Galaxy Harajuku Opens 4 New Attractions

22.June.2019 | SPOT

Galaxy Harajuku is a facility in Harajuku, Tokyo centred around the latest smartphones, VR technology and more from Galaxy. The facility reopened on June 20 with four all-new “movie-genic” interactive attractions.

Galaxy Harajuku offers a showcase of cutting-edge technology and interactive activities which can all be experienced for free. Customers can get the latest information on the company’s newest products, get involved in a range of events, or relax at the on-site cafe.

Galaxy Orbit (Floor 4F)
In the Galaxy Orbit, you stand in the centre of a roller coaster-like rail. As you dance to the music, the Galaxy S10+ will move around the rail, allowing you to create a 360° dance video using the phone’s super slow motion and super camera stabilisation functions.

Galaxy Lightwave (Floor 4F)
Thirteen Galaxy S10 phones will record you in a dark room where you use LED lights to create a colourful and beautiful 3D light painting.

Body Canvas (Floor 5F)
Create a unique art movie with your silhouette using the Galaxy S10’s ultra-wide-angle lens. Choose from six styles including music and visuals and start dancing.

Beat Challenge (Floor 6F)
Take part in a beat game with up to three people on a large display that links with the bezel-less Galaxy S10. The displays are made up of twelve individual Galaxy S10 devices that are fitted together seamlessly. After you finish your game you can create a customisable sticker displayed with the sound waves.