime Tama and Friends to Premiere in January 2020

17.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME

Tama & Friends is a product and anime series which made its debut in 1983. It is known for its vast array of animal characters which are featured on stationery, merchandise and miscellaneous items.


Now, the franchise is set to gain a new anime series entitled Uchi Tama?! ~Uchi no Tama Shirimasen Ka?~ which will feature anthropomorphised characters and begin airing on Fuji Television’s Noitamina programming block in January 2020.

A teaser visual, promotional video and commercial have been released showcasing the characters, voice cast and stuff.


Promotional Video




Soma Saito as Tama Okamoto

A cat owned by the Okamoto family. Brimming with curiosity and cares about his friends. He has a kinked tail.


Kensho Ono as Pochi Yamada

A pure white dog owned by a tofu seller. He is Tama’s best friend and very kind but also a coward.


 Yusuke Shirai as Tora Kiso

Owned by Yuzuko Oketani, Tora is a stripy cat. He loves climbing high places and sometimes refuses to come down.


Hana Kanazawa as Momo Hanasaki

A mascot cat owned by a cafe and idol. Her trademarks are her bell and ribbon. She is strong willed and refuses to lose.


Yuma Uchida as Beh Kawara

Owned by a newspaper shop, this cat is terrible and waking up early. Since he helps with the delivery of newspapers, he’s an expert at searching backstreets and alleys.