Purchase cute fashion goods at an affordable price in fashion district Harajuku! Vol.2

16.May.2017 | FASHION / FEATURES

Today we are introducing three shops that you absolutely must go to if you’re in Harajuku! This is volume 2 of the series that introduces affordable, trendy and cute items. The editorial department is publicizing new places one after the other non-stop!

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1.Trendy date couples – head to “SPINNS”!


SPINNS is full of Spring trends. There is a large variety of fashion and an almighty assortment. The men’s corner is also rich in style, so this is recommended for couples.

 【SPINNS fans 1:Denim white trousers】


The popular trend of white trousers from last year has continued to this year. Now, denim is the top choice. All these clothes are below ¥3,000. The free size allows for comfortable wear. This store offers off the shoulder tops and many more comfortable tops to enhance your silhouette and style – these are our recommendations!

【SPINNS fans 2:Sleve logos】


Thanks to K-pop, logos on the sleeves, longs sleeves and half-length sleeves have become very popular. Wear these with Jersey pants or ripped skinny jeans, and finish off your look with a cap to transform into a trendy Korean! 
 【Love at first sight in the editorial dept: Colour tinted sun glasses】


The UV rays are particularly strong during this season, so make the most out of these sun glasses! The sunglasses with the round lenses are cute! If you’re going to go through the trouble of buying them, make sure to choose a colour that brightens your mood!
■SPINNS Harajuku
Address:B1F, Iberia Building, 6-5-3, Jingu-mae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Contact number: unavailable
Closing times:11:00〜20:00
No scheduled holidays


2.Fashion with a twist only at Santa Monica


Second hand, vintage and original items are stocked up at Santa Monica. If you find something and immediately fall in love with it, buy it!

【Santa Monica favourite: Coach jacket and bag】


This coach jacket is unisex, suiting both men and women.  It sells for ¥5,900. The handbag has a large volume, adding a great touch to your look. The bag costs ¥3,500. The bag and jacket are both Santa Monica original products.

【Love at first sight in the editorial dept. 1: Remake sweats】


Cute sweats with cool hemming! Due to the long length, you can try out a high-waist look!


【Love at first sight in the editorial dept. 2:Caps】


Colourful and small designs – there is a wide range of caps you should check out. The top left simple cap is an American one! You can find your perfect cap from ¥2,500!

■ Santa Monica Harajuku
Address:4-25-5, Jingu-mae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Contact number:03-5474-1870
Opening hours:11:00〜20:00
No regular holidays

 3. No matter when you go, you’ll always find wonderful and new stuff at “KINJI”.


KINJI boasts their rich range of themes and styles. The shop is filled with fashionable clothing. The second hand clothing here has been inspired by places all over Japan and by foreign countries.


【KINJI favourite:Retro dresses】


Once it hits spring and summer, you’ll want to wear your retro dresses. The yacht design is something you’ve probably never seen before! This is the place to go if you want to dress like an idol!
【KINJI favourite 2:Pink items】


Pink is popular this year, which is precisely why the pink corner is overflowing. Remade lace and crochet clothing makes the perfect layered girly outfit. How about it?

【Love at first sight in the editorial dept.: Small accessories】


The wall of the accessory corner is packed with trendy to unique items. What a great lineup to really accent your look!
■KINJI Harajuku
Address:B1F YM Square Harajuku, 4-31-10, Jingu-mae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Contact number:03-6406-0505
Opening times:11:00〜20:00
No regular holidays

 Now we have introduced three Harajuku stores, you can enjoy a whole day exploring each shop! Enjoy your fashion and fun-filled day! ♪
※ It is possible that some of the items introduced in this article have been sold out.


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  • Street Fighter V Costume Design Contest Launched by Capcom

    30.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    Street Fighter V was released back in 2016, and continues to enjoy a dedicated player base thanks to the ongoing updates. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition was released on February 14, 2020, featuring the original game and all of the content up to Season IV.


    Capcom has now confirmed Season 5 which will roll out five new characters. Three new stages are also being planned. Capcom will also host a costume content for fans to design the outfits for the five new characters.


    Season V: The Final Season is Now in Development

    Season V is set to be final season to be released for Street Fighter V, which has garnered the support of many fans since its release back in 2016. Five new characters have been decided on and are now in development together with three new stages. More information is scheduled to roll out this summer.


    Leave Your Name in Street Fighter History With the Costume Contest

    One aspect of Street Fighter V that players love are the amount of costumes you can put characters in. Fans can see their favourite characters not just in their regular outfits, but in something more cool or even comical.


    This is about to become even more fun as Capcom announces the launch of an official costume contest. Two costumes will be chosen from submissions based on votes by players. This is their chance to make their mark in Street Fighter history.

    Pictured above are concept pieces designed by the Street Fighter V staff. Try designing something that really makes you outfit stand out from the rest.


    Click here for more details on how to participate.


    EX09 Colours Released Free Of Charge For All 40 Characters

    While we’re still a while way from Season V, Capcom decided to release the EX09 colour for all 40 characters on Wednesday free of charge, an awesome combination of black and red.



  • 9 Cute Nail Styles to Inspire Your Self Love and Creativity at Home

    30.May.2020 | FASHION / FEATURES

    With most people stuck in lockdown, many people are taking the time to try out different nail styles right now in Japan. If you’re stuck on what designs to go for, take some inspiration from these 10!


    Girly Off Blue Nails | @paakogrm

    Mayu has gone for the ever-popular off-blue to create a girly design.


    Dalmatian Nails | @fnds23

    YUI has incorporated a dalmatian print for a simple yet stylish combination.

    Colourful Nails Against The Blue Sky | @bjmmm_13

    Koharu’s nails feature a mix of fun colours, patterns, and designs which are sure to cheer her up whenever she’s using her hands and sees them.


    Toy Story Nails | @yanagi.ishii

    Mai’s Toy Story nails seem as though they’re about to come to life and start talking. Check out those fluffy clouds too.


    Demon Slayer | @aiarrn

    Rin’s Demon Slayer and turtle shell designs are all hand drawn. Tanjiro and Nezuko look really cute.


    Shiny Nails | @jamaicafe_nails

    Nao-chan’s nails are made up of various shiny parts which look even cute when the sun shines on them!


    Lovely Blanket Nails | @kym__81g

    Mayu’s lovely blanket nails are hand drawn and have a soft, gentle aesthetic to them.


    Vintage Nails | @pom__a03

    Pom’s nails combine off-colours with browns for a vintage look. The polka dots are a sophisticated cute without being overly-kawaii.


    Fruit Nails | @runrunyukirun

    Yukina’s nails are made up of various cute fruits. She’s serving freshness for the coming summer season.


    Use this opportunity while at home to make your own nails cute too!

  • Beauty Connection Ginza’s Fruits Salon Reveals Mango Menu Line-Up

    30.May.2020 | FOOD

    Beauty Connection Ginza and its second floor fruit course cafe Fruits Salon have been closed since April 8, 2020 as a result of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. But that hasn’t stopped Fruits Corner wanting to deliver its tasty treats to customers as it reveals its new mango themed menu which is set to run for the whole month of June. It will be taking online orders.


    Following the pear, citrus fruits, and strawberry line-ups, the new mango course is made up of four different vitamin-packed and refreshing accompaniments, all made with fresh mangoes from Miyazaki Prefecture.

    Mango Full Course: ¥4,400 (Tax Included)

    1st. plate “Terrine”

    2nd. plate “Airy Tart”

    Each of the four plates, packed full of rich and sweet mangoes, offers refreshing taste to give you that early summertime vibe.

    3rd. plate “Parfait”

    4th. plate “Dried Fruits/Mignardises/After-Meal Drink)

    The third plate is a gorgeous, eye-catching parfait centred on mango gelato and made up of delicious ingredients that all come together harmoniously. Mix everything together to create new flavours. The full course is 90 minutes, and beckons you to use all five of your senses to enjoy it.

  • Doraemon 50th Anniversary Online Fair Launched at TSUTAYA Ginza

    30.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    Since the launch of the manga back in 1970, Doraemon has brought smiles on people’s faces in the form of books, anime, live-action films, collaborations with artists, and more, for the past 50 years.


    To celebrate the franchise’s 50th anniversary, TSUTAYA Ginza has opened an online fair on its website. TSUTAYA Ginza is a place where people of all ages and nationalities come from around the world, and the number one book the store can recommend as part of Japan’s culture continues to be the first volume of Doraemon. For the entirety of 2019—that’s January to December—the first volume of Doraemon was the number one best selling book at TSUTAYA Ginza.


    Doraemon 50th Anniversary Fair

    Doraemon Volume 1 (Tentoumushi Comics)

    Doraemon has come to be a symbol of Japan and has been passed down generations, but there probably a lot of people who don’t know how the story started. To find out, pick up a copy of volume one at TSUTAYA Ginza.


    Doraemon Volume 0 (Tentoumushi Comics)

    As part of the anniversary celebrations, a special volume 0 has been published. This full-colour book features 6 versions of the first Doraemon story as well as comments  by the author and more.


    Doraemon Mizuhiki Accessories (Pins, Earrings, Piercings)

    Mizuhiki are decorative Japanese cords which are used for important ceremonial occasions such as weddings, births, and funerals. These special Doraemon mizuhiki have been turned into beautiful accessories featuring Doraemon and Dorami’s iconic blue and yellow colours respectively. They can be used for decorating clothes with and more.


    This is just a peek at some of the celebratory merchandise on offer for the online fair. For the full list, check out the website below.

  • RADWIMPS Release Music Video For ‘Nekojarashi’ Orchestral Version

    29.May.2020 | MUSIC

    RADWIMPS have dropped a music video for their song Nekojarashi (Orchestra ver.).

    The music video was shot and made by staff who have been involved with many other RADWIMPS music videos. The video is a snapshot of an ordinary day, something which comes as a welcome during these chaotic times. It looks at what lies beyond in the future—a message of hope.


    RADWIMPS recently released a music video for the normal version of Nekojarashi featuring a compilation of photos the band wanted fans to send in which showcase the little things in life that make them happy. Now fans can enjoy that alongside the video for the orchestral version.


    RADWIMPS – “Nekojarashi (Orchestra ver.) Music Video

  • Kawaii Creator’s Club #3: Naomi Shares Her Experiences as a Kawaii Fashion Creator

    29.May.2020 | FASHION / FEATURES

    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON is launching a new series which we are calling the Kawaii Creators Club. Each episode, we’ll be introducing to you, the readers, to Kawaii Fashion Creators from around the world who are interested in kawaii fashion from Harajuku.


    You’ll get to know each of these creators―who all live in different countries around the world―as you learn how they came to know about kawaii fashion, where they buy their clothes and accessories, who their fashion inspirations are, and more, in the form of an interview.


    In Episode #3, we welcome Naomi from the Philippines!

    Naomi is a fashion student who has her own brand. We asked her about her daily life and her experiences with kawaii fashion.


    –What is your nickname (or name)?

    My name is Naomi but some of my friends call me Naomeow (Now-meow) or Nao!


    –Which country do you live in?

    I’m living in Japan now but I’m from the Philippines!


    –What is your occupation? 

    Naomi’s Brand Omi Omi

    I’m a full-time fashion student, part-time model and creator/designer of my new brand: Omi Omi.


    –What made you interested in kawaii fashion?

    I’ve always had a love for cute things, and have always been told I’ve been stuck daydreaming in my own world. So being able to wear kawaii fashion enables me to express my love for cuteness while being able to show people what it means to me.

    –At what age did you start experimenting with kawaii fashion?

    I’ve been dressing in kawaii fashion for as long as I can remember, but I think it’s just evolved in different ways now.


    –Where do you buy your kawaii accessories and clothes from?

    I really love thrift shopping! This is where I usually buy my clothes if it’s not given to me from online shops. Koenji and Shimokita are usually my go-to places in Tokyo. I also like re-making old clothes, and some of the things I wear I designed myself ♡ I just started my brand recently and have been doing pop-up shops around Tokyo from time to time, and will launch my website soon at www.omi-omi.com


    –Is there anyone who inspires your fashion style?

    I don’t have a particular real person, but I do think my favorite heroines from shows and video games have affected my style in some way. For example, Mathilda from Leon the professional and Miwako Sakurada from Paradise Kiss.

    –What do you like doing on your days off?

    During my free time, I tend to just sleep and play video games.


    –What is your favourite food and why? (It can be from any country)

    Katsu Curry is my ultimate favourite dish! It just tastes so good I’m getting hungry thinking about it. I can finish that in 10 minutes.


    –Do you have a favourite anime?

    I have my top 3 favourite animes that I love, which are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Chobits, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. The stories of these are amazing, and I love animes with deep, complex plot twists.


    –Who is your favourite character? (If you have one)
    Chii from Chobits!


    –Do you have a favourite Japanese celebrity? If yes, who is it and why?
    I don’t know much about Japanese dramas or celebrities unfortunately 🙁

    –Do you have a favourite website about Japan or Japanese culture? If so, what is it?
    I don’t know much about Japanese culture websites as well 🙁


    –What is your favourite Japanese word or phrase?
    Probably 「ヤバイ!」


    –Have you ever been to Japan? What is your favourite place?
    Yes! I live here. My favourite places are Shimokitazawa, Koenji and Harajuku.


    –Tell us about your dreams for the future.
    I’m currently studying fashion right now, and once I graduate I plan to expand my brand around Tokyo. Maybe, in the near future, it would be such a dream to open a physical store in Harajuku.


    –Finally, what does “kawaii” mean to you?
    To me, I feel like “Kawaii” is more than just physical aesthetics. I think it’s also a feeling, culture, and a lifestyle. You don’t have to be a model, a certain gender, or popular to be “Kawaii”. For me, someone who is “Kawaii” radiates that happiness from within, just like the way we feel when we see our favorite cute toys. They aren’t afraid to be different, and are real with our love to express joy and cute things. There’s a difference between kawaii and childish and I think being able to express your inner child is a brave and rebellious thing to do in a world full of people who push that side of themselves away!


    If you want to see more of Naomil then be sure to follow her on Instagram where you can check out many more of her looks.


    Naomi’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naomeoww/
    Blog: http://www.naominikola.com
    Brand: http://www.omi-omi.com

  • Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Trailer Reveals August Release on PS4 & Switch

    29.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    A trailer was released for the upcoming video game Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions which is set for release worldwide on PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ on August 28, 2020.

    What is Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions?

    Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is the first console game based on the internationally beloved manga masterpiece Captain Tsubasa in 10 years. It will be fast-paced an arcade-style football game featuring familiar faces from the series in anime graphics.


    New Trailer showcases high-speed gameplay

    Check out the epic trailer release for the game on the official PlayStation YouTube channel below.


    Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions – Street Date Announcement Trailer | PS4

    Pre-Order Bonuses

    Pre-Order Bonuses
    1. Shutetsu Uniform
    2. Meiwa FC Uniform
    3. Tsubasa’s Challenge Ball to Wakabayashi

    ・Download Purchase Bonus
    If you pre-order the game by September 23, 2020, you can receive the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment uniform.


    ©Yōichi Takahashi / Shueisha・2018 Captain Tsubasa Production Committee
    ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

  • New Cat Shots From Upcoming Anime Film ‘Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu’ Released

    29.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE

    Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu is the second original anime feature film from Studio Colorido. The studio’s first feature film Penguin Highway released in August 2018 to critical acclaim (August 2018 release) and went on to win the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year as well as the Axis: The Satoshi Kon Award for Excellence in Animation award at Fantasia International Film Festival for the best-animated feature.


    The film is being co-directed by Junichi Sato (Sailor Moon; Princess Tutu) and Tomotaka Shibayama, the latter making his debut as the director of a feature length film. The screenplay is being written by screenwriter Mari Okada (AnoHana; Black Butler; O Maidens in Your Savage Season).

    A new batch of images have been officially released featuring new shots of Muge as a cat and the secret cat world she lives in.

    Miyo Sasaki (voiced by Mirai Shida) is a 2nd year middle schooler a little different from the rest, and whose classmates called her “Muge” which is short for Mugendai Nazo Ningen in Japanese which roughly translates to “Infinitely Puzzling Human.” She’s head-over-heels for her classmates Kento Hinode (Natsuki Hanae), who she boldly tries to attack every day, but he pays her no attention. But she’s not discouraged and continues to approach him. She also has a big secret she can’t tell anyone about. The reason for Muge not giving up on her situation with Hinode is thanks to a mysterious mask she received from a cat shop owner which allows the wearer to turn into a cat. Muge uses this power to turn into a cat every day to visit Hinode’s house.

    Muge tries to approach her classmate Hinode every single day, but he’s at that point in his youth where he doesn’t know what road he should take in life. He’s into ceramics, loves cooking, and has a cute side too as he nicknames the cat that Muge transforms into “Taro.” Will his heart change for better of for worse if he finds out Muge’s secret?


    New details have been revealed for some of the other cats we will meet along the way. Eri Kitamura (Fairy TailBakemonogatariToradora!) will voice Kinako, a female cat that lives in the same house as Muge and is owned by her father’s fiance. Shinichiro Miki (PokémonFullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodMy Hero Academia) will voice Kakinuma, a reliable cat that Muge meets on the island of cats. Rei Sakuma (Ranma ½) will voice Tamaki who warns Muge to return to the human world immediately. Oolongta Yoshida will voice Sugita who shows Muge around cat island when she arrives. Fukushi Ochiai will voice Hajime who worries about Muge to the point of tears.


    ©2020 “Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu” Production Committee

  • 3 Must-Try Food Deliveries in Japan: Michelin Star Restaurant & More

    29.May.2020 | FEATURES / FOOD

    With lockdown measures in place, many restaurants and food businesses are now introducing no-contact delivery services, and this goes for Japan as well. We have picked out menu items from 3 must-try restaurants that are offering a delivery option.


    1: sio

    HEY! Bánh Mì: ¥1,000

    sio is a 1-star Michelin restaurant who have pondered what customers are seeking during this time of the coronavirus, and what they can do it put smiles on their faces, and so they are now serving a affordable bento and bánh mì.


    “We have thought thoroughly on how to pack us into one dish to create delicious food with complex flavours and enjoyable textures.”


    That’s the story behind the “HEY! Bánh Mì,” a dish layered with Shusaku Toba’s personality, a chef at sio. The dish is the perfect lunch option to enjoy while working from home.

    Bento of the Day: ¥1,50

    The restaurant is also rotating different bento each day, from demi-glace stew to curry to their most popular kra pao and more.

    sio Zaitaku Bento (Reservation Only) | 1-2 People: ¥13,500

    If you’re looking for something a little more high-class, then there’s this very special bento as beautiful as a flower box. The meat has sea urchin scattered over it for gorgeous visual effect. Reservations for this bento open at 8:00pm (JST) every Monday, and on a good day it can sell out within an hour.



    Address: 1-35-3 Uehara, Shibuya Tokyo

    TEL: 03-6804-7607

    Official Website: http://sio-yoyogiuehara.com/
    *Reservations available on sio’s official Facebook and Instagram pages
    *Menu line-up subject to change, please enquire directly with sio with any questions


    2: La Table de Joël Robuchon

    La Table de Joël Robuchon Gourmet Box (Serves 4): ¥28,000 (Tax Included)

    La Table de Joël Robuchon is one of those places that people want to dine at at least once in their lives. The “La Table de Joël Robuchon Gourmet Box” comes following the success of the “Gastronomy Gourmet Box.” It includes four appetisers, such as seafood salad and a chicken breast and foie gras press with a lentil salad, as well as a main dish made from Japanese beef cooked in red wine and vegetable glacé, and to top it all off, 3 desserts including a tart and financier. It’s a box of pure luxury and indulgence.

    They offer champagne, wine, an anniversary gateau, and more too as an option, making it a great choice for celebrations.

    People are sure to be delighted by ordering takeout from La Table de Joël Robuchon as they enjoy restaurant quality food at home.


    La Table de Joël Robuchon

    Address: Ebisu Garden Place, 1-13-1 Mita, Meguro, Tokyo
    TEL: 03-5424-1338 / 03-5424-1347 (Available 11:00-17:00)
    Collection Times: 16:00-19:00

    Delivery Times: 16:00-19:00
    Delivery Charge: ¥5,000

    Deliveries: Tokyo’s 23 wards. For deliveries outside this area, please enquire.
    Official Website: https://www.robuchon.jp/shop-list/latable 



    Hana Pepper Wagyu Dish: ¥4,629 (Now Unavailable)

    Jitsu Pepper Wagyu Dish: ¥2,700 (Before Tax) *Available

    EBISU YORONIKU serves delicious Japanese wagyu beef, and they’re offering takeout at irregular intervals. The “Hana Pepper Wagyu Dish” had a delicious peppery smell when you opened the lid, and the sliced omelette served to make the beef even more delicious. Since the season has changed, this dish is no longer available but has been replaced by the “Jitsu Pepper Wagyu Dish.”


    Address: GEMS Ebisu 8F, 1-11-5 Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo
    TEL: 050-3134-4629
    Official Website: https://yoroniku.business.site 

  • Hatsune Miku Yeolume Doll Enters as the First Doll in a New Collection Series

    29.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    GROOVE Co.,Ltd. is releasing a new collaboration line of dolls using the Yeolume doll as a base. The first collaboration to the line welcomes none other than the iconic Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku.

    Collection Doll | Hatsune Miku: ¥13,200 (Tax Included)

    For Hatsune Miku, or the number one princess in the world, her cheeks have been made puffy and her lips cute and pouting. Her eyes can move left and right for changing her facial expression, and her neck, arms, waist, and legs are all movable. Her knees can bend too, so you can place her in all kinds of different poses.

    Her iconic outfit has all the little details too, plus her recognisable twin tails touch the floor which is super cute.


    This is definitely one to add to your doll collection.


    ©Cheonsang cheonha.All Rights Reserved.
    ©Crypton Future Media,INC.www.piapro.net

  • Japan Sinks 2020 Netflix Original Anime Series Trailer Confirms July Release

    29.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    A new trailer has been released for the upcoming Netflix Original anime series Japan Sinks 2020 which confirms that the series will hit the streaming service worldwide on July 9, 2020.

    Japan Sinks 2020 is the first ever anime adaptation of Sakyo Komatsu’s best-selling 1973 disaster novel Japan Sinks sometime this year. The series is being directed by Masaaki Yuasa, who is known for his unique free-flowing animation style, having directed such internationally-lauded anime series like Devilman Crybaby, Ping-Pong: The Animation, and The Tatami Galaxy.


    Masaaki Yuasa shows hope and restoration in the first ever trailer

    The anime’s story takes place in Japan in the year 2020. In the original Japan Sinks, the story follows that the Japanese archipelago will sink into the sea after a series of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This plot line follows in Japan Sinks 2020 too in which we see an ordinary family put to the test as a series of massive earthquakes throws the Japanese archipelago into turmoil.


    Reina Ueda (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba; Dr. Stone; SSSS.GRIDMAN) will voice the protagonist Ayumu, a 14-year-old girl set to compete in the Olympics. Tomo Muranaka (World Trigger; FLCL Progressive) will voice Go, Ayumu’s younger brother whose connection to the world is through online video games. Yūko Sasaki (Chibi Maruko-chan) will voice their mother Mari, a former swimming Olympian who always looks at the positives even in difficult situations. Masaki Terasoma (Detective Conan) will voice their father Koichiro, a smart and resolute man who you can depend on for anything.

    In the new trailer, we are shown what was an ordinary day turn into something disastrous in an instant from Ayumu’s perspective. We also see that though the country has undergone immense change in just moments, the bonds between people offer the chance for hope and restoration. Ayumu carries the torch of hope for the people.


    Japan Sinks 2020 | Official Trailer


    New Characters Revealed

    Four new characters have also been revealed who are set to be voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino, Nanako Mori, Kensho Ono, and Umeji Sasaki.


    ©“JAPAN SINKS : 2020”Project Partners

  • BiSH Announce New Mini Album ‘LETTERS’ for July

    28.May.2020 | MUSIC

    Japanese idol group BiSH, also known as “the punk band without instruments,” have announced the release of a mini album, which they are also calling their “3.5th album” to be released from their major label. Titled LETTERS, it will be released on July 22, 2020. The group were originally going to release a new single, but decided to release a mini album of 7 songs instead, which includes some newly-recorded tracks.


    Confirmed tracks include TOMORROW which is the opening theme for the TV anime series KingdomBuchinuke which is the ending theme for the Japanese drama Super Radical Gag Family, and co which is the main theme for Yoru no Yuenchi Kara no Dasshutsu, an escape game.

    BiSH members Sentochihiro Chicchi also posted a video on the group’s official Twitter and YouTube channels to promote the album alongside photos taken by her and a message written to fans by her. You can hear a snippet of one of their new songs LETTERS in the video.


    BiSH also announced the release of their first greatest hits album yesterday. Set to drop on July 8, 2020, all proceeds going to over 70 music venues which BiSH have performed at in the past.