Detective Conan Unveils Official YouTube Channel and Streams Episodes Daily

14.January.2020 | ANIME&GAME

Today, ytv media design and Yomiuri TV launched an official YouTube channel for the popular anime Detective Conan. The YouTube channel intends to cherish the series from the start of Conan to today. Starting from episode one, the episodes will be streamed in order. Two episodes will be streamed per day from 19:00 until the end of season 5 (episode 218), meaning that all episodes will have been streamed by around mid-2020. 


The YouTube channel has already released a dance video where Conan is seen dancing to the anime’s brand new opening theme song that was released in January 2020. The channel intends to continue periodically releasing exciting contents such as a trailer for the upcoming movie Detective Conan The Scarlet Bullet which is set to premiere this year on April 17. By subscribing to this channel, fans can access the latest Conan news. 


With the new movie over the horizon, get closer to Detective Conan by subscribing to the Detective Conan Official YouTube Channel. 


  • Universal Cool Japan 2020: Attack on Titan, Monster Hunter World, Detective Conan & Lupin III

    13.November.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    It has been announced that Universal Cool Japan 2020 will take place from January 21 to June 28 next year. This year marks the 6th run of UCJ which began in 2015, bringing together the ‘cool’ aspects of Japan enjoyed by the rest of the world, and enjoys immense popularity every year.

    Universal Cool Japan 2020 will see four big titles in Japanese entertainment come together. Expect all-new attractions for all-new experiences.

    *The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne x USJ attractions will be announced at a later date

    Attack on Titan XR Ride

    The Attack on Titan manga series has celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. For the first time ever, the series is getting its own XR Ride in which guests will don VR goggles that will transport them into a 360° rendering of the world of Attack on Titan, with life-size Titans appearing before their very eyes. Guests will ride a roller coaster and fly alongside the Survey Corps. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to soar up high with ODM maneuver gear, now’s your chance.


    Running: January 21, 2020 – June 28, 2020


    Detective Conan World

    Join Conan in the all-improved and revamped Detective Conan World and help him solve cases in Detective Conan: The Escape; ride the new story-filled roller coaster Detective Conan x Hollywood Dream: The Ride which features full voice acting and an immersive plot; run around the park and solve various incidents hands-on with Detective Conan Mystery Challenge; and dine at the Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant.


    Running: January 21, 2020 – June 28, 2020

    *Full details on the restaurant will be announced at a later date


    Lupin the Third: The Live

    Lupin the Third made its first appearance at UCJ 2019 and was very well-received. This live show features street live entertainment by real cast members who will perform right before guests. Join Lupin and the characters in the exciting world of the franchise.


    Running: January 21, 2020 – June 28, 2020


    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne x Universal Studios Japan

    The Monster Hunter video game franchise is loved the world over, and is appearing once more at Universal Cool Japan after two years. Use interactive VR technology and go hunting in the world of Iceborn, the hit expansion to Monster Hunter World which has shipped 2.8 million copies worldwide.


    Running: Spring 2020 (subject to change)


    Image Credit: Universal Studios Japan

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  • Naruto, Gintama & More―UNIQLO Releases Manga-Inspired T-Shirt Series MANGA UT

    06.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Japanese retailer UNIQLO, which owns the T-shirt collection “UT” is developing a subseries called “MANGA UT” which is a collection based on world famous anime and manga. The new collection will be launched at UNIQLO stores nationwide and on the online store from Monday 27th May 2019.

    Detective Conan © Gosho Aoyama/Shogakukan, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, TMS 1996


    This year the collection offers items for women too, so everyone can enjoy an even larger variety of products. This year, Detective Conan, Boruto – Naruto Next Generations and Naruto Shippuden are featuring in the collection for the first time. This will be the first time that a solo Detective Conan item is released.

    NARUTO – SHIPPUDEN ©Masashi Kishimoto  Scott / SHUEISHA Inc, TV Tokyo, Pierrot Co. Ltd.

    Gintama © Hideaki Sorachi/SHUEISHA Inc, TV Tokyo, Dentsu Inc., BNP, Aniplex Inc.

    Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho original works/Yoshihiro Togashi Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho (JUMP Comics published by SHUEISHA Inc.) © Yoshihiro Togashi (1990-1994)  ©Pierrot Co. Ltd./SHUEISHA Inc.

    As well as original Weekly Shōnen Jump anime such as Naruto Shippuden and Gintama, legendary anime such as Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho and HUNTER X HUNTER are also part of the collection!

    Urusei Yatsura © Rumiko Takahashi /Shogakukan

    Ranma ½ © Rumiko Takahashi / Shogakukan


    …but there’s still more! The collection also features 14 popular Weekly Shōnen Sunday manga/anime such as Urusei Yatsura, Ranma ½ and Inuyasha!


    Come check out this T-shirt collection which features Japan’s most world-famous anime and manga!


  • Huge Detective Conan Event to Take Place Throughout Tokyo

    29.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    The amusement facility namco, character cafe Ani ON STATION and theme park Namco Namja Town are collaborating with the anime series Detective Conan for an event titled Protect the Emotional Link From Kaito Kid! The event will begin rolling out sequentially at the facilities from April 5.


    The theme of the event is that Kaito Kid is after the big jewel known as the Emotional Link located in Namja Town. You must help protect it with Conan Edogawa to prevent Kaito Kid from getting his hands on it. The event can be enjoyed individually at each facility, but if you want to know the whole story then you’ll want to visit all three.


    namco will be offering up limited-edition Detective Conan merchandise at its crane game machines from April 5.


    Acrylic Key Ring Mascot Namco Ver. (8 Designs) *Available only at namco

    Premium Original Tote Bag 2019 Namco Ver. (3 Designs) *Available only at namco


    Premium Kaito Kid Cushion (1 Design) *Available only at namco


    Ani ON STATION will serve up a range of food themed on the event.

    765 Detective Boys Parfait: ¥900

    Conan Edogawa’s Blue & White Curry: ¥1,100

    ID Card

    For every dish ordered customers will receive one of eight possible ID cards.



    Clear Coaster / Clear Straw Holder

    They will also receive a coaster and straw holder when ordering a drink. These too have eight designs each and are chosen randomly.


    Over at Namja Town they will hold a stamp rally event where you must run around the facility and solve puzzles with help from voice recordings that advance the overarching story.

    Acrylic Key Ring (8 Designs)

    Those who manage to collect all the stamps will receive the above acrylic key ring.


    Namja Town will also have a mini game where you can receive free prizes.


    Stickers (9 Designs)

    Try and find the jewel from the boxes on the showcase to win!


    Namja Town too will have a selection of themed food.


    Detective Conan Parfait: ¥870

    Kaito Kid Cola: ¥830


    This is just a small look at what’s to look forward to for the event. Conan fans won’t want to miss out!

  • Kaito Kid Themed Cafés to Open in Tokyo & Osaka

    14.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Two cafés themed on the Detective Conan character Kaito Kid, or the “Phantom Thief Kid” will be open in Harajuku and Umeda from April 19 to June 2.

    Grassy Kaito: ¥1,690

    Violet Miracle: ¥890

    This will be the first ever Detective Conan café themed on Kaito Kid with a menu named by the manga’s author Gosho Aoyama. There will even be exclusive Kaito Kid merchandise you can’t get anywhere else sold, and the café will be decorated in all things Kaito Kid.

    Original Invitation Postcards (2 Designs)

    Those who book a table in advance (¥600 per person before tax) and order something from the themed menu will be given one of the above two postcards.


    Original Lunch Mat (2 Designs)

    Original Coasters (3 Designs)

    Additionally, diners will be gifted one of two lunch mats, and those who order a drink will get one the three coasters.

    B5 Notebook: ¥420


    DURALEX Glass: ¥1,350

    And don’t miss out on a range of original merchandise including a notebook, drinking glass and more.


    Fans of Kaito Kid won’t want to miss the chance to visit this collaborative café arriving after the release of the new film Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire on April 12, 2019.