Mika Ninagawa Releases ‘Lady-Killer’ Photo Collection Featuring Tori Matsuzaka and Ryota Katayose

26.February.2020 | FASHION

Fashion magazine Oggi’s popular Warui Otoko (“Bad Boys”) feature has turned into a photo book. Released on February 12, it features a collection of photos of handsome ‘lady-killers.’

Warui Otoko stars a special selection of current popular Japanese actors and artists that have women across the country in thrall. The photos are taken by internationally-renowned Japanese photographer and director Mika Ninagawa who has captured the lovely line-up’s alluring nature beautifully.

Yudai Chiba | Photographer: Mika Ninagawa

Koji Seto | Photographer: Mika Ninagawa

Every issue, the editors hand pick female readers’ requests of heart-throbbing situations, and in turn, Mika Ninagawa makes those dreams come true in the form of photos, such as “What if Kentaro Sakaguchi was my co-worker?”, “What if I visited an aquarium alone, and while I was there I just happened to be standing next to Masaki Suda?”, “What if I had an appointment with Kuranosuke Sasaki on a Saturday night in a bar?”, and so on. The feature also includes interviews with the handsome men photographed.


Below are comments from some of the ‘lady-killers’ featured in the photo collection.


Comment: Eita Nagayama

Eita Nagayama | Photographer: Mika Ninagawa

“I just met with Mika Ninagawa before the shoot for Warui Otoko for another magazine. Getting to shoot with again, I couldn’t help but think, ‘so it’s one of those times.’ Usually when I look at Ninagawa’s various pieces and how she works, it gives me insight into what she’s thinking during that time. That being said, I think we’ve created something interesting together this time. What made it so interesting for me was the theme of ‘Bad Boys.’ Ninagawa photo conveys my idea of a ‘Bad Boy.’ I wonder why it’s so fun to do?”


Comment: Tori Matsuzaka

Tori Matsuzaka | Photographer: Mika Ninagawa

“I first met Mika Ninagawa around eight years ago. It’s been a considerably long time since I’ve known her, but this ‘Bad Boys’ [feature] is only the second time I’ve shot with her. It didn’t feel like we hadn’t shot together in so long, but I was really nervous when the shutter closed on the first shot. There might have been things we overcame, like that sense of it being the first time again, but to say ‘you haven’t changed’ after eight years would be pretty bad. In the time you don’t meet with someone, their way of thinking will have changed, not to mention their physical appearance, and that may show itself. I thought to myself, Ninagawa is sensitive to details, she’s someone who’s going to see through worries like that. That’s how nervous I was with that first cut after these eight years. I wonder how it will come out of her?”


Comment:Ryota Katayose (GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE)

Ryota Katayose | Photographer: Mika Ninagawa

What impressed me most about shooting with Mika was how quick she was when we started. But there was absolutely nothing stressful about it. We were chatting naturally, and before I knew it, the shoot was over. The Warui Otoko pages have been a buzz on social media, so I remember how happy I was when I found out I’d be part of it. But in all honesty, when I look at it now, I think how childish I looked <laughs>. If I get the chance again, I want to make myself look even more like a ‘Bad Boy.’”

Takumi Saitoh | Photographer: Mika Ninagawa

“When this serialisation was released in book form, it garnered attention with the ladies, and orders skyrocketed on online book shops! Prints for additional copies were decided before it even went on sale. The volume is a keeper, and has stirred the imaginations of girls, so check it out.”


  • Internationally Renowned Photographer Mika Ninagawa Collaborates with Cathay Pacific to Showcase Hong Kong’s Charm

    13.July.2017 | SPOT

    Hong Kong is known for its rich culture, appetizing food and gorgeous scenery. It’s like an adult’s theme park where you’re sure to discover something new to delight your senses when visiting.

    d26513-1-162499-0 d26513-1-702220-1

    Cathay Pacific is the most used route to travel to Hong Kong via Japan, with over 20 flights setting off every day. To promote the charm of Hong Kong’s culture, the company are collaborating with internationally renowned photographer Mika Ninagawa to bring the project “Mika NinagawaxHong Kong by Cathay Pacific”.


    They are currently running a campaign on social media. You can join by checking out the photos of Hong Kong taken by Ninagawa and commenting the places you want to visit over on the campaign posts on Facebook and Instagram.



    60 lucky winners will be chosen randomly to win a Hong Kong photobook by Mika Ninagawa as well as a discount coupon.


    When you look at Mika Ninagawa’s photos of Hong Kong they instantly make you want to go there. Check out which place you’d like to visit the most in the exciting grown-up theme park that is Hong Kong.



    「Mika NinagawaxHong Kong by Cathay Pacific」

    Campaign Page: http://www.cathaypacific.co.jp/ninagawamika


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  • Mika Ninagawa’s dream of being a global photographer is becoming a reality with her biggest individual photography exhibition held in Taiwan!

    23.March.2016 | SPOT

    From 19th March, the successful works of photographer Mika Ninagawa will be displayed at MoCA Taipei (Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei) in Taiwan. This phography exhibition, displaying only the works of Ninagwawa, is her largest ever individual exhibition, including 1.5 times more photographs than her previous exhibitions, which means that this exhibition contains a tremendous 700 photographs!


    Ninagawa holds a tremendous number of fans in Taiwan. Approximately 200 people made up the press corps which flooded the exhibition the previous day. On the first day of the exhibition, 2,400 fans made it to the event, making it the most popular event that the MoCA Taipei has ever held.


    The photograph exhibition includes flowers, goldfish, people, sceneries and much more! Exhibition spaces have been transformed into installation art spaces, where fans can experience her photography exhibition on a 3D level! These photographs include fireworks and much more! There are also 118 celebrity photograph collections which were previously managed by Ninagawa.


    Ninagawa’s comments on this photography exhibition;

    “This exhibition took so much effort to finish that it led to arguments with the staff ー even though we had a very good relationship working together! However, it is for this reason that the exhibition has become so wonderful. Everyone — please come see the exhibition!”


    Ninagawa’s comments on the next exhibition and her ambition to have her works known worldwide;

    “I have been an active photographer in Japan for quite some time now, so from now I would like to work in other parts of Asia. I would even love to start from today. This photography exhibition became much more popular than I thought it ever could. I was very surprised to see just how many fans I had in Taiwan. I am very happy and so from now, I think I am ready to make a new start!”




    Mika Ninagawa official site:http://www.ninamika.com/