Get Your Own Cute, Fluffy & Destructive Evapacasso in Alpacasso x Evangelion Collaboration

06.July.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. is now taking orders for a set of three limited edition Evapacassos and NERV HQ over on their official website, TOM Net and the EVANGELION STORE.


The adorable Evapacassos are a collaboration between the popular plush toy series Alpacasso and the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The toys are designed after Unit-01, Unit-00, and Unit-02 with their characteristics woven into the alpacas along with the unique colouring of the Evas.


JUMBO Set: ¥9,600 (Before Tax) / STANDARD Set: ¥5,850 (Before Tax) / MASCOT Set: ¥4,200 (Before Tax)

With their fluffy fur and adorable beady eyes, the Alpacassos have been fused with NERV’s Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon, Artificial Human Evangelions, to become cute artiodactyl decisive weapons. The Evapacassos come in three sets: the 30cm JUMBO size, 18cm STANDARD set, and palm-sized MASCOT set which come with ball chains.


Each set also comes with glittery badges showcasing the unit numbers as well as the NERV HQ where the Evapacassos live. The sets can only be purchased through pre-order, and the deadline is July 31, so be sure to order yours ASAP!


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  • Miniature Theme Park SMALL WORLDS TOKYO to Open in Tokyo Next Spring

    10.August.2019 | Uncategorized

    The all-new SMALL WORLDS TOKYO theme park is set to open in the Ariake district of Tokyo in spring 2020.

    The park will cover an 8,000m2 area which will be split into seven different areas made up of moving miniature models: the Kansai International Airport, the Space Center, World Streets, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion Tokyo-3, and Neon Genesis Evangelion Evangelion Cage.

    The facility hopes to bring a new level of immersion the likes of which we have not seen before. It is a joint project between Japanese creators Tatsuya Kaneko and Shōji Kawamori and a team of Japanese engineers. Using the latest cutting-edge technology and delicate artistry in Japan, the staff behind this project have built a moving miniature universe that will transport visitors to another world.

    Sailor Moon fans will delight in the recreation of Azabu-Jūban, a district of Tokyo where the series protagonists reside, and Crystal Tokyo. Evangelion fans will also rejoice in witnessing Tokyo-3 as well as Evangelion Cages in which Evangelions are housed.

    Not only will visitors be able to look at the miniature world, they can become part of it too with the Citizens Rights Figure Program which will scan a 3D model of the person and have a figure of themselves placed in the area of their choice. Sign-ups for this program will open on August 9 at 10:00 (JST) on the park’s website.

    Details on tickets and facility specifics will be announced in the near future.