SKY-HI (AAA’s Mitsuhiro Hidaka) releases music video for new song “Silly Game”. A 2.5 hr performance condensed into 4 mins packed with drama!

27.May.2017 | MUSIC

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SKI-HI’s new single “Silly Game” will be available for purchase from 31st May, but for now, the official music video has been released!


SKY-HI / Silly Game

This video is full to the brim with impact, mixing serious lyrics with a pop theme. There is no other video like it. Watch this video for the rollercoaster ride of your life. The video dramatically develops with the familiar faces of “SUPER FLYERS”, who perform key roles in this live video. The 2.5 hour-long live has been condensed into a 4 minute video packed hard with drama.

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The music video sweeps through different themes and styles, from an 80’s colourful taste to monochrome and post punk. A dash of comedy blended with a serious message and a generous topping of style makes this music video really stand out. The title of the song “Silly Game” challenges the question “Is it really ok in this day and age?”. This song’s serious message is so typical of SKY-HI. The mic, guitar and keyboard performance footage, combined with the choreography shows the multi-talented nature of SKI-HI – this is something you cannot see anywhere else.

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SKY-HI: “Nowadays, we can feel out of place in the world, and there are many times we feel stumped by the rules that we make ourselves live by. The crazy road to becoming a celebrity, suicide due to overworking – these are just a few of the themes the music touches on. Kindness is non-existent and the pressure of silence – these are things that make us feel out of place. Despite being swept away in the world of show business, I believe these are themes that run in everyday society too.”

As the above statement by SKY-HI implies, this new song hits on hot themes and is a banging tune to dance to.

SKY-HI will be performing at ROCK IN JAPAN this summer and will embark on a Japan tour in autumn as well as performing outside of Japan! The famous SKY-HI is fuelled with energy and just doesn’t stop! As this name is getting bigger and bigger, please check out the music video linked above!



Release date: 31st May 2017

SKY-HI new single “Silly Game”

【Music Video version】(CD+DVD)AVCD-93680/B   ¥1,800+tax

【Documentary version】(CD+DVD)AVCD-93681/B   ¥1,800+tax

【CD version】(CD)AVCD-93682   ¥1,000+tax

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