Cute and Colourful T-Shirt Collection by AEON Collaborates With Popular Brands

22.February.2021 | FASHION

AEON has revealed a collection of 31 T-shirts that will be released via their casual fashion brand Doublefocus in collaboration with popular brands in Japan at 300 AEON and AEON Style stores across Japan on Friday (February 19).



Doublefocus Collaborative T-Shirt Collection

The pandemic forcing many people to stay at home has seen an increase in demand in Japan for more casual clothes and loungewear. Doublefocus, a casual fashion brand managed by AEON, has been collaborating with food companies, stationery makers, and other businesses since 2016. It has collaborated with over 100 brands to date and has seen much popularity from its fun and colourful line-up of T-shirts.


Doublefocus is now releasing a new collection of unisex T-shirts in six sizes, from SS to 3L, featuring iconic logos from famous brands in Japan. Let’s take a look.


The Line-Up

Releasing Late March 2021

 Country Ma’am / Nectar / Milky / LOOK – ¥880 Each (Before Tax)


Sushiro A / Sushiro B – ¥880 Each (Before Tax)

Lotteria Shrimp Burger / Lotteria Zeppin Ultimate Cheeseburger – ¥880 Each (Before Tax)

Campus x Soft Ring Notebook – ¥880 Each (Before Tax)

Coupy Pencil / Craypas – ¥880 Each (Before Tax)


This is just a select look at the diverse line-up of fun T-shirts to be released. Check out the links below for the full list.


  • Travel Japan #1: An Organic Morning Welcomes Me to Kyoto

    16.January.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT / Uncategorized

    Passing over the crystal blue ocean and through the snowy white clouds, I finally arrived in the country I had longed to visit.


    The destination I chose is a town in located in the west of Japan, one steeped in history. The first morning to welcome me in Kyoto came through the steam of my mug which rose beautifully, almost transparent. It all appeared mysterious. Just what was I going to discover on this trip?


    This is the story of one girl who came to visit Japan from her home country.

    The morning coffee I will drink in my hotel room is like a good luck charm. It’s a requisite ritual of all my mornings, something that gives me a bit of courage.


    “I hope today is like no other.”

    Whispering this quietly to myself, I pour the hot water into the filter.


    As the water slowly drips I smell the rich notes of the coffee.


    The heat from the mug warms me up from the inside like a gentle caress.

    Right now, in this moment, I want to tear the view outside the window and put it in my coat pocket.


    I sip my coffee as I feel gratitude for the beautiful morning and anticipate the adventure that is about to begin.

    The light, the warmth and the smell. Just quietly admiring this scene – that’s my morning ritual.


    “I have to get going already,” I murmur. I look to myself in the future a little.


    I wear a small handbag with my mint coloured coat. Let’s put this morning scene in one of them, because it was a fitting and refreshing start to the start of my trip.

    I swing my eyes to the view outside the window once more and leave my room.


    “I feel that I’ll have become a different me when I return to this room.”


    Model: Mala Morgan



    These are the organic items for my morning in Japan.

    TOPVALU GURINAI – Organic Original Blend Drip Coffee:¥298 (Before Tax) /¥321 (Tax Included) 64g(8g×8count)

    The green items sold by AEON’s private brand TOPVALU are good for both me as well as the environment. Organic drinks are like good luck charms that make your body healthy and beautiful from the inside. This organic drip coffee has a full-bodied flavour, and it’s easy to make, making it perfect for mornings when travelling.


    TOPVALU ORGANIC ORANGE 100 – 100% Straight Organic Orange Juice:¥298 (Before Tax) /¥321 (Tax Included) 750ml

    If my body craves fruit the moment I wake up, I sometimes go for orange juice. The refreshing sour taste of 100% organic orange juice makes me feel a little indulgent. Organic oranges that have been squeezed within 24 hours of picking are rich and very delicious.


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