Enoshima Aquarium’s Summer Decor Designed by VELVETA DESIGN’s Kimi Hasegawa

24.June.2019 | SPOT

Kimi Hasegawa is a representative of VELVETA DESIGN, an interior design company. She has been put in charge of producing the decor and design of Enoshima Aquarium’s upcoming summer event which is set to begin on July 13.

Hikaru no Enosui – Sagami Bay Great Fish Tanks – Day

Hikaru no Enosui – Ocean Encounters – Night

The theme of this event is “light” which will be presented in two forms: Day, which will run through the morning and afternoon, and Night which will begin at 4:00pm. Expect to see glowing jellyfish decorations, art pieces entitled Lace Fish which will be dotted around the aquarium and showcase sea creatures made from lace, and more. Visitors will be pulled into a delicately crafted illuminated underwater world of wonder.

The Lace Fish artwork will be lit up with a colourful show of vivid lights.

During the Night slot, the wireless LED light system FreFlow® will be use to illuminate the aquarium.

Visitors can also observe Sagami Bay and Enoshima from the Ocean Deck which is being refurbished for the event. Enjoy one of the glowing cocktails with someone special while gazing at the captivating nightscape of Enoshima.


Experience an aquarium like never before this summer at Enoshima Aquarium.