Fragrance Body Care Brand ‘SWATi’ Opens Overseas Shipping

24.May.2020 | FASHION

Japanese fragrance body care brand SWATi has announced that it is opening a full overseas shipping service.

SWATi was established back in 1998 as a handmade candle brand with candle designs such as ice creams, parfaits, and other pop motifs. In 2018, it launched the fragrance body care brand “MARBLE label” which was exclusive to Japan and aimed at busy workers to offer them some luxury during their jam-packed, tiring days. It has since become a hugely popular brand with female customers in Japan with its authentic scent and texture as a result of the ingredients used, all of which originate in Japan.

The brand is now set to roll out across ASEAN states in stores and online shops. There is also now a SWATi overseas page on Buyee.

The website is available in English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Indonesian, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Germany, Russian, and more. Overseas payments are completed via PayPal, Alipay, credit cards, and other methods. Additionally, queries from buyers on Buyee can send their questions from nine different languages.


Set some time aside for yourself during your busy work day to enjoy some luxurious time with SWATi’s body care range.


  • Modern Japonisme Beauty Products and Fragrances Arrive at SABON’s Shinjuku Pop-Up Store

    14.June.2020 | FASHION

    Japanese beauty company SABON opened its first ever pop-up shop on Wednesday on the first floor of Isetan Shinjuku in the makeup and promotion section. The shop will run until June 23, 2020.

    Items on show include classic SABON products as well as their “TOKYO CELEBRATION” line-up, a collection of “modern Japonisme” items made in collaboration with millennial generation Japanese calligrapher MAMI. The fragrance of this special collection is “Clear Citrus Green” which combines notes of sparkling lemon, fresh verdure, transparent jasmine, and dreay orange blossom.


    The collection is first on pre-sale at the Isetan Shinjuku pop-up store until June 23. After that, it will go on limited sales at SABON stores across Japan and SABON’s online store on June 25.

    Additionally, customers who spend over ¥8,000 (tax included) on the TOKYO CELEBRATION collection have the chance to receive the above-pictured fan. These are available while supplies last.

  • SHIRO to Release New Clay Hand Soap Made From Naturally Derived Clay

    23.May.2020 | FASHION

    Japanese cosmetic brand SHIRO is releasing two new “Clay Hand Soaps” along with three new “Aroma Oils” on May 21, 2020.


    The Clay Hand Soap comes in two scents, “White Lily” and “White Tea,” both of which leave your hands feeling clean, refreshed, and moisturised thanks to the naturally-derived clay it is made from. The clay used is obtained from the volcanic ash from the Shirasu-Daichi volcanic plateau of Kagoshima Prefecture. It lightly scrubs any dirt and excess sebum from your hands, ensuring they are nice and clean. The soap is also made with aloe which keeps your hands super smooth.


    White Lily has a sophisticated floral scent to it while White Tea smells like fresh citrus and greenery.

    About the ingredients

    ・Clay (Volcanic Ash) [Scrubs] | Origin: Kagoshima Prefecture
    Since the clay is naturally-derived, the scrub has big firm pieces in it, so even if you wash your hands lightly all of that dirt and excess sebum is removed, leaving your hands smooth.

    ・Aloe [Moisturises] | Origin: Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture
    The organic aloe used is grown in-house with the utmost care, with every rich drop squeezed into the soap.


    The new aroma oils come in conjunction with the brand’s revamp and are perfect for relaxing in your room, while at work, before―basically whenever you need it. There are three scents: “Soap” which has a refreshing soap smell, “White Lily” which has a sophisticated floral smell, and “White Tea” which leaves you feeling relaxed.


    Treat yourself to some relaxation time with these new oils and keep your hands clean with some hand soap made from clay!

    Clay Hand Soap

    (3 Including 2 New Scents) 145ml: ¥2,000 Each (Before Tax)

    Available: SHIRO Online Store / All SHIRO branches
    *Please note that all physical SHIRO stores in Japan are temporarily closed


    Aroma Oil

    (3 Scents) 20mml: ¥2,200 Each (Before Tax)


    Available: SHIRO Online Store / SHIRO Sunagawa / SHIRO Sapporo Stellar Palace / SHIRO Omotesando / SHIRO Jiyugaoka / NEWoMan Shinjuku (SHIRO+) / SHIRO Maru Building / SHIRO Namba Parks /SHIRO Fukuoka PARCO
    *Please note that all physical SHIRO stores in Japan are temporarily closed

  • Make Your Home Smell Great With SHIRO’s New Ethical Reed Diffuser Refills

    23.April.2020 | FASHION

    With the amount of time we’re spending at home on the rise, Japanese cosmetic brand SHIRO has announced refills of its popular “Room Fragrance” reed diffuser series to make being indoors more enjoyable. They will be released on May 7, 2020 in Japan.


    Making their products ethical is the centre of SHIRO’s concept, and so they keep the environment in mind with their diffuser series which is sold in recyclable glass bottles and isn’t packaged in any extra paper packaging.

    150ml Room Fragrance Refill (3 Scents) – ¥3,500 (Before Tax)

    SHIRO’s new “Room Fragrance Refills” too are sold in glass bottles, unlike many other beauty and cosmetic products which still use plastic. This means they can be recycled, and since they are not boxed in paper or cardboard packaging, SHIRO can keep the amount of materials they manufacture to a minimum.

    200ml Room Fragrance (3 Scents) – ¥4,200 (Before Tax)

    Room Fragrance and its refills come in three different fragrances: Savon, White Lily, and White Tea. One bottle can make your home smell great for up to roughly 2 months.


    Savon: A refreshing soap and citrus fragrance with notes of lychee and plum
    White Lily: A clean and fresh fragrance laced with sophisticated floral notes
    White Tea: A subtle and relaxing fragrance with refreshing citrus fruit and green notes


    The Room Fragrance Refills also come with 12 sticks rather than the usual 7, making it easier than ever to spread the fragrance throughout your house.

  • Laundrin’s SAKURA Cherry Blossom Fragrance Series Returns With New Products

    15.January.2020 | FASHION

    On January 10, 2020, NatureLab’s premium household items brand Laundrin brought back its SAKURA Cherry Blossom series with new additions. The new SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2020 series is in limited stock.

    Following the successful reception of the SAKURA Cherry Blossom Fabric Conditioner and Fabric Mist last year, this year’s lineup has been expanded to include a reed diffuser, car air freshener and paper air freshener.

    The image of cherry blossoms in full bloom and delicate petals dancing in the light breeze will fill your mind. Laundrin has adapted Japan’s most loved fragrance of cherry blossoms by adding their unique urban touch, creating their own SAKURA fragrance. The top notes of fresh peach will lead you to its heart of sakura and cherries, creating an exquisite blend of sweetness with a hint of sourness. Laundrin’s classic white floral and musky notes will embrace your body.

    Slip away into the fresh cherry scent and soft undertones of musk in the new SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2020 series.