Fantasy Novel Series The Twelve Kingdoms Celebrates 30th Anniversary

19.July.2021 | ANIME&GAME

September 25 this year will mark 30 years since the debut of Fuyumi Ono’s fantasy novel series The Twelve Kingdoms. To celebrate, bookstores across Japan will begin the ‘The Twelve Kingdoms 30th Anniversary Fair’ at the end of September.



30th anniversary pin

30th anniversary pin

Map of The Twelve Kingdoms


The first entry in the novel series, The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow, was published by Kodansha in Japan in 1992. The series continues to be enjoyed in Japan 30 years later, with over 12 million copies in circulation. A 45-episode anime series also aired between 2002-2003.


As part of the fair, fans can get their hands on exclusive anniversary pins featuring new chibi illustrations of the characters drawn by Akihiro Yamada, the original illustrator of the series. There are 10 pins available at different stores. A collection of stamps will also be released on the Japanese messaging service LINE. Other events surrounding the fair are planned to take place too and will be revealed throughout the year.


  • Toei Animation and Publisher Kawade Shobo Shinsha Begin Novel x Anime PV Project

    24.September.2021 | ANIME&GAME

    Publisher Kawade Shobo Shinsha will release two coming-of-age novels on October 14! To promote both The Last Dance of the Time Keepers and Home on the Night of the Star Festival, an anime PV created by the staff of the 2016 anime series Pop in Q and directed by Naoki Miyahara (Digimon Adventure, Dragon Ball Z) has also been released! There are also some pretty famous voice actors featured, so see if you recognize any!




    Senya Mihagi, the author of both full-length novels, is an up-and-coming talent, winning the Kadokawa’s Da Vinci Story of Books Award in 2014. The original character designs and cover illustrations for each novel were created by Kouhaku Kuroboshi, who has worked on a number of popular anime works, including Kino’s Journey, Fate/Grand Order, and Sword Art Online Alternative. The PV includes voice actors Asami Seto, Shiori Izawa, Atsumi Tanezaki, Ari Ozawa, and Tomoyo Kurosawa. The music was produced by Yuki Tsujimura, who has collaborated with a number of popular Japanese artists in the past. 


    To commemorate the release of the novels, five original postcards featuring art of each main character will be available from Amazon, Kumazawa Books, TSUTAYA, and Miraiya Books. You’ll get a different character depending on where you buy, so double-check beforehand!





    The Last Dance of the Time Keepers

    Isumi Kominato, a high-school freshman, moves to Tokyo from Kochi Prefecture and forms a new dance unit with her classmates. Behind the scenes, however, strange things are happening–power outages, disappearances, amnesia? Isumi, Aoi, Konatsu, Asahi, and Saki must use the power of dance to help return the world to normal. 



    Home on the Night of the Star Festival

    Satoshi, known as a child prodigy from the time he was an infant and like a sibling to Iori, died suddenly at the age of twenty-one. Iori, unable to accept his death, runs away to attend college in Tokyo, but three years later, she begins to receive strange e-mails after Satoshi’s belongings, including a smartphone, are given to her. What was he researching before he died, and why was a global IT company involved? What is the truth behind his mysterious death?