The “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” guy gets his very own smartphone game!

21.December.2016 | MUSIC

Pikotaro, the man who you will know as responsible for the viral hit “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen”, released his first ever official game on LINE titled “LINE:PPAP The Game” on December 20th. There’s no need to download the game as you can play it directly from your LINE app. Just follow Pikotaro on LINE and you’re good to go. Fear not those of you outside Japan as you can play the game overseas too by following the same steps.

The gameplay is very simple. Time your tapping perfectly and hit the apples and pineapples that fall from the top of the screen while aiming for a high score. If just one piece of fruit falls to the floor it’s an instant game over. How will you be able to pierce with you pen? Take up the challenge and aim for a high score!


・Pikotaro’s Official LINE Account
<How to Add>
Open up LINE and click on “Add Friends”. From there, click on either “ID/Phone No.” or “QR Code” at the top and enter the relevant information found below.
ID: Search “pikotaro”
QR Code →
*If you’re adding via QR Code, click the link above and scan it to add Pikotaro.

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Available From: December 20th, 2016
Price: Free
Languages: Japanese, English
Accessible: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South-East Asia, North America, Europe
For iPhone/Android
Copyright © cavex management.Inc / LINE Corporation. All rights reserved.
Publisher: CoolGames Japan株式会社
※You can play the game by following Pikotaro on LINE.
※Aforementioned details regarding the game are the same as the information on the game’s day of release. Information may be subject to change without notice.
※If you are using packet data you will be subject to unaffiliated fees.
※All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders.


  • Pikotaro Releases New Album ‘I have a PPAP’ Worldwide

    18.July.2018 | MUSIC

    Singer-songwriter Pikotaro, known for the viral hit song Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, released his first album I have a PPAP digitally across 150 countries on July 13.

    The album features a total of 31 tracks including Pikataro’s big hits throughout 2017-2018 such as PPAP as well as his newest song Can you see? I’m SUSHI. This record is the ultimate Pikotaro experience.

    Pikotaro has the following to say about his new song: “When I went to Belgium and spoke with the Belgian staff about making a song about something Japan is known for, I improvised while singing, and they found it really funny. I’m really happy to have been able to make a song in this way. Although Japan is a sushi country there’s not a lot of songs about sushi, so I want both the people of the world and  of Japan to use this opportunity to sing about it!



    Pikotaro may be about to cause a sushi boom across the world, so be sure to check out the music video.



    Digital Album – “I have a PPAP” haveappap


    Pikotaro Official Website


  • Justin Bieber teams up with Piko Taro for new Japanese Softbank commercial【Video】

    07.February.2017 | MUSIC

    The bromance is strong between these two singing sensations.

    Ever since Piko Taro took YouTube by storm in August last year with his viral hit “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen“, the leopard-print loving Japanese star has had one very famous fan by his side: Justin Bieber. The Canadian singer, who also got his big break by posting videos on YouTube, showed his love for Piko Taro by sharing this clip on Twitter with his 90+ million followers.

    Now, the two stars have finally met in person as part of a new ad campaign for Softbank, one of Japan’s leading telecommunications providers. While their hotly anticipated commercial is yet to air, Softbank recently released a teaser video showing us what went on behind the scenes when the two met while filming the ad. Let’s check out the clip below!

  • Pump up your party with PICOTARO’s official costume ー get your PPAP on ASAP!!!

    17.December.2016 | FASHION / MUSIC

    Have you got a costume sorted for your year-end party or New Year’s party? Are you one of the many people who can’t wait to dress up as PICOTARO? (The Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen guy) There was a limited sale of PICOTARO party costumes at Don Quijote’s Shibuya branch, however these quickly sold out…but don’t fear ー now they have been upgraded!


    The old set consisted of 3 parts ー a shirt, trousers and a scarf. Now, the new set will include all this and a wig! This new set will hit the shelves from 17th December for a limited period and can only be purchased at Don Quijote stores across Japan! If you plan on pumping up your party with a bit of PPAP, pop by any Don Quijote store ASAP!



    PICOTARO official Party Costume DX

    HN&Associates corporation: 0120-118906(Reception: Open every day 10:00 〜

    17:00 except weekends and national holidays)


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  • Pikotaro is teaching Elmo and Cookie Monster how to do the “PPAP” ! Does it means that the Sesame Street version of “PPAP” ; the “ CBCC “ is finally done ?!

    26.November.2016 | MUSIC

    Pikotaro is teaching Elmo and Cookie monster how to do the PPAP ! Does it means that the Sesame Street version of PPAP ; the “ CBCC “ is finally done ?!


    The well known Artist who made it into the 1st place in the Youtube ranking ; “Pikotaro – PPAP” have now his own parody made by the Sesame Work Shop , you can watch it here :


    This video show Elmo and Cookie Monster, characters of the “Sesame Street show” , doing their own version of the famous song PPAP. Following the rhythms of the song , singing and dancing ,  they included their favorite food “ cookie “ and they created the following lyrics “ cookie, butter, choco, cookie “ which creates the “ CBCC “  and are joined by the real Pikotaro !

    The master Pikotaro is giving advices and is also correcting them in their moves to create the best “ CBCC” possible ! The collaboration of those three is a first ! Elmo, Cookie Monster and Pikotaro’s dance is so refreshing so you have to check it ! 

    The video is a japanese production so it in japanese.


    Sesame Street JAPAN Youtube channel :

    Pikotaro’s CBCC video link :


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