The Starbucks Japan Limited Menu (Spring Version)

03.March.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

The worldwide famous coffee shop, Starbucks, has different types of drink menus for each country.

Japan has loads of limited seasonal specials, and now spring (cherry blossom) season is among us!

IMG_6215 2

Starbucks began selling sakura flavored Frappuccino! (FYI sakura is cherry blossom in Japanese).

You have a choice of Frappuccino or latte. Since it’s still cold in Japan, people tend to order the latte version, but I decided to go with Frappuccino.




It’s very pink even at the top. They decorated the whip cream topping with pink sprinkles and pink crisped rice flakes.



The sakura aroma reaches the nose when I put the straw in my mouth.

I’m having a very hard time to describe what it tastes like, but it tastes very floral. Sakura is very hard to explain, but I guess it kind of tastes like strawberries with fewer flavors.

There were so many rice flakes in the Frappuccino, that it reminded me of eating a sakura flavored crunch bar.

IMG_6210 2


The Sakura Frappuccino will be sold until March 14th.

Now they are giving out coasters with cute cherry blossom designs on it. By accessing the website with the QR code on the coaster, you can take pictures with a special spring starbucks frame!

Let’s go to Starbucks!




SAKURA Blossom Cream Frappuccino®