SKY-HI Releases Lyric Video in Collaboration With Thai Pop Star STAMP

02.February.2020 | MUSIC

SKY-HI released the first of a series of upcoming songs together with Thai pop star STAMP. The song is now streaming on major music platforms including Spotify.

The song combines SKY-HI’s technical rap ability with STAMP’s gentle yet powerful singing voice. Its lyrics say that if people experience good things in life, they’ll experience bad things too, so we should pick them up all up and take them with us as we move forward.


Don’t Worry Baby Be Happy feat. STAMP (Prod. its) -Lyric Video-

The lyric video is taken from the duo’s debut performance of the song at the concert “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2019 ~YO! SKY RAPS~” held on December 12 last year. It features English, Japanese, and Thai captions, so be sure to read along with the lyrics as you listen to the song.

Speaking about the song, SKY-HI said: “When I went to Thailand last year, I got a really good vibe from the country. On one of my free days, I found myself quickly heading to the studio. I asked if anyone knew STAMP, and he came to the studio. I thought, well, he’s here and everything now, so… And that’s how the song came to be. We recorded it there in the studio.”


He continues: “The songs we make these days end up having such heavy bass no matter what, and even I don’t like it, but thanks to STAMP’s rich voice, and his nature, this is the song I have been most encouraged for. He said to me, ‘Having a mountain of things you don’t like is part and parcel with life, but more than anything, time keeps on ticking. No matter how big things may seem, or how many of those things you have, while ever you’re alive, you put those things to work.’ Thanks to him, now the moment the intro starts, I feel lifted up <laughs>.


SKY-HI finishes by saying: “It was so much fun doing this song live too. As an artist, and as an individual, getting to meet STAMP for me was really fortunate. I pray this song becomes the same for everyone that hears it too. Don’t Worry Baby Be Happy!!”

STAMP was also interviewed about the new song. When asked to give his impressions on it, he said: “The beat is groovy, cool-sounding, and melodic. I really like how it speaks to the heart. It’s become my favourite song. Even if you don’t understand the Japanese rap lyrics, SKY-HI’s rap parts are just the best. It moves me how it transcends the barriers of language. The melodies for the hook were written by me when we first met in the studio. It was my first time writing a half-Japanese, half-Thai song.”


He also commented on how the recording process was. “When we were recording, SKY-HI was always dancing to the rhythm while singing. I had such a fun time working in there. I haven’t met many artists that are overflowing with energy like him. It was really exciting. Now I want to try dancing next time I’m in the studio.”


Finally, STAMP was asked to give a message to Japanese listeners. “Like other people, I’m really pleased with this collaboration too. I am honoured to have been able to do this with such a genius artist like SKY-HI. I hope everyone likes hearing the Thai lyrics as well as the Thai music influences too.”


  • SKY-HI Announces Asia Tour on Top of SKY-HI Round A Ground 2020 Japan Tour

    25.December.2019 | MUSIC

    SKY-HI has announced an Asia tour consisting of four additional performances to follow up straight after the “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2020” Japan tour.

    The Asia tour will see four performances take place in Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea. Following numerous collaborations with other Asian artists in recent years, you can only imagine the excitement of fans as they guess what kind of performance SKY-HI has in store for them in Asia.


    SKY-HI will now be performing in a total of 28 cities, 24 of which are in Japan. This is a big chance to see him live! If you’re worried about tickets selling out, there are preorder tickets available for each live performance. More information on the Asia Tour will be announced in the future so stay tuned. 


    SKY-HI / Snatchaway (SKY-HI TOUR 2019 -The JAPRISON-)

    SKY-HI has also unveiled the video of “Snatchaway” from the live tour video “SKY-HI TOUR 2019 -The JAPRISON-”. This is a chance to witness SKY-HI’s rapping, singing and dancing skills that you don’t want to miss. 

  • Japanese Music Artists Performing Overseas in 2019: Part 4

    09.July.2019 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    More and more announcements have been rolling out about Japanese artists set to perform overseas in the latter half of 2019. Let’s take a look and see if one of them is coming to a city near you in Part 4.



    Singer-songwriter is set to take her enthralling set to Shanghai with a headline show. The music video for her hit song Marigold, taken from her album Shunkanteki Sixth Sense which released in February, was shot on the streets of Shanghai. Currently knee-deep in her Japan tour to promote her new album, this will mark Aimyon’s second time performing overseas following up from a successful show in Taiwan. Her popularity is steadily surging across the globe, be sure to check out her music available on Spotify as well as her many music videos.


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    Date: July 13, 2019

    Venue: 世博中心—紅庁, Shanghai 2019

    Japan Enquiries:

    AIMYON Official Website:



    Celebrating 10 years since their debut, OKAMOTO’S are currently touring Japan nationwide in promotion of their new album BOY. The four-piece rock band performed what they called their “first and last” Nippon Budokan show on June 27 but are following that straight up with two concerts in Beijing and Shanghai. OKAMOTO’S are veterans when it comes to having performed overseas. They are the younger Japanese male act to play SXSW in Texas, US when they performed back in 2010. They also embarked on a 7-city US tour and have toured Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and other countries. Don’t miss out!


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    2019/7/19 @ Beijing MAO Live House, Beijing
    2019/7/21 @ Shanghai MAO Live House, Shangai


    OKAMOTO’S Official Website:




    Since debuting in 2012, Japanese rock band MY FIRST STORY have performed at some of Japan’s biggest music festivals and have also collaborated with foreign musicians. Their lyrics are fluent English which have racked them up some real attention outside Japan. This will mark their first headline show in mainland China.



    2019/7/27 @ Jing’an Sports Center, Shanghai

    MY FIRST STORY Official Website:



    Yuzu’s popularity trickles down all generations having performed the song Muscat for the anime series Crayon Shin-chan. The duo have their eyes set on two days at Legacy MAX in Taipei on September 28 and 29. The musicians performed at the 30th Golden Melody Awards, which is nicknamed the “Taiwanese Grammy Awards,” on June 29 and hail as the only Japanese artists to do so.


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    2019/9/28 @ Legacy MAX, Taipei

    2019/9/29 @ Legacy MAX, Taipei


    YUZU Official Website:



    MAN WITH A MISSION recently announced their US headline tour. They joined Jimmy Eat World and Stone Sour on tour back in fall 2017, but which is their first North American solo tour in five years. Full details can be found over on their official website.


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    ▶︎MAN WITH A MISSION presents Chasing the Horizon World Tour 2018/2019 -North American Tour-

    2019/9/6 @ Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

    2019/9/8 @ The Regent Theater, Los Angeles

    2019/9/10 @ Canton Hall, Dallas

    2019/9/16 @ Gramercy Theatre, New York

    MAN WITH A MISSION Official Website:



    BABYMETAL will released their new album METAL GALAXY this year on October 11 and follow it up with their GALAXY WORLD TOUR where they will hit up Europe, US and Russia. BABYMETAL’s unmatched force continues to be felt across the globe.


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    *For full dates, please check the band’s official website below.

    BABYMETAL Official Website:



    SKY-HI will release his second collaborative album with SALU entitled Say Hello to My Minions 2 on September 4 which will be promoted with the “Say Goodbye to the System” Asia tour. SKY-HI has performed in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the past. Be sure to keep up to date with his tour schedule via his official website.


    ▶︎Say Goodbye to the System -ASIA TOUR-

    2019/9/29 @ Seoul (Venue TBA)

    2019/10/1 @ Hong Kong (Venue TBA)

    2019/10/4 @ Taipei (Venue TBA)

    SKY-HI Official Website:


    If you love Japanese music and an artist you like is heading to a city near you, be sure to show them love and support by getting your hands on a ticket!

  • TV Anime Run with the Wind’s Opening Theme by Q-MHz & Mitsuhiro Hidaka Revealed in New Trailer

    06.January.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    A new promotional video has been released featuring the new opening theme of the upcoming TV anime series Run with the Wind. The song, titled Kaze Tsuyoku, Kimi Atsuku, was written by Q-MHz and Mitsuhiro Hidaka―also known as SKY-HI―and will be released as a digital single on January 23.

    The song features a running-like melody coupled with SKY-HI’s vocals and rapping. Check out the video below which showcases the 10 members of the athletic club in Kansei University in their uniforms.


    Run with the Wind will continue with episode 12 on January 8, 2019.

  • TV Anime Run with the Wind Opening Theme to be Performed by Q-MHz

    25.December.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Japanese music group Q-MHz which is composed of Aki Hata, Tomokazu Tashiro, Katsuhiko Kurosu and Tomoya Tabuchi (UNISON SQUARE GARDEN) are teaming up with AAA member Mitsuhiro Hidaka―who is also active as a solo rapper under the bane SKY-HI―to release a new digital single called Kaze Tsuyoku, Kimi Atsuku on January 23.

    The song will be used as the second opening song for the ongoing anime series Run with the Wind. It features a running-like melody coupled with SKY-HI’s vocals and rapping.


    The sports anime is an adaptation of Shion Miura’s award-winning novel of the same name.  It is being directed by Kazuya Nomura (Robotics;Notes, Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie) at Production I.G.

    Comment: Q-MHz
    “We are Q-MHz and we have been handed the baton from the first opening theme to perform the second one! It has a colourful rock sound that looks towards the climax of the story. Hidaka’s numbing rapping too makes it mega exciting. [People’s] emotions are sure to rise when the song doesn’t play for a second time at the end.”


    Comment: Mitsuhiro Hidaka a.k.a. SKY-HI
    “Tabuchi was my upperclassman in high school. This is the first time we have worked together, so getting to sing for Q-MHz felt like going back to being a high school student. I also got to sing in a style different to what they usually do! In receiving a request as singer I feel that though the weight is fairly heavy that pressure is thrilling and ties in with the anime and the song. It’s an eternity of youth packed in an instant into 3 minutes!”

  • SKY-HI Performs Alongside Miyavi, Nobuaki Kaneko and More at Tour Finale

    14.December.2018 | MUSIC

    SKY-HI dropped his fourth studio album JAPRISON on December 12. He held the finale of his 2018 “Round A Ground” tour across two days at Toyosu PIT. This is a report of the first day, December 11, 2018.

    The prior unveiling of the list of special guests to perform at this show drew huge attention. Once the overhead radio show ‘Radio Marble’ ended (something which has become a staple to play at SKY-HI’s shows), the man himself, SKY-HI, stepped onto stage with his band THE SUPER FLYERS to an eruption of cheers from the crowd.


    The night began with a performance of Free Tokyo, the title track of SKY-HI’s hit album that was released back in summer as a free download. He went on to perform nine continuous tracks including this year’s newly released tracks So What??, Name Tag, The Story Of “J” and Nanisama in addition to some of his classic live tracks.


    sleepyhead was the first guest artist to be called out to perform 1 2 3 for hype sex heaven which received a music video this year to much attention. This was his first performance of the song and it went down a riot with the crowd.


    Takuya “TAK” Tanaka (guitar) then took over for a talk and then a relaxing acoustic session to perform StrayCat and Bitter Dream before performing together with THE SUPER FLYERS for Limo.

    Then, all of a sudden, the gauze curtain dropped and the music video for illusions feat. SKY-HI made in collaboration with Nobuaki Kaneko began playing.

    During that, Nobuaki Kaneko himself appeared to perform the song alongside SKY-HI. This was followed by a freestyle session of Gemstone together with Miyavi and then Double Down. It was an overwhelming performance as SKY-HI, Miyavi and Kaneko showed off their incredible musical skills together, giving the crowd a riveting performance.

    mabanua and Kan Sano were next on stage who had a jam session of Reincarnation and Chrono Club, both produced by mabanua. It was a more relaxing session than the previous, spreading a chilled vibe through the room, but still as skilfully performed.


    THE SUPER FLYERS returned to the stage for the final act. Together with SKY-HI they performed 0570-064-556 which is a remix of Logic’s 1-800-273-8255, as well as I Think, I Sing, I Say and Marble.


    At the end of the show SKY-HI gave some comments on his new album before performing What a Wonderful World!!, Snarchaway and his hit song Kamitsure Velvet.

    It was an emotional and energetic performance from SKY-HI throughout the two-hour show. He will promote the album with his new tour titled SKY-HI TOUR 2019 -The JAPRISON- next year from February 3, 2019 where he will hit 12 locations across Japan.

  • SKY-HI Releases New Music Video & Announces Miyavi as Special Guest for Tour Finale

    23.November.2018 | MUSIC

    Having teased it earlier this month, SKY-HI has released the full music video for What a Wonderful World!! taken from his upcoming new album JAPRISON.

    The song was produced by SKY-HI himself and sees the rapper and singer take to the piano throughout. The track also features legendary Brazilian musician Sérgio Mendes performing his own piano solo. Laced together with SKY-HI’s personal and emotional lyrics and a chorus by Yuuho and Kayo of SUPER FLYERS, What a Wonderful World!! will no doubt be a standout of the artist’s first album in nearly two years.

    The cage in which the music video is set can be said to be symbolic of SKY-HI’s new record. Throughout our eyes are treated to a kaleidoscope of creative and avant garde visuals. The dance between SKY-HI and the skull face painted lady serves to deepen the perspective of the song that much more.


    It has also been announced that internationally renowned guitarist Miyavi as well as RAU DEF and sleepyhead will join the special guest list the finale of SKY-HI’s ongoing tour SKY-HI Round A Ground 2018 which will take place at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo on December 11 and 12. There are limited tickets left for the two-nighter at Toyosu PIT

  • SKY-HI Collaborates With Brazilian Musician Sérgio Mendes on New Song

    15.November.2018 | MUSIC

    SKY-HI’s upcoming 4th album JAPRISON will be released on December 12―his first album in almost two years. The song What a Wonderful World!! from the new record aired on Tokyo FM/JFN38’s “SCHOOL OF LOCK!” slot in Japan on November 14.

    The song, self-produced by SKY-HI himself, features a piano track by SKY-HI and a guest appearance from legendary Brazilian musician Sérgio Mendes. The song is said to be representative of the overall album.


    What a Wonderful World!! -Teaser Movie-


    A teaser trailer for the avant garde music video was also released. Check it out above.

    What a Wonderful World!! will be released digitally on November 16. JAPRISON will also be available to pre-order on the iTunes Store for the special price of ¥1,500 for a limited time only.

  • SKY-HI Reveals Artwork & Details For Upcoming New Album ‘JAPRISON’

    02.November.2018 | MUSIC

    SKY-HI has released the CD covers for all three versions of his upcoming 4th album JAPRISON―his first album in almost two years. The main design of each album cover features the artist holding his head in his left hand.

    The album features a total of 14 tracks which consists of the 4 already-unveiled tracks MarbleSnatchawayDiver’s High and Name Tag -Remix- feat. Ja Mezz & HUNGER and 10 all-new tracks produced by UTA and SUNNY BOY who have both released a range of big hits, as well as Yosi who belongs to Hi-Lite Records, and MATZ, a spearhead of Japan’s dance music scene who is also active as an artist under the name Matt Cab.

    JAPRISON Music Video Edition

    The album’s Music Video Edition comes with a DVD containing numerous music videos from SKY-HI in addition to a new song title What a Wonderful World!!, the complete version of Name Tag titled Name Tag feat. SALU, HUNGER, Ja Mezz, Moment Joon (No Cut ver.), as well a bonus track titled Bitter Dream for a total of 8 songs.

    JAPRISON Live Edition

    The album’s Live Edition includes footage of SKY-HI’s concert at ROHM Theatre Kyoto’s main hall on April 28, 2018 which was the final concert of his tour SKY-HI TOUR 2018-Marble the World-.

    SKY-HI will head on a new tour next year titled SKY-HI TOUR 2019 -The JAPRISON- to promote the new album. Get your hands on the Live Edition to see the excitement you can expect from the artist on his tour in 2019. JAPRISON drops on December 12.

  • SKY-HI to be Joined By Guest Musicians Nobuaki Kaneko and SALU at Tour Finale Concert

    31.October.2018 | MUSIC

    SKY-HI’s Japan tour “Round A Ground 2018” began on October 5 at the port city of Otaru in Hokkaido. The final two shows of the tour will be held at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo on December 11 and 12, for which it has been announced that the singer, dancer and AAA member will be joined by Japanese drummer Nobuaki Kaneko and music artist SALU. Both artists have a long friendship with SKY-HI.

    Nobuaki Kaneko featured on SKY-HI’s newest song illusions which was released digitally on October 3. A line-up of other artists close with SKY-HI are also scheduled to appear as guests at the final concerts. The excitement of both the artists and fans is sure to be nothing less than through the roof.


    Tickets are still on sale for Toyosu PIT but the number is low, so you’d best get yours quick.

  • New Gundam Breaker Theme Song ‘Snatchaway’ by SKY-HI Teaser Released

    19.June.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    SKY-HI successfully completed his SKY-HI Round A Ground tour last year which saw him perform 25 concert in 24 locations including his first performances overseas in Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London.


    A music video teaser has just dropped for the singer and rapper’s new song Snatchaway which was written for the video game New Gundam Breaker.

    The song was produced by Koichi Tsutaya and features horn sections made by SKY-HI‘s own band The Super Flyers. Inspired by the world of the game, the foot-tapping and free-feeling song shows off the singer’s technical rap skills.


    The music video features a dance performance together with BFQ, elevating the party-like feeling of the track’s sound.

    Snatchaway will be released as a maxi-single on June 27 together with Diver’s High, the opening theme to the anime series Gundam Build Divers written in collaboration with UNISON SQUARE GARDEN guitarist and vocalist Saito Kousuke and produced by music producer veteran Seiji Kameda. A free live show is set to take place in promotion of the new single. It will be held at DiverCity Tokyo in Odaiba where the famous giant Gundam statue stands.


    It’s not every day you get to stand before a life-sized Gundam and listen to the theme song for New Gundam Breaker and opening song for Gundam Build Divers. Gundam fans, don’t miss out!



    Snatchaway / Diver’s High
    On Sale: June 27, 2018
    First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) – ¥5,000 (+Tax)
    First Press Limited Edition (CD+Blu-ray) – ¥5,000 (+Tax)
    *Includes slip case packaging, 52 pg. “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -LA, NY, PARIS, LONDON” photobook, sticker.


    Regular Edition (CD+DVD) – ¥2,000 (+Tax) *First Press Bonus: Sticker
    Regular Edition (CD-Only) – ¥1,204 (+Tax) *First Press Bonus: Sticker


    DVD/Blu-ray Includes:
    Music Video: “Snatchaway,” “Diver’s High, ” “Snatchaway (Behind The Scenes)”
    Live Footage: “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 at Los Angels Troubadour”


    SKY-HI / Snatchaway -Teaser Movie-:

    SKY-HI / Diver’s High:


    Live Event

    Venue: DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2F

    Date/Time:  June 24, 2018 @ 3pm

    *Please visit SKY-HI’s official website for full details.


    Official Website:


  • SKY-HI Releases Live Video of ‘Bitter Dream’ Performed in US

    01.June.2018 | MUSIC

    SKY-HI successfully completed his SKY-HI Round A Ground tour last year which saw him perform 25 concert in 24 locations including his first performances overseas in Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London.

    SHY-HI スカイハイ Round A Ground

    For these first ever overseas performances the singer-rapper was joined by DR Jr, who he has supported since his early career, and dance group Blue Flap Quartet which consists of KensukeJUNMoney and TAK-YARD. It was a simple formation but one SKY-HI holds much faith in and can be said to be a return to his roots.

    SHY-HI スカイハイ

    The live footage of Bitter Dream that was released was taken from SKY-HI‘s performance at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on November 12, 2017. His electrifying performance combining singing, dancing and rapping broke the language barrier and captivated the crowd.

    Bitter Dream was recorded for this tour in an LA studio in a session with producer 91 West. This is the first official live video of the song. The video will be included in the first press limited edition of Snatchaway / Diver’s High―at mu-mo shop only―which is SKY-HI‘s first single to be released in nearly a year, hitting shelves on June 27. A photobook will also be featured in the same edition with photos taken by young up-and-coming video creator Spikey John. The photos were taken in LA, New York, Paris and London during SKY-HI‘s Round A Ground tour last year.




    SKY-HI / Bitter Dream -2017.11.12 at Los Angels Troubadour-


    Snatchaway / Diver’s High

    On Sale: June 27, 2018


    First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) – ¥5,000 (+Tax)

    First Press Limited Edition (CD+Blu-ray) – ¥5,000 (+Tax)

    *Includes slip case packaging, 52 pg. “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -LA, NY, PARIS, LONDON” photobook, sticker.


    Regular Edition (CD+DVD) – ¥2,000 (+Tax) *First Press Bonus: Sticker

    Regular Edition (CD-Only) – ¥1,204 (+Tax) *First Press Bonus: Sticker


    DVD/Blu-ray Includes:

    Music Video: “Snatchaway,” “Diver’s High, ” “Snatchaway (Behind The Scenes)”

    Live Footage: “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 at Los Angels Troubadour”



    mu-mo Shop



    mu-mo Shop Overseas



    AAA Party






    Ani mu-mo




    SKY-HI Official Website:


  • SKY-HI’s First US Performance in LA at Troubadour to be Released on DVD & Blu-ray

    24.May.2018 | MUSIC

    SKY-HI performed two successful nights at the Budokan in May 2017. He also completed a nightclub tour at the end of last year which saw him play 25 concerts in 24 locations including his first-ever overseas performances.

    SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -2017.11.12 at Los Angels TroubadourSKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -2017.11.12 at Los Angels Troubadour

    SKY-HI performed at the Troubadour rock nightclub in Los Angeles on November 12 last year. This was his first ever performance in the US, and an official teaser video showcasing footage from the show has been released.


    His first new single in almost a year, Snatchaway / Diver’s High, will be released on June 27. A full compilation video of the Los Angeles concert will be released on the first press limited edition of the new single.

    SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -2017.11.12 at Los Angels TroubadourSKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -2017.11.12 at Los Angels Troubadour


    SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -2017.11.12 at Los Angels Troubadour- Teaser Movie


    SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -2017.11.12 at Los Angels TroubadourSKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -2017.11.12 at Los Angels Troubadour

    Young video creator Spikey John who is gaining attention right now joined the overseas tour and created a photo compilation titled SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -LA, NY, PARIS, LONDON- which is also featured on the single.


    The footage is a must-see as it fully relives the experience of SKY-HIs first trip to perform overseas!



    SKY-HI / SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -2017.11.12 at Los Angels Troubadour- Teaser Movie


    Snatchaway / Diver’s High

    On Sale: June 27, 2018


    First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) – ¥5,000 (+Tax)

    First Press Limited Edition (CD+Blu-ray) – ¥5,000 (+Tax)


    LIVE Footage – “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 at Los Angels Troubadour”


    (CD+DVD) – ¥2,000 (+Tax)

    (CD-Only) – ¥1,204 (+Tax)


    SKY-HI Official Website