New kawaii Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma confectionery available in Lawson♡

16.April.2017 | FOOD

Rilakkuma, the internationally renowned kawaii bear who is sure to heal you of all worries, is being released along with his friend Korilakkuma as a new tasty Japanese treat. It is titled “Tabemasu Rilakkuma” and will go on sale in Lawson stores around Japan (excluding Okinawa) from April 25th, 2017. There are two varieties to choose from – the Rilakkuma version and the Korilakkuma version – priced at ¥280 each (tax included).


This is the 4th in a line of Rilakkuma confectioneries and the first to feature Rilakkuma and his friend from head to toe in candy form. They are advertised as “the mascots that you can eat” and are made of nerikiri. These round and chubby treats have been crafted with great detail with their small hands, ears and tails, and Korilakkuma even has her little red button on her chest. They are sat quietly, glaring with their big round eyes. Both of them are incredibly cute, so much so that it’s impossible to choose where to start eating from…♡


You can choose from Rilakkuma, who has the classic pudding flavour which kids love, or Korilakkuma, who is a tasty milk flavour. Both are also filled with anko red bean paste, something which you can only expect from “wagashi”, or traditional Japanese sweets. They are the perfect accompaniment for any occassion, whether you’re heading to a springtime music festival or you’re having a gathering with children.



Tabemasu Rilakkuma

・Rilakkuma (Purin Flavour)

・Korilakkuma (Milk Flavour)

・Price: ¥259 (¥280 with tax)

・On Sale: Tuesday April 25th, 2017 to Sunday May 7th, 2017

・Available: In the chilled desserts corner of Lawson stores around Japan (excluding Okinawa)

※The product will not be available at Natural Lawson stores.

※Please be aware that stocks are limited so the product will not be reproduced once sales cease.


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