Enjoy a night view with the illumination—“TOKYO”

04.December.2016 | SPOT

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo has been illuminating objet, the letters of “TOKYO” at south entrance. The lighting up started on Tuesday, 29, November and it will last till the end of February.


The hotel is located in Shibakoen area. This area is central part of Tokyo, so you can access easily by useful public transportation. There is the special photo spot that you can see both of the “TOKYO” and “the Tokyo tower”. It must be a hot spot!


The Prince Park Tower Tokyo illumination

Illumination period:November 29th(Tue)~February 28th(Tue)

Illumination hour:Every day sunset~12:00MID.

inquiry: TEL:The Prince Park Tower Tokyo +81 3-5400-1111

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