MUJI Reveals New Bamboo Range to be Released at Found MUJI Stores

07.February.2020 | SPOT

MUJI has announced a new range of bamboo products will be sold at Found MUJI from February 21 to July 9 this year. Found MUJI is a chain of variety stores selling high quality products. It first opened in 2011 and can said to be the origin of MUJI.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Because of its strong durability and its ability to be easily worked on, it is used in a variety ways, from being utilised as building material to serving as the basis for more delicate craftsmanship.


Bamboo is an endemic species found around the world and so serves as a natural material that is easily obtained. As a result, it has been consistently used over generations. Found MUJI’s new bamboo range consists of everything from tableware to baskets, brushes, brooms, and more.


The Found MUJI bamboo collection will let people see how this material has come to be used, and how even though it has been used by completely different cultures around the world, the ways it has been used resemble each other closely. It also gives an insight into how it may be used in the future in the current age of a desire for sustainability.


  • A Look at the New MUJI Ginza Global Flagship Store in Tokyo

    09.April.2019 | SPOT

    The new MUJI Ginza just opened on April 4. This global flagship store is the first of the company’s kind offering a complete package spanning three facilities: MUJI, MUJI Diner and MUJI Hotel. We’ve broken down a list of 10 must-see offerings at the new complex.

    1. Bento Boxes / Salads

    Tuck into a bento box with traditional combinations like chicken and rice to newer ones like chicken and curry.

    2. Friendly Koubou

    Blend fresh tea leaves of your choice from 32 original recipes depending on your mood that day.

    3. MUJI’s First Souvenirs

    Many locals and tourists have expressed how there are very few souvenirs with Ginza designs on them in Ginza, not to mention no MUJI souvenirs at all. That’s about to change with MUJI’s first ever souvenirs like roasted mochi pieces.

    4. Fresh Baked Goods From 7:30AM

    Enjoy some nice warm and delicious baked goods made fresh in the early morning.

    5. Juice Stand

    Open from 10:00AM the juice stand serves up tasty smoothies mixed with an assortment of fruits and vegetables.


    MUJI DINER is also open from 7:30AM where they seek to serve up a range of delicious Japanese food for morning, noon and the evening, all with fresh ingredients.. Tuck into some early morning rice balls and miso soup or fresh fish or e njoy a nice meal later in the day.

    7. Giant Recycling Bags

    MUJI supports recycling so they are offering these huge bags for a ¥150 deposit. Once you’re done with it your goods will be used again at shops around the country.

    8. Bar Counter Made From 400-Year-Old Tree

    Up on the 6th floor is ATELIER MUJI GINZA which is home to a bar with a counter made from the wood of a 400-year-old tree. It has a warm and inviting appearance and is a welcoming exmaple of nature in the building.

    9. The “Anti-Gorgeous, Anti-Cheap” Hotel

    MUJI HOTEL’s concept is “Anti-Gorgeous, Anti-Cheap.” It offers guests a space relaxing enough to enjoy themselves during their travels at a reasonable price. Everything in the hotels rooms is a MUJI design. The building of this branch of the MUJI HOTEL was carried out by UDS who plan, design and manage various popular hotels such as CLASKA along Meguro-dori and Hotel Anteroom in Kyoto.

    A characteristic of the rooms is how big they are. The architecture of the rooms have it so the bathroom is hidden behind a wall. And by making the ceilings high it gives them a more spacious feel.

    The TYPE G bunk beds are unique to the Ginza branch of the hotel. Rooms also come with books curated by MUJI BOOKS.

    The tablets set up in the room allow you to change the lights, air con, close the curtains and other things.

    10.Tour Plan

    The hotel staff also carry out tours to build a relationship with guests and to make the hotel an important aspect of their trip. The hotel also plans to loan out jogging wear and other things in the future.


    There are many other wonderful products and services offered by MUJI too that didn’t make it onto this list. Be sure to stop by for a visit if you’re in Tokyo.

  • Rich Uji Matcha Cake Releasing at 54 MUJI Stores

    04.April.2019 | FOOD

    Japanese retail store MUJI is releasing its new Uji Matcha Cake in addition to two chilled desserts released last year at 54 branches on April 4.


    Last summer, MUJI sold two new chilled desserts made using a recipe created in Europe. This included the 2 Layered Cheesecake and Gateau Chocolate. The retail chain is bringing them back once more together with its new cake made using matcha from a long-stand store in Kyoto, a city which has a history with matcha.


    The matcha used in the cake has been carefully selected by experts who have honed years of experience and knowledge when it comes to matcha. The size of the cake makes it so it can be enjoyed by one or two people.


    Stop by a branch of MUJI if you’re in Japan and be on the lookout for their new Uji Matcha Cake.

  • MUJI HOTEL GINZA Opens Reservations On Official Website

    21.March.2019 | SPOT

    MUJI HOTEL GINZA is the first hotel by Japanese retail company MUJI to open in Japan and it will do just that on April 4, 2019. In the run up to its grand opening, the hotel’s official website is now accepting room bookings.

    MUJI HOTEL’s concept is “Anti-Gorgeous, Anti-Cheap.” It offers guests a space relaxing enough to enjoy themselves during their travels at a reasonable price. The Ginza branch is the third hotel MUJI has opened, the other two being in Shenzhen and Beijing. The hotel front is located on floor 6 along with a restaurant named WA, while floors 7 to 10 house the hotel’s 79 rooms.

    Just like MUJI HOTEL BEIJING, the concept and interior design of the Ginza hotel was developed by Ryohin Keikaku to embody the ideology of MUJI. Its highlight is that it isn’t simply a hotel―it offers a comfortable place to live a relaxing life even when on a trip.


    Each room is kitted with natural materials: wood, stone and earth. They are made with a range of materials from scrap wood of boats to paving stones used on Tokyo train lines 50 years ago. Their conscious designs and the textures used make time for guests to stay.


    The hotel staff even offer tours of Ginza, and guests can rent sportswear for jogging/running if they so wish, amongst a whole list of other services.

    All 79 rooms are made compact and cosy like a home. The bed mattresses chosen keep sleep comfort in mind and are designed with posture in mind. Each room comes with soft bath towels and other amenities as well as lamps with warm lighting to prepare guests for drifting off into a natural sleep.

    MUJI HOTEL’s prices will stay consistent―they will not increase whether on a weekday, public holiday, or during high seasons or on off-seasons. Every guest will pay the same price for every room, and prices are also listed with all tax and service fees included, making booking clear and simple. Book now.

    Breakfast: Onigiri Rice Ball Set: ¥500 (Tax Included)

    Lunch: Fried Fish Teishoku: ¥800 (Tax Included)

    The 6th floor restaurant WA invites flavours from all regions of Japan onto their plates. They want customers to enjoy a true Japanese eating experience by tasting flavours that have continued to be enjoyed in old towns and villages across the years. Every order comes with a bowl of high quality koshihikari rice from the city of Takayama in Gifu Prefecture. The sake menu consists of drinks from old shops to newer ones, all of whom the restaurant deems fantastic.


    Also on the 6th floor is ATELIER MUJI GINZA, a facility that promotes MUJI’s vision of the future. There is a gallery with two craft and design exhibitions, a salon where you can enjoy delicious coffee or sake while talking and getting your hair done, a library with old books or art and design, and a lounge where events will be held. The hotel hopes each area will cultivate a space for communication on design.

  • Make your own snack gift sets from MUJI

    11.November.2018 | FOOD

    12 new snack flavors, perfect for making holiday season and valentine’s day gifts, are available at all MUJI stores in Japan and the online store from November 7, 2018.

    These twelve flavors, such as florentins or maccha gateau chocola, are scrumptious and filling, making wonderful gifts for the holiday season and valentine’s day.


    It comes in a clear package to show what is inside, and for sending as a gift, from Nov 30, MUJI stores will offer a free decorative gift cover or ribbon while supplies last. If you can’t decide what to give, just drop by MUJI stores to see good ideas.

  • Ryohin Keikaku to Hold “My Found MUJI East Asia” Exhibition

    23.July.2017 | SPOT

    Ryohin Keikaku Co.,Ltd., also known as Muji, are holding an exhibition titled “My Found MUJI East Asia” at Found Muji from August 25th to November 9th.


    Muji sells a wide range of household goods. But they do not simply create things. They live by “searching and finding”. They travel around Japan and the globe looking for long-lasting everyday goods to improve on them and resell them at a great price to fit into the changing lifestyles, cultures and customs of other countries around the world. They dubbed this activity “Found MUJI” in 2003 and have called it that ever since.


    Staff working at Ryohin Keikaku in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea were asked to look for their “Found MUJI”.



    Staff went to each location to meet the makers and contributed their opinions. Everybody gathered their items together which was put through the Ryohin Keikaku filter to be chosen. They found out where each item originated from and confirmed the craftsmanship by asking where each of the items were used and how they were made.


    The most representative items of those 4 countries were carefully selected for this exhibition where you can learn their background’s and also find out the staffs’ opinions. Found MUJI isn’t about rare items made in a far away country, it’s about the items we’re surrounded by every day.


    Discover the background to these items and appreciate their quality at the exhibition.



    Running:August 25, 2017 to October 26, 2017 (*at Found MUJI stores in Yūrakuchō and Aoyama)

    September 8, 2017 to November 9, 2017 (*at all other Found MUJI stores)

    Locations: Found MUJI Aoyama / Yūrakuchō / Share Star Hakodate / Seibu Ikebukuro / Marui Kichijoji / Terrace Mall Shonan / Meitetsu Department Store main building / AEON Mall Kyoto / Kyoto BAL / GRAND FRONT OKAKA / Kobe BAL / Hiroshima PARCO / MUJI CANAL CITY HAKATA (*please note that the running dates may be subject to change for each store)


    【Representative Items】

    Wooden Items (Korea), Brooms (Taiwan), Bamboo Steamer (Hong Kong), Bamboo Clothing Rack (China) (*Please be aware that the items may be subject to change without announcement)


    Found MUJI Website:


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  • These scrumptious Uji Matcha treats make for a perfect souvenir!

    23.December.2016 | FOOD

    MUJI Japan are now selling Uji matcha flavoured confectionaries as sold in tea houses around Kyoto. The sweets went on sale on December 21st and are available at MUJI stores around Japan.

    (Sales became available on the MUJI Online Stores from the December 22nd. The “Uji Matcha Baumkuchen” and “Uji Matcha Pound Cake” go on sale from December 23rd)


    The selection of sweets are made with the same blend of matcha that has been historically used in stores in Kyoto. Experts of matcha have carefully select only the best matcha to use in the tasty treats so that you can always enjoy the deliciousness of matcha as it is meant to be eaten.


    You can also purchase powdered Uji matcha and matcha drops filled with whole strawberries, both released in September this year, as well as the Uji matcha latte released last month. All of these popular products use the same matcha as mentioned earlier. As well as that, you can enjoy the “Uji Matcha Baumkuchen” sticks, crunchy “Uji Matchi and Adzuki Cookies”, “Uji Matcha Chocolate Beans” and more, for a total of 9 different scrumptious matcha treats. There’s an array of other sweets and candy to choose from too which will make the perfect souvenir for taking back home.



    Uji Matcha Confectionary Series

    Official site:



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