Watch BAND-MAID’s new music video filmed in Taiwan! Album artwork released!

01.June.2017 | MUSIC

BAND-MAID will be releasing their 2nd major single “Daydreaming/ Choose me” on 21st July. The music video and the photo for the CD jacket for the single “Daydreaming” have been released!


The new single “Daydream” does not flow with BAND-MAID’s regular style. The band took a new turn from their usual upbeat style to a mid-tempo style for this song.


For the music video, BAND-MAID flew from Japan to Taiwan for the filming. This music video is just a snippet of the worldwide action of BAND-MAID.

Unfortunately, bass player MISA was diagnosed with Influenza and could not take part in the band’s first one-man tour in Nagoya and Osaka. Fortunately, these performance dates have been rescheduled along with their “Okyuuji live” performances.


Up until now, tickets for all the destinations of their tour have been sold out, however there are a few remaining for their performance in Sapporo and the additional “Okyuuji” performance at LIQUID ROOM, Ebisu, Tokyo, which will be held on 14th June.


For the new performance dates, please anticipate that there may be additional tickets selling due to the refunded tickets from the cancelled concerts. As it is likely that getting your hands on tickets will be quite difficult, we recommend you keep an eye on the official website and look out for further updates.

メイン_M【A写】BAND-MAID「Daydreaming_Choose me」

This summer will be the first time that BAND-MAID perform at numerous rock festivals such as SUMMER SONIC 2017 and RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 in EZO. BAND-MAID is becoming more and more popular within Japan and around the world. Don’t miss out on a hot BAND-MAID experience!

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Major 2nd Single「Daydreaming / Choose me」
Release date: 19th July 2017

First-run limited edition version:  (CD+DVD)  CRCP-10376  ¥2,037 + tax
Transparent 3-sided sleeve case
Includes deluxe sticker

・BAND-MAID“ First One-man Okyuuji Tour 2017” changed schedule

19th May 2017 (Fri)  Nagoya Club Quattro
⇒ 11th July 2017 (Tues)  Nagoya Club Quattro (Doors open: 18:00 / Finish: 19:00)

21st May 2017 (Sun) Umeda Club Quattro
⇒ 12th July 2017 (Weds)  Umeda Club Quattro      (Doors open: 18:00 / Finish: 19:00)

If you already possess a ticket, it will still be valid for the corresponding changed schedule date, so please keep hold of it.

If you require a refund for a ticket that was purchased in a different way, or if you have further queries regarding refunds or the changed performance schedule, please do not hesitate to contact the corresponding venues.

Nagoya: Sunday Folk Promotion
Osaka:Kyodo Information