Taste the on season’s oysters from Hiroshima in Yokohama

08.February.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

The oysters in Hiroshima which is the largest number of producing oysters are established a reputation as the one which is huge and rich taste.  MilkyTetsuo’s oyster hut by Tycoon that you can get charbroiled oysters in shells is open in Yokohama, Shin-yamashita for this time of the year. This place got popular because you can taste oysters with charbroiled barbeque and other varieties of foods at the terrace where you can see the bay bridge.


The specialty menu called “Gangan Yaki” is the one that oysters are put in a can and charbroiled. The extract of oysters is condensed when charbroiled, and you can fully enjoy the taste of oysters. Other than that, they started serving lamb meat at the terrace table this year. You also can have fried oysters and ajillo, and you can grill other seafood and meat by yourself at this store.


This restaurant, Tycoon, is located on the ocean, so you can even visit there by pleasure boat, yacht, or personal water craft. Why don’t you visit this oyster hut as part of your marine leisure?



Event Schedule:Until April 4th in 2017

Access:Twelve minutes’ walk or use taxi from Minato-mirai line Motomachi China town train station.

*If you use taxi, it is going to cost 730yen for more than two people.

Open on Friday 5:00PM to 10:00PM (9:00PM for last order)

Saturday, Sunday and holidays are open from 11:00AM


Call for inquiries:☎ 090-5690-0088



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