These scrumptious Uji Matcha treats make for a perfect souvenir!

23.December.2016 | FOOD

MUJI Japan are now selling Uji matcha flavoured confectionaries as sold in tea houses around Kyoto. The sweets went on sale on December 21st and are available at MUJI stores around Japan.

(Sales became available on the MUJI Online Stores from the December 22nd. The “Uji Matcha Baumkuchen” and “Uji Matcha Pound Cake” go on sale from December 23rd)


The selection of sweets are made with the same blend of matcha that has been historically used in stores in Kyoto. Experts of matcha have carefully select only the best matcha to use in the tasty treats so that you can always enjoy the deliciousness of matcha as it is meant to be eaten.


You can also purchase powdered Uji matcha and matcha drops filled with whole strawberries, both released in September this year, as well as the Uji matcha latte released last month. All of these popular products use the same matcha as mentioned earlier. As well as that, you can enjoy the “Uji Matcha Baumkuchen” sticks, crunchy “Uji Matchi and Adzuki Cookies”, “Uji Matcha Chocolate Beans” and more, for a total of 9 different scrumptious matcha treats. There’s an array of other sweets and candy to choose from too which will make the perfect souvenir for taking back home.



Uji Matcha Confectionary Series

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