Bandai Namco Opens Sportainment and Games Store in Hong Kong’s Telford Plaza

17.September.2020 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

NAMCO ENTERPRISES ASIA LTD. opened the new “namco Telford Plaza” store inside the Telford Plaza shopping mall in Hong Kong on September 11, 2020.

Located on the 5th floor, the shop has a variety of crane and arcade games, and introduces Hong Kong’s first sports entertainment facility: the “SPORTAINMENT ARENA,” which combines sports and digital entertainment.


The sports activities are for all people, both beginners and pros, and staff are on hand to help support players.


  • Japan’s Discount Chain Store Don Quijote Opens New Branch in Hong Kong’s Pearl City

    27.June.2020 | SPOT

    Pan Pacific Retail Management of Pan Pacific International Holdings Group, the latter of which manages the discount chain store Don Quijote, has announced that it is opening a new branch of Don Quijote called DON DON DONKI Pearl City inside the Pearl City shopping centre in Hong Kong on July 7, 2020.

    DON DON DONKI is a chain of Don Quijote stores located in Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong which specialises in discount Japanese brand products and products made for the Japanese marketplace. The first Hong Kong branch opened in Tsim Sha Tsui last year in July, followed by another in December of the same year at OP Mall, stocked with high quality Japanese products including food.


    Pearl City welcomes the third branch to open in Hong Kong where it will open in Causeway Bay, a retail area home to many high-end stores and bustling with young people.


    Customers can get their hands on Japanese seafood products, fruits, and many other foods as well as cosmetics, lifestyle goods, and much more, all at a discounted price. There will also be a gift corner packed with plenty of souvenir ideas and all of which can be packed in gift bags and wrapping.

  • Afternoon Tea TEAROOM to Open New Branch in Hong Kong’s K11 MUSEA

    01.June.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Japanese cafe chain Afternoon Tea TEAROOM is set to expand its services overseas this autumn by opening its first ever branch in Hong Kong.


    It will be situated in K11 MUSEA, a retail and arts complex being developed by K11 Group that is set to open in Kowloon later this year.

    Afternoon Tea TEAROOM offers delicious hot drinks in a relaxed environment. Customers can enjoy a selection of teas and sweets as well as a variety of foods such as sandwiches and pasta.

    The new branch promises to offer the same hospitality they do in Japan, so if you’re heading through Kowloon be sure to drop in for a cosy cup of tea and a bite to eat from their seasonal selection.

  • Ippudo ramen opens on the lively and bustling Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong!

    08.May.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Japanese ramen shop Ippudo has just opened inside Eaton Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The ramen shop celebrated its grand opening on 3rd May. 

    Yokohama Kakaei Tonkotsu 80HK$/ ¥1,136

    Ippudo pork buns 28HK$/ ¥397

    The ramen served here includes Japan’s favourites; Shiromaru (salt-based), Akamaru (spicy red miso) and Ippudo Karakamen (hot and spicy). Besides the basics, there are so many other types of ramen served here, such as the Kuro (black) ramen, which shares the same standard tonkotsu broth but has a dash of garlic oil and black pepper. There’s also an Eaton Hotel-limited ramen called Yokohama Kakei Tonkotsu which is made using the tonkotsu broth infused with a chicken soup broth. Besides ramen, there is a rich variety of elegant dishes to complement your ramen. You can also get Ippudo pork buns and Ippudo gyoza (stuffed dumplings). There are also dessert treats such as the black soybean-matcha pudding dora (a black soybean and green tea pudding sandwiched between two Japanese-style pancakes).

    Eaton Hotel is just a five-minute walk from Jordan train station (Tsuen Wan line, MTR). Other popular attractions in the area within walking distance include the Ladies Market and Temple Street, which thrive during the night in the Kowloon area. This area is bustling with tourists as well as locals, who come and go to this area! On the lower ground floor which is one floor below Ippudo, there is a countless number of food and drink places which are popular with visitors every day.

    Starting with Ippudo ramen, come and show your support for delicious Japanese food in countries all over the world!

  • The Making of Shingo Katori’s First Street Art ― Video Released

    28.April.2018 | FASHION / SPOT

    The Hong Kong Tourism Board have posted a video titled #hkshingoart to promote the first piece of street art by Japanese celebrity and artist Shingo Katori.



    In March this year, Shingo Katori produced a piece of street art in Central, Hong Kong as his project for Hong Kong Arts Month. The promotional video showcases the process on how the art was created, its construction as part of the scenery of Hong Kong’s streets, and the town of art and its new charms.



    Many events are held in Hong Kong every March as part of Hong Kong Arts Month, such as Art Basel. Shingo Katori‘s first street art piece was created during Hong Kong Arts Month on a wall at Mid-Levels Escalators, the longest escalator in the world. It measures at 4.5m tall and over 6m across. It was drawn freehand and is part of a process to strengthen the ties between Katori and Hong Kong.


    The project was decided after Katori visited the Old Town Central area during a TV shoot in 2017, after which the Hong Kong Tourism Board requested his make the piece.


    Be sure to check out the promotional video to see Shingo Katori‘s piece, titled Large Mouth Dragon Boy, for yourself!



    Hong Kong Tourism Board Special Page


  • RYUBO has started exhibiting/selling Japan’s quality products in Hong Kong

    01.February.2018 | SPOT

    RYUBO Industry is now exhibiting/selling 135 “Japan’s quality products” at Hongkong’s K11 Design Mole (Hongkong/Chimusachoi) from the 27th of January 2018 to the 20th of February 2018.


    Department store, RYUBO agreed to tie-up with Nihon Hyakkaten on July 2017. In addition to products produced in Okinawa, RYUBO is now selling quality products of Japan with Nihonhyakka targeting foreign tourists whose numbers have been increasing in recent years.


    In addition to selling “Japan’s quality products,” they have gathered artisans from Japan to offer experience-based events showing the making-process of Japanese traditional arts such as “Tokyo Momengatazome,” “Aichi Erosoku,” and “Aichi Fragrance Dukuri.”


    In addition to popular items such as “Fujisan Oroshi Jiki” and “Utagawa Kuniyoshi Ukiyoe no Tenugui,” they selected many kinds of quality products such as Japanese desserts using glit and beauty products.


    Japan is known as a country which produces quality products. Japanese everyday products are fun to use and are created in a delicate manner. Such products will help you enjoy the changing of the season, wrapping small products and enjoying alcoholic drinks. This is an event where you can enjoy the culture of Japan.


    Don’t miss this chance to enjoy the culture of Japan in Hong Kong.



    Nippon Standard Market by.RYUBO × Nihon Hyakkaten

    Date: 2018,01,27 (Sat.) to 2018,02,20 (Tue.)

    Venue: K11 Design Store Event Space

    18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,Hong Kong


    Event: 1/27,28 Tokyo, Asakusa, Ponpindo, dying demonstration

    2/10,11 Aichi Prefecture, Matsui Honwa Rosoku, coloring demonstration

    2/17, 18 Aichi Prefecture, Fragrance making workshop


  • Audience of over 1000 persons were filled with excitement! Wednesday Campanella’s live was held in Taiwan

    17.October.2017 | MUSIC

    KOM_I held her first one-man live in foreign country cities (Taipei and Taichu) on the 13th and the 14th of October.

    She was the only Japanese artist participating the popular event “Legacy Presents 2017 Toshinyosei” and more than 1,000 persons gathered at the venues in Taipei and Taichu.


    The venue in Taipei was a preppy spot “Kazan 1914 Bunsoenku” which used to be a vacant lot inside an alcohol factory when Japan occupied Taiwan. It is a mysterious, but nice spot where trees grow skyward out of the building stuctures. Whether in Japan or in a foreign country, Suyobi no Capmanella always creates her own stage from scratch based on the inspiration she receives from the venue.


    The opening song of the live was “Gogh” and the song started after a light was radiated from the darkness. The light flickered in the darkness and KOM_I’s voice resonated in the venue mysteriously. Then, the curtain opened after the intro of “Chosei” started and the venue was filled with excitement when KOM_I appeared on stage. The audience reacted to the energy from KOM_I who was running around the stage actively.


    After that, the stage was covered with a curtain and a mysterious rendition showing the silhouette of KOM_I with colorful clothes was shown.


    The audience took in the energy from KOM_I who was running around the venue while performing “Wright Brothers.” She performed “Momotaro” lastly and was put inside a water ball. She dived into the audience seats and the live ended with excitement. She also said goodbye to the audience in the local language.


    She performed “Ikkyusan,” “Amenouzume” and “Marco Polo” after receiving an encore. The door at the side of the stage opened slightly and she left from the stage. The audience remained silent for a while but were filled excitement. The live ended while the audience was craving for KOM_I to appear again on stage.


    “I want to come here again next year” says KOM_I. Can’t wait to see her next live in Taiwan.


    【Live information】


    Date: 2017,10,28 / 29

    Venue: Exposition Park, Los Angeles

    Official HP:


    ・Clockenflap Festival 2017

    ・Clockenflap Festival 2017

    Date: 2017,11,17 / 18 / 19 (Suiyobi no Campanella will perform on the 18th)

    Official website:

    Ticket information:


    Official site:

  • WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA to perform at Clockenflap Festival 2017 in Hong Kong!

    14.September.2017 | MUSIC

    It has been announced that WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA will perform at “Clockenflap Festival 2017” in Hong Kong.


    Clockenflap is a huge outdoor music & arts festival which began in 2008 and takes place in an area surrounded by high-rise buildings. This year’s festival will take place across three days from Friday November 17th to Sunday November 19th. This will be WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s first live performance in Hong Kong.

    水曜日のカンパネラA写 2

    Clockenflap is home to performances from some of the biggest names in music, and this year is no exception. As well as WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA, other confirmed artists for Clockenflap 2017 are Massive Attack, The Prodigy, MØ as well as a string of other internationally renowned artists. Acts from Hong Kong, South Korea and other regions in Asia will also be appearing at the festival.


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