WASHI DENIM: Autumn/Winter Collection Releasing For Stylish Jeans Made From Japanese Paper

13.August.2019 | FASHION

Japanese clothing store Right-on, which focuses mainly on jeans, has unveiled its new autumn/winter collection for its WASHI DENIM jeans which will be released via its private brand BACK NUMBER at Right-on stores and the online store on August 13.


The WASHI DENIM series has enjoyed huge popularity with men and women of all ages in Japan with over 450,000 sold. WA (和) means “Japanese” and SHI (紙) means “paper.” The jeans are made in combination with washi paper yarn.

WASHI DENIM Regular Straight – ¥8,990 (Before Tax)

The first line of WASHI DENIM that was released sought for lightness when you wear them and made their debut as jeans that could even be worn in summer. The second line went for a thicker approach in the material.

WASHI DENIM Stretch Slim – ¥8,990 (Before Tax)

However, neither of them were able to achieve the same feeling as real manufactured jeans. That’s where this new third line comes into play: they are easy and comfortable to wear, and have evolved to have a more vintage feel to them so they feel more durable like real jeans.


The brand’s logo has been designed with a sun picture to represent Japan and the brand name is written both in Japanese Katakana (ワシデニム) as well as “WASHI DENIM” to spread the name around the world.


These high-quality jeans offer a new standard when it comes to denim, combining traditional Japanese tastes with new manufacturing methods.


  • Denim Washi Face Masks Keep You Cool in Summer With Cool Touch Fabric

    22.May.2020 | FASHION

    Japanese jeans select shop Right-on is now taking pre-orders for their new “Denim Masks” which are made using “wash denim.”

    Denim Mask – ¥1,290 (Before Tax)

    “Washi Denim” is a material used in Right-on’s private brand “BACK NUMBER” which has sold over 450,00 products. The inside of the mask is antibacterial and odor-resistant, protecting the masks from yellowing as a result of staphylococcus. The fabric is also cool touch and so can be used for the hot weather too. And of course the mask can be washed.

    The straps on the side have an adjuster so you can fit it to you face.

    The top of the nose part is cut to make the mask fit better so it can be worn comfortable for long periods of time.