Enjoy a Dessert Skewer While Walking Around Osaka!

03.April.2017 | FOOD

Osaka Kawaii PANBO is a shop in Osaka serving bite-size pancakes, fresh fruit including kiwi, strawberry, and banana, and marshmallows on 40cm skewers. It only just opened on Feb. 20, but it’s already attracting fans of cute sweets and tourists from abroad alike. Want a glimpse of what you’re in for? Check out the photo below!

■ About Osaka Kawaii PANBO
The shop is themed around cute culture in Osaka, and it’s set up with a storefront that’s just big enough for 2 people to eat in. Your best bet is ordering your PANBO to go and walking around Osaka Shinsaibashi and Amerikamura!



  • Attack on Titan T-Shirts, Hoodies and More by WIT STUDIO Dropping on Tokyo Otaku Mode

    04.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. has revealed a new line of Attack on Titan with illustrations by WIT STUDIO that will drop on the website on December 7, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. (JST).

    T-Shirt: Eren

    T-Shirt: Levi

    Fans have gotten three seasons so far, and fall 2020 will see the arrival of the final season of the internationally-acclaimed anime series Attack on Titan. To celebrate, fans can get their hands on a variety t-shirt and sachoche bag featuring fan-favourite Levi, as well as a line-up of t-shirts and hoodies decorated with members of the Survey Corps and the Titans.

    Hoodie (Front)

    Hoodie (Back)

    Made with 100% cotton, fans can dress nice and comfy while showing off their favourite series.

    Sacoche Bag: Levi

    These products will be sold at Tokyo Otaku Mode TOKYO on the 6th floor of Shibuya PARCO as well as via the Tokyo Otaku Mode online shop. They will also roll out at select anime merchandise stores.


    The apparel is also scheduled to roll out on the global Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop for fans outside Japan too, so be sure to keep up to date via their website and social media below.


    ©Hajime Isayama・Kodansha/ “Attack on Titan” Production Committee

  • Admire the Night Sky of “Your Name.” With New Homestar Planetarium!

    11.April.2017 | FASHION

    Sega Toys collaborated with the Shinkai Makoto film Kimi no Na wa. ( Your Name. ) for their newest release in the Homestar series of home planetariums! The “Homestar Kimi no Na wa.” will be going on sale on July 27.

    This Homestar planetarium projects the iconic image of Taki and Mitsuha’s silhouettes standing face-to-face against a starry background complete with the Tiamat Comet and its fragment, packing the beautiful story into an equally magical illustration!

  • Ultraman as You’ve Never Seen Him Before!

    10.April.2017 | FOOD

    You know Ultraman best for his valiant efforts to protect the world from terrifying space monsters, but at heart he’s just a regular guy who has to do lots of ordinary stuff just like everyone else. Instagram user mamiiantowantto has recreated some of these intimate moments from the everyday life of Ultraman in a series of figure photographs.



    It’s hard work chasing space aliens! Ultraman is just making himself a fairly elaborate snack involving sweet potatoes.  

  • Enjoy Your Tea or Coffee with Domo-kun!

    05.April.2017 | FOOD

    Benelic Co., Ltd. will be selling the Domo-kun Face Mug (1,500 yen before tax) at NHK character shops and other stores again!

    This one looks even more like Domo-kun than the older version with its boxy shape! The face is absolutely perfect, too. If you’re a little slow to get going in the mornings, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in a Domo mug is guaranteed to make you grin with his curious pose and expression! (But seriously, could you imagine a time of day you wouldn’t want to spend with this by your side?)

  • Ridiculously Beautiful Sakura Matsuri Menu at BLT Japan Charms Crowds

    03.April.2017 | FOOD

    Sakura-zaka is the starting point for one of the most popular starting points for admiring sakura trees. The street is lined with gorgeous shades of pink during the sakura season, and it’s packed with admirers. After a long walk, though, nothing sounds as good as a delicious meal!

    BLT Japan, a restaurant run by the American steakhouse BLT Steak, happens to have a location in Roppongi that’ll satisfy that craving. In honor of the sakura season, they’re offering a few seasonal items on the menu for their BLT Steak Sakura Matsuri event from Mar. 17 to Apr. 9!

    First on the list of specials is the Ohanami Burger, guaranteed to rock your world. It’s made using 100% prime graded beef! It comes with French fries and a salad with French dressing. (Which, yeah, is surely incredible, but that burger! ♥ )

  • First Ever Sailor Moon Classical Concert to Be Held in August!

    30.March.2017 | MUSIC

    The “Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Commemorative Classic Concert” will be held at the concert hall of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater on Aug. 2 and 3 as part of Sailor Moon’s 25th anniversary project.


    The first such attempt in the history of the series, the concert will be conducted by renowned clarinet player Yoshida Makoto and performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.


    It will feature songs from all over the anime series, movies, and musicals, some of which include vocals by Mitsuishi Kotono, the voice of Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon.

  • Pompompurin to Celebrate Birthday With Osomatsu-san Friends!

    29.March.2017 | FOOD

    Pompompurin’s birthday is coming up on Apr. 16!! It’s an exciting occasion, and even the Osomatsu-san brothers have plans to celebrate!

    Jyushimatsu will be bringing his brothers to the Osomatsu-san x Sanrio Characters Cafe Jyushimatsu Matsuri, a special event from Apr. 1 through May 7 at Pompompurin Cafe Yokohama just a few minutes away from the JR Yokohama Station west entrance.

    This event is related to the Osomatsu-san x Sanrio Characters collaboration. (Basically, the brothers wanted to attract the ladies and figured they should pair up with Sanrio characters to do so!~) Osomatsu is paired with Hello Kitty, Karamatsu with Tuxedo Sam, Choromatsu with Kerokerokeroppi, Ichimatsu with Nyaninyunyenyon, Jyushimatsu with Pompompurin, and Todomatsu with My Melody.

  • Attack on Titan Meets Traditional Japanese Crafts!

    27.March.2017 | FOOD

    Attack on Titan has come together with some of Japan’s best craftsmen for a series of elegant merchandise items inspired by traditional crafts. From Edo Kiriko cut glass to Koshu Inden lacquered deerskin pass cases and Kyo Kumihimo bracelets, the handmade items perfectly blend the European-style of Attack on Titan with ancient Japanese design.

    Attack on Titan × Edo Kiriko cut glass

    Edo Kiriko is a traditional craft in which clear colors and patterns are cut into glass. The Eren inspired design comes in a striking red with chrysanthemum flowers round the sides and the Survey Corps Wings of Freedom on the front with Eren’s name underneath.

  • No Rice No Life! Japanese Grandma Has the Answer to All of Life’s Problems!

    26.March.2017 | MUSIC

    There are many valuable lessons older people have to offer the young. This Japanese grandma is worried that the young people of today don’t eat enough rice and has come up with an innovative dance routine and catchy song to educate them about the various benefits a rice heavy diet can have. The No Rice no Life campaign is sponsored by Zen-noh, Japan’s agricultural organization, and is designed to promote rice as an essential part of modern life.

    According to the song, rice is a healthy carbohydrate which is unlikely to cause weight gain, keeps you feeling pleasantly full, and is packed with all the energy you’ll need to be able to dance like this even if you’re no longer as young as you were.

  • Oshushi Cafe Opening at Harajuku 2.5SPINNS CAFE!

    24.March.2017 | FOOD

    A collaborative cafe dedicated to Yabai-chan’s 4-panel comic Oshushi is opening up at 2.5SPINNS CAFE×SWEETS PARADISE! The cafe will be called Oshushi’s Fortune Tea House, and it’ll be open from Mar. 18 through Apr. 9!

    URL: https://25spinns.amebaownd.com/posts/2133932

    A special menu will be offered with specially illustrated Oshushi artwork by Yabai, and there will also be limited edition goods.

    ■ Bonuses from Ordering on the Collab Menu
    (1) 1 coaster per menu item
    (2) 2 coasters for ordering a drink set
    (3) 3 coasters and 1 balloon for ordering the mini parfait set

    ■ Food & Dessert Menu
    ・Makkuro Pasta no Blue Tsukemen: Plate: 1,380 yen (tax included)

  • L’Arc en Ciel Join Rilakkuma & Friends as L’Arkkuma for Collab!

    24.March.2017 | MUSIC

    L’Arc~en~Ciel will be performing their 25th L’Anniversary LIVE on Apr. 8 and 9, but that’s not all! They’re collaborating with Rilakkuma in honor of the anniversary!

    This is Rilakkuma’s first time collaborating with a music artist, and it’s been captured through a variety of goods that’ll be on sale commemorating it including a clear folder, plush toy, and muffler towel.

    First up is a super cute folder featuring L’Arc~en~Ciel in Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma styles!~

  • Matcha Mania Returns to Hyatt Regency Osaka!

    22.March.2017 | FOOD

    Last summer, Hyatt Regency Osaka offered a matcha buffet called Matcha Mania Afternoon Tea, which was absolutely adored by its visitors! It included a wide variety of cakes, parfaits, and other treats, all made using fresh matcha~

    This delicious event will make a comeback with Matcha Mania Returns, from Apr. 1 to Aug. 27! Reservations are already open, and it seems that this buffet will be even bigger and better than last year’s.