Arita Porcelain Ware Online Website Receives Limited Time Extension

30.April.2020 | SPOT

The Arita Chamber of Commerce and Industry has announced that the online Arita ware website “Arita Toukichi” has been extended until May 5, 2020 where it will close at 5:00pm (JST).


Arita Toukichi is a marketplace in the town of Arita in Saga Prefecture which bustles every year with people all year round who flock there to buy the town’s famous Arita porcelain wares. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the market has been postponed and instead has temporarily moved online.


Around 130 makers of Arita ware have close to 10,000 pieces of ceramics and pottery on display. Until now, you had to actually make the trip to visit Arita to get your hands on such goods, but now people all around Japan can purchase the latest items online.


If you spend more than ¥2,000 from one seller shipping (within Japan) is free.


If you’ve never seen the beautiful wares from Arita then make sure you check out the website before it closes.


  • teamLab’s ‘A Forest Where Gods Live’ Exhibition in Saga Introduces Autumn Inspired Digital Art

    10.September.2020 | FASHION / SPOT

    teamLab’s annual A Forest Where Gods Live exhibition is currently taking place at Mifuneyama Rakuen Park in Saga Prefecture until November 8, 2020. For autumn this year, the digital art team has introduced a seasonal piece entitled Forest and Spiral of Resonating Lamps in the Forest – One Stroke, Autumn Mountain.

    Forest and Spiral of Resonating Lamps in the Forest – One Stroke, Autumn Mountain
    teamLab, 2018, Interactive Installation, Murano Glass, LED, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    Available to see for this autumn season only, ​Forest and Spiral of Resonating Lamps in the Forest – One Stroke, Autumn Mountain showcases Kasane no Irome, which are nuances of layered colours that were seasonal colours created in silk before Japan’s modern era, in the form of lit lamps.

    The lamps in the exhibition shine brightly and then fade. In the light, one can see the eight autumn Kasane no Irome colours: Budding Leaves, Green Leaves, Fallen Green Leaves, Yellow Leaves, Fallen Yellow Leaves, Fallen Leaves, Fallen Red Leaves, and Autumn Leaves.

    Flowers Bloom in an Infinite Universe inside a Teacup
    teamLab, 2016, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    Make tea in the tea house at the exhibition. Flowers will bloom inside the teacup, which if you pick up, sends the flowers scattering and spreading to the outside of the cup. Flowers will bloom infinitely as long as there is tea. For September, there are safflowers, dianthus, and Chinese asters, while next month will introduce cosmos, osmanthus, and chrysanthemums.

    Ever Blossoming Life Rock
    teamLab, 2017, Digitized Nature, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    Megaliths in the Bath House Ruins
    teamLab, 2019, Interactive Digital Installation

    You can also see autumn flowers in the Ever Blossoming Life Rock and Megaliths in the Bath House Ruins exhibits too.

    Visitors can also get set tickers which includes entry to the exhibition as well as a dip in the Rakan no Yu hot springs of Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel. These tickets are limited to 40 people per day.

  • teamLab’s Interactive Digital Art Exhibition to Open at Takeo Hot Springs in Kyushu This July

    21.July.2020 | SPOT

    teamLab’s annual digital art exhibition teamLab: A Forest Where Gods Live, which is held every year from summer to autumn at Mifuneyama Rakuen’s Takeo Hot Springs, is collaborating with Rakan no Yu, a new sauna facility which opened at the Kyushu-based hot spring facility and won first place in Sauna Chelan 2019.


    The exhibition will open in the 500,000 square meter Mifuneyama Rakuen Park on July 22, 2020 to both guests and non-guests of Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel, Onyado Chikurintei, and other surrounding accommodations. Set tickets to enjoy both Rakan no Yu and the teamLab exhibition went on sale on July 20 and are limited to 40 people per day.

    Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and Boats – Mifuneyama Rakuen Pond​
    teamLab, 2015, Interactive Digitized Nature, 13min 24sec, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    The water of Rakan no Yu is pure, low-alkali hot spring water with no colour, smell, or taste. It’s known for its superior moisturising effect, leaving the skin nice and smooth. Rakan no Yu won first place in Sauna Chelan 2019. Sauna Chelan is considered the “Michelin” ranker of the sauna world.

    In June 2020, a dry sauna and new baths were added to Rakan no Yu’s women’s open air baths. Guests can enjoy the meditation sauna, indoor and outdoor baths, hot springs, and more in both the men’s and women’s sections.

    Ever Blossoming Life Rock
    teamLab, 2017, Digitized Nature, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    Universe of Water Particles on a Sacred Rock
    teamLab, 2017, Digitized Nature

    This year marks teamLab’s sixth collaboration with Mifuneyama Rakuen. Their teamLab: A Forest Where Gods Live is held every year at the site, and this year they have 22 art pieces to showcase. Takeo Hot Springs opened in 1845 and is registered as a national monument.

    Life is Continuous Light – Azalea Valley

    teamLab, 2017, Interactive Digitized Nature, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    Floating Resonating Lamps – One Stroke, Fire
    teamLab, 2019, Interactive Installation, Murano Glass, LED, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    teamLab’s incredible interactive digital art will react to people’s presence and movement throughout the 500,000 square meter space.


  • Tour Tokyo, Pick Strawberries and Enjoy Afternoon Tea On The ichigosan bus

    04.January.2020 | FOOD

    From their popular AWAPA Foam Party event where you can dance in a club filled with foam to their BATHTUB CINEMA event where you can watch a movie with your friends in a bathtub, Afro&Co. never fails to bring us new and creative ways to have fun. They are now collaborating with Saga prefecture to run the ‘ichigosan bus’: a sightseeing bus which will introduce you to wonderful spots in Tokyo with an unexpected strawberry twist to celebrate the first anniversary of Saga prefecture’s strawberry farm ‘ichigosan’. Enjoy strawberry picking inside the bus and then tuck into a strawberry-tastic afternoon tea set and much more. The bus will be running for a five day period from January 1 to 19, 2020.

    ichigosan Afternoon Tea

    ichigosan Panna Cotta

    The ichigosan bus commemorates one-year since Saga Prefecture launched their new brand of delicious succulent strawberries called ‘ichigosan’. The collaboration hopes to spread the delicious flavour of ichigosan strawberries to as many people as possible with the five-day-limited strawberry-tastic bus tour. Hop on the red double-decker bus, which looks just like a London tour bus, to enjoy strawberry picking on floor one and an original strawberry afternoon tea set prepared by a chef from Royal Garden Cafe Aoyama on floor two.

    ichigosan Crêpe

    ichigosan Tart

    This three-experience-in-one tour bus introduces you to the newest famous spots in the city, offers you a fun strawberry picking experience and even comes with a delicious strawberry afternoon tea set. You can book tickets in advance online and there are two kinds of tickets available for on-the-day purchases. As this is the best season to enjoy ichigosan strawberries in Japan, make the most of it on this tour and you will be berry pleased.

  • 5,000 Hydrangeas to Cover Daisho Temple in Saga Prefecture

    02.June.2019 | SPOT

    Daisho Temple is located up 350 meters in Saga Prefecture’s town of Kitagawa. Every year, from early June to late July, around 5,000 hydrangeas of 70 varieties bloom across the area. Since the temple is situated at such an elevated level, those that climb up there can also see a sea of clouds. Because of this, the temple is also nicknamed Tenkuu no Ajisaiji, or “The Hydrangea Temple in the Heavens.”


    This year, from June 8 to 30, a festival will be held to celebrate the hydrangeas. Stalls will line the area and be open from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

    A visit to Daisho Temple also means you get to see Japan’s oldest tree, an Inumaki that is over 500 years old, as well as the Mochi and Kashi trees that have merged together to become one.

    If you’re looking to get out into nature in Japan this summer then don’t miss the colourful Hydrangea Festival.

  • teamLab’s ‘A Forest Where Gods Live’ Exhibition Returns to Saga in 2019

    01.March.2019 | SPOT

    teamLab’s annual A Forest Where Gods Live exhibition is set to take place for the fifth year in a row from July until October 31 at Mifuneyama Rakuen Park in Saga Prefecture.

    The exhibition is part of teamLab’s Digitized Nature project which is conscious of how nature has formed over a very long period of time, and that we can gain a sense of the continuity of nature by turning it into art through forms like rocks, caves and forests. This is the same at Mifuneyama Rakuen where these elements have formed over a long time which people across all generations have sought meaning in them.


    Mifuneyama Rakuen Park opened in 1845 and spans an enormous 500,000 square meters. It is considered a National Treasure of Japan.


    Standing at the borderline of the park is the grand and scared 3,000-year-old Okusu tree of Takeo Shrine. The park is also home to another 300 year old Okusu tree which sits in the heart of the forest. teamLab notes how the border between the garden and the wild forest is ambiguous and that before people know it, they have already entered the woods and animal trails.

    teamLab will use the rocks, caves and forest to encourage contemplation of the meaning of “Continuous Life” through their digital art which while is non-material does not harm nature in any way.


    List of Major Works

    Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and Boats – Mifuneyama Rakuen Pond
    teamLab, 2015, Interactive Digitized Nature, 13min 24sec, Sound: Hideaki Takahash


    Life is Continuous Light – Azalea Valley
    teamLab, 2017, Interactive Digitized Nature, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi


    Ever Blossoming Life Rock
    teamLab, 2017, Digitized Nature, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi


    Universe of Water Particles on a Sacred Rock
    teamLab, 2017, Digitized Nature


    Rock Wall Spatial Calligraphy, Continuous Life – Five Hundred Arhats
    teamLab, 2017, Digitized Nature, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi


    Resonating Forest – Cherry Blossoms and Maple
    teamLab, 2017, Interactive Digitized Nature, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi


    Abstract and Concrete – Forest Entrance
    teamLab, 2018, Interactive Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi


    Graffiti Nature – Living in the Ruins of a Bathhouse
    teamLab, 2017, Interactive Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi


    Flowers Bloom in an Infinite Universe inside a Teacup
    teamLab, 2016, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi


    Forest and Spiral of Resonating Lamps in the Forest – One Stroke
    teamLab, 2018, Interactive Installation, Murano Glass, LED, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi


    This is just a sample of the exhibitions set to arrive this year. teamLab has many new pieces in the works, so don’t miss out on the chance to experience this wonderful coming together of digital art and nature.

  • Autumn Arrives at teamLab’s Art Exhibition at Mifuneyama Rakuen in Saga Prefecture

    04.September.2018 | SPOT

    Digitized Nature is a project organized by the creative group teamLab under the slogan ‘Nature Becomes Art’ that makes use of extraordinary digital art. teamLab notes how nature has formed over a very long period of time, and that we can gain a sense of the continuity of nature by turning it into art through forms like rocks, caves and forests.

    teamLab are currently showcasing their ‘earth music & ecology’ exhibition titled ‘A Forest Where Gods Live’ at Mifuneyama Rakuen. One of the pieces there is called ‘Forest and Spiral of Resonating Lamps in the Forest,’ which has just been updated to incorporate the autumnal colours known as kasane no irome.


    Before the modern era of Japan, kasane no irome, or ‘layered colours,’ were autumn colours created in silk. They were a complex combination of front and back colours (silk during this time was so thin that the material was transparent, creating complicated colors), overlapping colour gradations, and combinations of warp and weft.

    The updated exhibition, entitled Forest and Spiral of Resonating Lamps in the Forest – One Stroke, Autumn Mountain, makes use of these colours with lamps which fade in and out 8 autumn-time colours including reds and greens.

    The group’s ‘earth music & ecology: A Forest Where Gods Live’ was packed up by news platforms around the world including CNN and even came top designboom’s Top 10 Art Installations of 2017. This year marks the 4th run of the exhibition which takes the form of a huge garden spanning 500,000 square meters. It features new digital art installations as well as the old ones which change and manipulate as people walk by them. Mifuneyama Rakuen first opened in 1845 and is a nationally registered place of scenic beauty.


    Witness the worlds of technology and nature collide with your own eyes.



    #かみさまがすまう森, #teamLab, #earthmusicandecology
    Venue: Mifuneyama Rakuen (4100 Takeocho Oaza Takeo, Takeo, Saga Prefecture)

    Running: July 19, 2018 – October 28, 2018
    Cooperation: earth music&ecology
    Entry Price: Adults – ¥1,200 / High School & Middle School Students – ¥800 / Elementary School Students & Infants – Free
    Tickets: Available via Lawson Tickets (L-Code: 82825) and at the venue.
    Lawson Ticket Link:


    ・July 19 – August 14
    1st Entry: 20:00-22:30 / 2nd Entry: 19:00-22:30
    ・August 15 – September 9
    1st Entry: 19:30-22:30 / 2nd Entry: 18:30-22:30
    ・September 10 – September 30
    1st Entry: 19:00-22:30/ 2nd Entry: 18:00-22:30
    ・October 1 – October 28
    1st Entry: 18:30-22:30 / 2nd Entry: 17:30-22:30
    *2nd entries open one hour earlier than 1st entries.
    *”Drawing on the Water Surface with Lotus Flowers” installation open until 1st entries start.


    ・5 minutes by taxi from JR Takeo-Onsen Station
    ・8 minutes by bus from JR buses bound for Ureno Onsen (嬉野温泉) from Takeo-Onsen Station
    ・1 hour 20 minutes by train from Hakata Station
    ・40 minutes by car from Nagasaki Airport
    ・50 minutes by car from Saga Airport
    ・1 hour 10 minutes from Fukuoka Airport


    earth music&ecology A Forest Where Gods Live Website:

    teamLab Website (English):

    teamLab Website (Japanese):

  • The Azalea Festival to Take Place in Saga Prefecture’s City of Imari on May 5

    04.May.2018 | SPOT

    The Takenokoba Kouen Tsutsuji Matsuri, or Azalea Festival will take place in Takenokoba Park in the city of Imari, Saga Prefecture.


    Saga Prefecture sits next to Fukuoka, one of Japan’s four biggest cities. It’s often perceived as being very far away from the Kyushu region, but in fact it takes less than 2 hours and just ¥5,000 to get there by plane from Narita Airport.

    Expect to enjoy a tasty and toasty BBQ at the event, as well as stalls selling azalea mochi—a local specialty—as well as udon, tea, beer and more.


    On stage there will be a variety of performances including taiko drums, bingo, karaoke and more. Whether you’re an adult or child, there’s plenty for everybody to enjoy!


    Additionally, atop the park’s observatory deck enables you to gaze at Imari bay, Iroha island, and Iki-Tsushima which floats on the Genkai Sea.


    And of course, the rows of 10,000 azaleas is truly a sight to see. How’s about a family trip?




    Tsutsuji Matsuri (‘Azaela Festival’)

    Address: Takenokoba Park, 1690 Higashiyamashirocho Takigawachi, Imari, Saga Prefecture

    Date: May 5, 2018

    Time: 10:00-15:00


    Shuttle Bus Status

    TEL: 0955-21-1605




  • Japan Spring Events 2018: 200,000 Rhododendrons to Grace the Mifuneyama Rakuen Flower Festival in Saga Prefecture

    16.April.2018 | SPOT

    Mifuneyama Rakuen is a registered monument in Japan. A garden spanning 50,000m², the site is currently holding the Mifuneyama Rakuen Flower Festival until the beginning of May where you can enjoy spectacular springtime flowers in full bloom.



    There are close to 200,000 rhododendrons in the garden including kurume and hirado azaleas, as well as the ofuji which is proposed to be 170 years old, and beautifully lush green momiji. The event will traverse spring to early summer with an expanse of flowers rolled out before your very eyes.



    vibrant spectacle looks like patchwork spun with flower textiles and brings in people from across the country every year.



    The 170-year-old ofuji has bunches of flowers where you can enjoy the clean and sweet scent of light purple wisteria wet from the raindrops.




    Relish in the fantastic scenery of the Mifuneyama Rakuen Flower Festival!


    *The best time to see 2018’s kurume rhododendrons is from April 13 to April 22.




    Mifuneyama Rakuen Flower Festival

    Address: Mifuneyama Rakuen, 4100 Takeocho Oaza Takeo, Takeo, Saga Prefecture

    Running: Until May 6, 2018

    Time: 08:00-18:30

    Entry Price: Adults ¥700 / Elementary School Students ¥300

    *Adult price is junior high school students and above. Child price is up to elementary school students.


  • Discover the Beauty of Saga Prefecture with “Finding Hidden Gems in SAGA, Japan” Video

    01.April.2018 | SPOT

    The Saga City Tourism Information Center have released a promotional video on how to use the Saga sightseeing app DOGAN SHI・TA・TO which details information on scenery, cuisine and hot springs in Saga Prefecture.


    The official Saga Prefecture tourism app has lots of information regarding sightseeing, hotels and restaurants in Saga. It’s available in Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (Simple & Traditional) and Thai and offers a wealth of useful information for traveling there. There’s also a 24-hour call center open 365 days a year that offers services in 15 languages for foreign tourists both before they travel and if they get stuck with something while in Saga, so if there’s something the app doesn’t mention, you can always call.


    佐賀県の魅力が伝わる動画「Findig Hidden Gems in SAGA,Japan」

    The promotional video features Canadian Youtuber Micaela Braithwaite. Saga Prefecture faces both the Genkai Sea and Ariake Sea. It’s littered with many scenic spots such as the beautiful coastline as well as being home to Japan’s only mudflat. Micaela begins by meeting the app character Tsubozamurai at Saga Airport before heading to Ureshino, which is the place of one of Japan’s three best hot-springs for beautiful skin. She also has a hand at creating pottery in the town of Arita, which is famous for its ceramics and porcelain, prepares squid in Yabuko, and more.




    佐賀県の魅力が伝わる動画「Findig Hidden Gems in SAGA,Japan」2

    Download the app yourself and enjoy Saga Prefecture to the fullest!



    Saga Prefecture Official Tourism App “DOGAN SHI・TA・TO”



  • Saga Prefecture is collecting ten million people who want to become the members of the evil group, “Rocket Dan!” in Pocket Monster

    30.October.2017 | SPOT

    Saga Prefecture started a new project “Nyasu Kikyu Saga Raisyu! ~Kikyu no Machi de Sagase! Rocket Danin 1000 Mannin!!~” in commemoration of the fact that the number of broadcasting of the TV animation “Pocket Monster” counts 1,000 times.


    The vehicle that the evil group “Rocket Dan”uses which appears in the TV animation “Pocket Monster Sun & Moon,” “Nyasu Hot-air Balloon” will debut at the largest hot-air balloon convention in Asia which will be held from the 1st to the 5th of November, “Saga International Balloon Festa.”


    Saga Prefecture is collecting the members of Rocket Dan in accordance with the convention.

    Also, the design of the signboard of “Balloon Saga Station” will become Nyasu Hot-air Balloon while the convention is held. Nyasu himself will appear at the balloon festival which will be held from the 1st to the 3rd of November.

    The first magistrate will become a member of Rocket Dan!? A comment from the boss of Saga “Sagaki.”


    Hot-air balloons are the symbol of Saga and is something that Saga is proud of.

    I felt strongly that Saga must do something in accordance with this convention where Nyasu Hot-air Balloon which has been delivering excitement to kids in Japan for the past 20 years, will appear. I am the first magistrate of Saga Yoshinori Yamaguchi. Please call me “Sagaki.”

    I will become a member of Rocket Dan and try my best to collect members of the group for the boss of our group, Sakaki. Members of the group, let’s unite! We are waiting for your participation in this convention.

    Let’s participate in the stamp rally to become a member of Rocket Dan! “Rocket Dan’s Entrance Exam!”

    “Rocket Dan’s Entrance Exam” will be held as a member-collecting activity of Rocket Dan. You can get a member’s card by touring around Saga and answering the questions regarding the TV animation “Pocket Monster.” The exam will test your ability of answering listening tests and hide-and-seek tests. There are two courses available which are “Shitappa Danin” and “Kanbu Kohosei” so that both children and adults can enjoy the exam.


    You can also visit the photo spot where you can take photos with members of Rocket Dan. The photo spot will be installed on the 2F of the old-prefectural government which will be one of the stamp spots.


    Rocket Dan will fly over the night sky! A photo spot will be installed at Saga Light Fantasy.

    It is an illumination event held in the areas centering around Symbol Road. Let’s take a photo in front of the shinning “R” mark which is the symbol of Rocket Dan.


    In commemoration of the1,000th broadcast of the TV animation, 1,000 members of the group will make the human letters of Pikachu! The event will be held on the 26th of November which is the final day of the event at Yoshinogazato Rekishi Park. ※Detailed information will be revealed later on.



    You can become a member of the group by accessing the website! Let’s become the PR agent of Rocket Dan!

    At the event’s official site, a project called “Time Line Rocket Daninka Keikaku” will be held. Original T-shirts will be offered to 20 persons (lottery-basis) who upload photos to Twitter or Instagram with the hush tag “#ロケット団 #佐賀”

    Saga International Balloon Festa


    The largest hot-air balloon convention in Asia which is held every year. 100 balloons in total will appear at the convention and more than 800 thousand people visit the venue every year. You can also enjoy some big shaped fantasia balloons of animals and popular characters in addition to competition balloons.

    “Balloon Saga Station (JR)” will be opened inside the main venue and shuttle busses will be operated from the temporary parking lot beside the venue.

    Let’s become a member of Rocket Dan and participate in“Saga International Balloon Festa!”




    Nyasu Kikyu Saga Raisyu! ~Kikyu no Machi de Sagase! Rocket Danin 1,000 mannin!!~


    【Nyasu Fire Balloon】

    • Balloon Fantasia: 11,1 (Wed.) to 5 (Sun.) 9:00 to 10:30
    • La Montgolfier Nocturne: 11,4 (Sat.), 5 (Sun.) 18:30 to 19:15

    ※The event might be cancelled depending on weather condition

    ※The time might be changed depending on the situation

    ※Please note that the content of the event might be changed without notice

    Saga Light Fantasy

    Time: 210,31 (Tue.) to 2018,1,8 (Mon. holiday)

    Installed venue: Around Shirayama, Saga ※The venue might be changed

    Light up time: 17:00 to 24:00 ※The event date might be changed.


    Saga International Balloon Festa

    Date: 20178,11,01 (Wed.) to 05 (Mon.)


  • Manabu Ikeda Gallery The Pen –condensed space-

    01.February.2017 | SPOT

    The artist, Manabu Ikeda (1973~) draw magnificent pictures with only 1mm thin pens. He participated in the group gallery not only in Japan but also South Korea, Germany, Canada, United States and Russia. At the exhibition called “Bye Bye Kitty!” held in New York in 2011, the people in New York described his art works as like magic. Furthermore, on the same year, his art work was nominated as the “Best of 2011” that chose the art works which give great impact on people in the world. He is the artist who garners immense praise from all over the world.

    This is his first large scale solo exhibition that shows the whole history of his of drawings.   There will be about a hundred and twenty art works that includes belongings of museums and collectors from all over the world.  The newest large scale art that he drew at Chazen museum of art in Wisconsin, the United States as the program for three years will also be at the museum in Saga prefecture which is the place he was born.  He is going to hold special talking event, meetings having another guest, cross-talk and other varieties of events during this exhibition.

    I would like you to see the magnificent world of art which was made with a pen.



    Event Schedule:Friday January 20th to Monday March 20th

    Open 9:30AM to 6:00PM

    *Friday January 27th, Friday February 17th and Friday March 10th are night museum, close at 8:00PM.

    *Close on Monday. But open Monday March 20th.


    Admissions:Adults and college students/ 1200yen at the ticket counter, 1000yen if you buy beforehand

    *Free for under high school students, and person who has physical disability certificate.


    Place:Saga Art Museum


    Access:About fifteen minutes’ bus drive from JR Saga station (Saga station bus center) to the Saga airport or terminal 24, 25. Get off at the Museum bus stop. Or from terminal 6, and get off the Saga TV bus stop and walk about two minutes.


    Call for inquiries:Ikeda Manabu Exhibition Executive Committee




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  • More than 100 lanterns lined up in the town of hot springs 「17th Ureshino Attaka Matsuri」

    21.December.2016 | SPOT

    More than one hundred number of two meters hight lanterns will be lined up in the central shopping street of Ureshino city. Varieties of hand-made lanterns and light-up ornaments will be decorated. On the weekend, there will be many events such as selling zenzai (Japanese sweet bowl of red beans) and tofu that is boiled with the water of hot springs, dancing performance, and meeting for the comedy theater and so on.

    Furthermore, the biggest event of this year is the “bed of catfish” which duplicates world of the god in Ureshino onsen called “Namazu-sama (catfish)” living in the riverbed with more than 200 lanterns. Five meters’ high catfish, killifishes and waterweed which was made by elementary and middle school students in this city will be decorated in the Gymnasium.

    Why don’t you go see the beautiful night view of the town in Nagasaki in this cold weather?



    Event Schedule:Saturday January 28th to Sunday February 12th

    Place:Ureshino-Onsen Shopping Street, Onsen Park, Toyotamahime Shrine, Ureshino city Gymnasium

    Access:33 minutes’’ bus ride on JR Kyushu bus (Ureshino main line) from the South gate of JR Takeo Onsen train station and get off at the Ureshino Onsen Bus Center,  5 minutes’ walk from bus stop to the main place, Onsen Park.

    Call for inquiries:Ureshino Onsen Executive Committee ☎0954-43-0137



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