Foreigners dressed as Ninjas while sightseeing are on the rise: Ninja event becoming the latest trend

13.December.2016 | SPOT

Holiday Jack, a company which makes unique events, is holding special experience-based events for foreign sightseers.

The number of overseas visitors is increasing in the run up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A unique event called “Be a Ninja” is becoming very popular among foreigners.


Guests can walk around the city wearing a Ninja costume, something which is really enjoyed by the sightseers, and walk around the downtown areas of Asakusa, Ryogoku and Tokyo Skytree, as well as heading into the deeper spots that aren’t found in the guidebooks.


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The walking course allows you to be exposed to local Japanese culture where you can walk and eat, hit up the game centers to have a go at the “UFO Catchers” (claw machines) and have your photo taken at purikura, and more.

Everyone who participates are so excited to wear the special costumes and to take photos and videos of themselves, ninja style! If you’re in Japan, why not have a go at being a ninja and sightseeing yourself?



Be a Ninja

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