Adorable Hamtaro X gonoturn Eye Masks to Be Sold Across Japan and Online

12.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

Hamtaro is loved by the Japanese as much as the rest of the world. It has been published as a Shogakukan manga since 1997, soon making its anime debut on TV in the year 2000. Hamtaro has a place in our hearts as a nostalgic series of our childhood. 

The adorable hamster is now collaborating with gonoturn to release a lineup of Hamtaro-themed masks, eye masks and hairbands.

GNT0351 Hamtaro × gonoturn Hamtaro Mask


GNT0355 Hamtaro × gonoturn Bijou Eye Mask

GNT0359 Hamtaro × gonoturn Oxnard Hair Band

The lineup will be released on December 14 at shops across Japan including Sapporo Tokyu Department Store, 27 KIDDY LAND stores and online. The lineup will be available for preorder from December 13 on PREMIUM BANDAI “Bankore!”. This lineup provides the perfect matching accessories for you and your friends.

©️Ritsuko Kawai/Shogakukan Inc 


  • Hamtaro Themed Cafe Opens to Celebrate the Series’ 20th Anniversary

    14.December.2018 | FOOD

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the popular children’s manga and storybook series Hamtaro two themed cafes will open for a limited time in Tokyo on January 5 and in Saitama on January 10.

    The menu features a line-up of cute and heartwarming meals inspired by the adorable Hamtaro. Fans can get their hands on some exclusive celebratory merchandise too as well as enjoy the Hamtaro themed decorations.

    The Tokyo cafe requires reservations to be made in advance. Those who do so will receive one of the 4 possible original Hamtaro postcards pictured above. These are chosen randomly.

    Dining at the cafe will earn you one of the above 4 original lunch mats while ordering a drink will get you one of 16 possible coasters. These are also chosen randomly


    Menu (Select Items):

    Pashmina Curry & Penelope Takoyaki: ¥1,590

    Kotatsu Omurice: ¥1,490

    Sunflower Cake: ¥1,290

    Hamtaro’s Maboroshi Pancake: ¥1,390

    Balloon Bijou-chan: ¥1,090


    Merchandise (Select Items):

    Acrylic Key Rings (15 Designs, Chosen Randomly): ¥500 Each

    Mug: ¥1,500

    Above listed prices are pre-tax.