The low sugar content Chinese noodles, “Tohshitu Nibun-no-ichi Soba” will be sold from “Ippudo” on May 10th for a limited time.

10.May.2017 | FOOD

The low sugar content Chinese noodles, “Tohshitu Nibun-no-ichi Soba” will be sold at 21 “Ippudo” stores from May 10th for 3 weeks.

This item was developed to answer the needs of people who want to eat yummy Chinese noodles even though they are on a diet. This item called “1/2PPUDO” was first released in Shinjuku and later in Kumamoto Shimo Dohri and after that for 2 weeks at the end of the year throughout Japan at the “Tohshitsu Ni-bun-no-ichi Shiromaru.” The product was very well received by many customers.


“Tohshitu Nibun-no-ichi Men’s” main ingredients are bran, starch and rice- bran which are combined with 11 other grains including barley and rye. By using these ingredients, they were able to reduce the sugar content to half of that of normal noodles.  

This is the ideal food product when you are worried about the sugar content in your diet but you really want to eat some Chinese noodles!

Check out the nostalgic taste of soy sauce flavored Chinese noodles! These noodles will be served for a limited 3-week period only. So, don’t miss this chance.


“Tohshitu Nibun-no-ichi Chuka Soba” ¥790 (tax included)

Quantity of sugar 46.6g, 549Kcal per bowl of this ramen

Normal ramen 96.5g, 811 Kcal, respectively.

Selling period: May 10th to 31st

Selling at the following 21 stores

【Kanto area 】Ebisu、Ginza, Gotanda higashiguchi ,Meidaimae, Kichijoji、Uenohirokoji, Machida, Queen east, Kannai, Tama plaza, Honatugi miload east

【Kansai area】Nanba, Abeno nini, Himeji

【Chugoku, Shikoku area】Hiroshima fukuromachi, Matuyama

【Tokai area】Honchodori, Nagoya sakae brossa

【Koshinetu, Hokuriku area】Nigata, Toyama

【Hokkaido】Sapporo tanuki koji

【Fukuoka】Tenjin nishi dori stand ※It will become a standard menu from May 15th


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