Organic Tattoo Brand Inkbox Collaborates With Fashion Icons AMIAYA

26.July.2021 | FASHION

The Canadian semi-permanent tattoo brand Inkbox launched a special collaboration with the pink twin duo themselves AMIAYA, icons of Tokyo fashion.


AMIAYA are symbols of Tokyo pop culture and have garnered attention worldwide. Their influence spreads far and wide – not only are they models but DJs, creative directors at the apparel brand ‘jouetie,’ and more. Flowers are the theme of their Inkbox tattoo collaboration which they show off in a special shoot taken for the release.

The semi-permanent tattoos use stickers to plaster the tattoo on the skin. Everything from the tattoos to the packaging capture the vibe and aesthetic of AMIAYA.


  • AMIAYA Fashion Brand jouetie to Collaborate with BETTY’S BLUE on New Collection

    01.September.2021 | FASHION

    Beginning September 10, a new collection from women’s brand BETTY’S BLUE and jouetie will be available on RUNWAY channel, ZOZOTOWN, and a jouetie shops nationwide. Tokyo fashion icons and twins AMIAYA serve as creative directors for jouetie, and their style is sure to give these pieces some added flair.


    Preorders for the collection are currently open on the ZOZOTOWN and RUNWAY channel websites.

    BETTY’S BLUE Blouse M (White / Bordeaux / Beige): ¥8,800 each (Tax Included)

    BETTY’S BLUE Patterned Dress M (Pink / Purple / Beige): ¥9,900 each (Tax Included)

    BETTY’S BLUE Bag (Red / Pink / Purple): ¥3,300 each (Tax Included)




    Launched in 1985, BETTY’S BLUE continues to be loved by fashionistas of all ages. With this limited-edition release, the brand is reviving its popular trend of releasing collaborative merchandise.


    Under the concept “MIX GIRL,” the brand’s collaboration with jouetie aims to combine both rock and girly styles into one signature street fashion look. Utilizing BETTY’S BLUE’s pop coloring, the collection features three items in multiple colors: the blouse, the dress, and the bag.


    The trendy blouse, complete with frilly collar and voluminous sleeves, is finished with BETTY’S BLUE’s signature checkered pattern. The long dress covered from top to bottom in a loud pattern, is sure to turn heads. Carry the matching tote bag, and you’ll be ready to stroll the streets of Tokyo looking funky this fall!

  • Twin Fashion Icons AMIAYA Release Photobook with STREET Magazine

    24.August.2021 | FASHION

    Tokyo fashion icons and twin unit AMIAYA have collaborated with street-snap magazine STREET on a new photobook! ‘AMIAYA x STREET TOKYO FASHION 2021ss’ will go on sale August 23 at select bookstores and online.



    AMIAYA began their fashion journey in street fashion when they were teenagers, and are currently attracting worldwide attention as icons representing Tokyo style. STREET magazine has been highlighting unique international streetwear since its first issue in 1985, and both parties are using this collaboration to help the fashion industry, which has been adversely affected by the pandemic.


    The magazine features snapshots of AMIAYA wearing the hottest Tokyo fashions on the streets of Harajuku and other popular areas around Japan’s capital. The photos were taken by Shoichi Aoki, photographer and editor-in-chief of STREET.


    Each photo has the power to open up your mind to a new world of fashion, so why not give it a look?


    Comment from AMIAYA


    “The Coronavirus pandemic has given us a new perspective on fashion, and how we can share it from Tokyo to the rest of the world. STREET magazine has so many readers overseas, and it’s truly made an effort to boost the Japanese fashion scene. We believe in the potential of fashion to connect Japan to the rest of the world, and we hope that through this collaboration, we share some positive energy through our style.”


    Comment from the Editor-in-chief of STREET, Shoichi Aoki


    “The pandemic has caused unprecedented damage to the entire fashion industry, and it has become more difficult to share Japanese fashion with the rest of the world. Fashion is not something unnecessary–it’s something important for Japan, and for humanity as a whole. AMIAYA are Japanese fashion icons that are recognized around the globe. They are somewhere between reality and the virtual world. By having them model on the streets of Tokyo, I wanted to create something to convey the current state of Japanese street fashion with international audiences. It took a year and a half of shooting while adjusting AMIAYA’s schedule, but it’s finally being published. Even if it seems like a small project, even the smallest activity can have a massive impact.”


  • Earth Day Tokyo 2021 to Promote Sustainability, Eco-Friendliness, and an Organic Lifestyle at Yoyogi Park

    15.April.2021 | SPOT

    This year’s Earth Day Tokyo will take place at Yoyogi Park from April 17-18 where messages of eco-friendliness, organic products, sustainability, ethics, and inclusiveness will be at the core of various events held as part of the festival.


    This year marks Earth Day Tokyo’s 20th run as part of the global Earth Day initiative and brings together environmental NPOs, charities, and locals. Due to COVID-19, in-person events will only take place on April 17 and 18 but the festival will run online from April 17 to 25.


    Earth Day Tokyo 2021 Concert

    Concerts will take place across the two-day Yoyogi Park festival. Many musicians and guests have committed themselves to the future of the planet at the Earth Day Tokyo’s concerts, with past line-ups including Japan’s King of Rock Kiyoshiro Imawano, UA, BONNIE PINK, and more.


    This year will see performances from Itou Seikou ITP, Kenichi Nagira, yae, scoobie do, Taiji Sato, Nozomi Nobody, hachi_Aigoz, tico moon, Rokuta Yanagiya, and Ichido Ryutei.


    Market area

    Every single product at the market booths has a story, and visitors will be able to hear about them from the makers in-person as they shop. And the items sold at the market will be different each day, stocking something to add a little environmental consideration into our lives.


    C. W. Nicol’s “Nicol’s Forest Kitchen” sausages help plant forests

    The late Welsh-born Japanese writer, actor, and singer-songwriter C. W. Nicol was the Executive Committee Chairman for Earth Day Tokyo from 2000 until his passing last year. He also launched Nicol’s Forest Kitchen in 2011 which has been a regular at Earth Day Tokyo to help protect Japan’s forests. The food stall will make an appearance this year too.


    C. W. Nicol began to wonder how he could help raise people’s interest in forests as well as help revitalise forests that had been destroyed. Nicol’s Forest Kitchen project was his answer: to spread awareness through food, and in doing so, the project could help build up forests.


    Visitors separate garbage themselves with the help of volunteers

    At the Eco Station, volunteer staff will help direct visitors in separating garbage properly, raising awareness on the proper procedures which they can take away home with them.

  • Japanese Organic Face Mask Sprays Ensure Your Mask Stays Smelling Fresh

    17.February.2021 | FASHION


    Japanese company Global Product Planning released a collection of face mask sprays on February 10 which are made using naturally-derived ingredients.


    The sprays are made for daily use and ensure any unpleasant odours on your mask are erased and replaced with a fruity fragrance.


    Left: Orange & Lavender / Right: Eucalyptus & Lemonrass – ¥980 (Before Tax)


    Both fragrances are made with a mix of 100% natural essential oils and menthol, resulting in a refreshing finish.

    Orange & Lavender: Orange Skin Extract, Lavender Oil, Menthol

    Eucalyptus & Lemongrass: Eucalyptus Leaf Extract, Lemongrass Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Menthol

    And since these sprays are applied to an item that touches the skin, the fragrances are made with 99% naturally-derived ingredients.


    How to Use

    Spray 2-3 times onto the mask from a 10cm distance. After spraying, allow to dry, and you’re ready to go.


  • ROSE LABO Reveals Luxury No-Pesticide Rose Products

    17.February.2021 | FASHION

    “Become beautiful, healthy, and happy with edible roses.” That’s the concept of ROSE LABO, a brand that promotes a beautiful lifestyle for women. The company has revealed two new makeup products, the Rose Booster Serum and Rose Barrier Lotion, both of which will have pre-sales at Isetan Shinjuku beginning on March 17, 2021.


    The Line-Up



    Rose Booster Serum | ¥4,950 (Tax Included)


    The Rose Booster Serum is a skincare liquid made with edible roses that are grown without any pesticides by ROSE LABO. The serum is a mix of 20 high quality plant-based ingredients, extracts of 7 different plants, vitamin C, 5 ceramides, komenuka rice bran, and more, all of which lead to a beautiful finish on the face. It gently hones in on areas of the face that are affected by external factors and stress to support the skin’s rhythm and have it bloom like a beautiful rose itself. You are left with a healthy complexion and shining gleam that is sure to have you double-taking in the mirror. Plus, you can enjoy the faint scent of rose to finish.




    Rose Barrier Lotion | ¥3,080 (Tax Included)


    The Rose Barrier Location is a face lotion also made with edible roses that are grown without any pesticides by ROSE LABO. It contains a mix of 10 ingredients such as rose water and rose extract. It hydrates and moisturises the skin while also protecting it, making it stronger, and more flexible. This product also has a faint rose scent.


    If you’re looking for organic, plant-based beauty products, then you won’t want to miss ROSE LABO’s line-up.


  • Stay Home With AMIAYA: Love Fashion and Love Yourself During the Lockdown

    22.April.2020 | FEATURES

    Here at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON, we post news and information about Japan in six languages. Our aim is to deliver a variety of content related to Japan for those who love and enjoy Japanese culture.


    Right now, people across the globe are in self-isolation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The same goes for Japan too, so we’ve taken this opportunity to create a new series on the website to show how we’re spending time at home here in Japan. The future is yet uncertain, and we hope for normality to return for all of us soon. We created a new articles series called Stay Home with which we hope to take your mind off the situation, even for just a little bit, to help you feel calmer. It might give you some tips on what you can do while spending time at home.

    In today’s feature, we are joined AMIAYA, whose model work has taken them around Japan and overseas.


    1: amiayacookingram

    Since our time at home has lengthened, we’re cooking everyday and showcasing what we’ve made on Instagram with the hashtag #amiayacookingram. Make the time you have been given worthwhile by immersing yourself in the things you love at home and doing some soul-searching.



    Since we’re involved with fashion for our work, we believe in the power of fashion. We wanted to turn it into positive energy and share it with everyone through Instagram. You feel livelier by dressing up in the clothes you like. It brings the real you out. Let’s enjoy fashion and looking good whether we’re at home or anywhere else!

    3: Dance to your favourite music!




    音楽に合わせて身体を動かすだけで とーーっても楽しい。🧡 #LOVEFASHION_LOVEYOURSELF #おうちasobi #stayhomestaypositive #双踊 🤣🙌

    AYA(AMIAYA)(@ayaxxamiaya)がシェアした投稿 –

    Wrap yourself in your favourite garments and move your body to your favourite tunes. That alone is fun beyond imagination♡


    What’s your secret to spending time at home?

    Keep on expressing yourself. For us, that would be through fashion. We think it’s important to be yourselfーbe who you areーand we do that by changing into our favourite clothes and doing our makeup. You choose what your comfort is to make you happy. You can watch movies, read books, study something you’re interested in, or do things that change the time you’re at home since it’s up to you now. We think it’s important to put effort into making the time you have been given worthwhile.”


    Please give a message to those reading this article

    We hope we can spread happiness and positivity to everyone through our love of fashion. You can change up your time at home however you like. As long as you’re enjoying yourself, you can’t go wrong! We’ll all get through this together!

  • POSTOKYO By jouetie Pop-Up Shop to Open at HEP FIVE in Umeda Osaka

    21.June.2019 | FASHION / SPOT

    Japanese fashion brand jouetie is running a pop-up souvenir shop called POSTOKYO By jouetie on the first floor atrium of HEP in Umeda, Osaka from June 21 – June 30.


    POSTOKYO By jouetie will serve original fashion items in a new an original style from the lens of jouetie, who fuse the many cultures of Japan, in the form of a souvenir shop from Tokyo where various cultures and subcultures and fashion mix together. Following the success of the first pop-up shop in Tokyo, demand for the store to open across other parts of Japan has been made clear, and it is now moving to Osaka for the first time.

    Yuka Furukawa

    Japanese model duo AMIAYA who conceived jouetie will be at the sop on Saturday June 22 from 11:00am to welcome customers. Popular Japanese YouTuber Yuka Furukawa, who is a big fan of the brand, will also make an appearance on June 21.


    Let’s take a look at some of the items you can expect to get your hands on at the souvenir store.

    POSTOKYO Mix Flower Open Colour Shirts: ¥6,000 (Before Tax)

    These colourful open shirts are a mix of colour variation and camellias. They are made of super soft and comfortable satin.

    NANCY SNAKE POSTOKYO T-Shirts: ¥5,000 (Before Tax)

    jouetie has collaborated with paint artist NANCY SNAKE for the first time to release thiese manga-esque t-shirts with unique touches and coloured trims. The main print designs are beautifully coloured with careful detail embroidered by jouetie.

    MASAKO.Y POSTOKYO T-Shirts: ¥5,000 (Before Tax)

    Another debut collaboration, this time with artist MASAKO.Y. These t-shirt designs are inspired by Japanese izakaya and can be worn and enjoyed by any lover of Japanese cuisine. It also includes Japanese and English letter embroidery.

    POSTOKYO Tokyo Bi-Colour No-Sleeve Knit: ¥4,500 (Before Tax)

    These summery dresses are perfect for the coming warm season. The back is embroidered with a gorgeously eye catching crane while the front features the word “Tokyo” written in Japanese (東京) in the same colours.


    Head to the shop to see even more must-get items from jouetie.

  • Harajuku’s New Cosmic Girl Cafe Serves Organic Drinks & Desserts

    18.April.2019 | FOOD

    A new art cafe has opened in Harajuku based on Cosmic Girl, a character created by Barcelona-based artist Okokume.

    All items on the menu are made with organic ingredients, and the colouring of the cakes are made with naturally derived colours from superfood meaning parents can rest assured their children won’t be putting anything bad into their bodies.

    The menu features a line-up of healthy treats including blue cupcakes made using spirulina, superfood beets and more.


    Spirulina, which is used in the colouring of the food, is said to be one of the oldest life forms on earth. It contains over 50 healthy and nutritional minerals including amino acids, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fibres and more. Because of this it has been eaten as a food since ancient times.


    The cafe also sells lots of Okokume merchandise, so be sure to stop by the next time you’re in Harajuku.

  • Travel Japan #4: Magic Items to Heal My Tired Skin and Body

    21.February.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

    After my stroll around Kyoto I head back to my hotel for a break and think back over my day. My curiosity is piqued – I want to know more about the history of this place.


    Laid sprawled across my bed I picture myself walking through the city, the seasons changing, giving a sideways look at an elegant temple. The vivid cherry blossoms of spring, the cool riverbeds in summer, the autumnal orange hues, and the snow-beds of winter. All of these moments provide a spectacle that cannot be overlooked.


    I feel that more wonderful things are still yet to occur. It’s nighttime, and my mind wanders at these thoughts, so I can’t sleep.

    I take out the Kyoto guidebook from my baggage. I trace the path I traveled today in my head which vividly brings the sights I saw to my mind’s eye.

    I let my body sink gently into the bed and absorb myself in reading, checking all the nooks and crannies of the book.

    This ancient city boasted by the island country of Japan, which I crossed the sky and sea to arrive at, is more wonderful than I expected. The orderly townscape makes me sit up and feel tense, in a good way.


    My mind becomes clear. It feels as if I have been looking far into the distance for a long time.


    “I feel the path I am heading for is beyond that beautiful landscape.”


    My heart beats fast at that hope.

    I walked a lot today, so I give myself a treat.


    I bask in the aromas of the cool sheets I place on my legs and heal my body to the core.

    I add to that a touch of permeating organic oil that’s both moist and gentle on the skin. When my skin is happy my heart too benefits.

    The night is still young. I enjoy some me-time with my makeup-less skin and heart. Resting like this is another important part of travel.


    I flick through the guidebook over and over again and visualise the routes of the places I want to visit. A magic-imbued miracle occurs and I feel this room directly connecting to the places I wish to go to.

    Afterwards I enjoy a late-night retro movie. I am sure my coming to love alone-time is thanks to this trip. I also feel I have become a little stronger than I was. I try praising myself as my heart throbs at my favourite scenes which I watch over and over.



    Model / Mala Morgan



    Give your tired body the luxury time it deserves

    TOPVALU Leg & Calf Adhesive Cooling Sheet
    ¥460 (Before Tax) / ¥496 (Tax Included) – 18 Sheets (14cm x 10cm)


    On days where my legs become swollen from walking I like to massage my legs in the bath. I then use ÆON TOPVALU’s calf sheets which refresh my legs with the power of their aroma and give them care for the next day. I step into a new world with this body.


    TOPVALU GURINAI Organic  geo organics Moisturizing Lotion
    ¥1,800 (Before Tax) / ¥1,944 (Tax Included) – 150ml

    TOPVALU GURINAI Organic geo organics Pure Oil Macadamia
    ¥1,800 (Before Tax) / ¥1,944 (Tax Included) – 27ml


    This Geo Organics certified skin location uses orange fruit extract as its base which moisturises and is astringent. It steadily permeates the skin and leaves it glowing. I use it together with the organic certified Pure Oil Macadamia. It maintains a balance of normal bacterial flora of the skin and contains lots of palmitoleic acid which is said to enhance barrier function. The power of the macadamia nuts also grants lively skin. I don’t want to mess up tending to my skin even when traveling.


    We are handing out coupons for the products mentioned here. Be sure to use them the next time you visit ÆON for great discounts.


    🎁 5% Coupon:


    ÆON Store Search:

  • Travel Japan #1: An Organic Morning Welcomes Me to Kyoto

    16.January.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT / Uncategorized

    Passing over the crystal blue ocean and through the snowy white clouds, I finally arrived in the country I had longed to visit.


    The destination I chose is a town in located in the west of Japan, one steeped in history. The first morning to welcome me in Kyoto came through the steam of my mug which rose beautifully, almost transparent. It all appeared mysterious. Just what was I going to discover on this trip?


    This is the story of one girl who came to visit Japan from her home country.

    The morning coffee I will drink in my hotel room is like a good luck charm. It’s a requisite ritual of all my mornings, something that gives me a bit of courage.


    “I hope today is like no other.”

    Whispering this quietly to myself, I pour the hot water into the filter.


    As the water slowly drips I smell the rich notes of the coffee.


    The heat from the mug warms me up from the inside like a gentle caress.

    Right now, in this moment, I want to tear the view outside the window and put it in my coat pocket.


    I sip my coffee as I feel gratitude for the beautiful morning and anticipate the adventure that is about to begin.

    The light, the warmth and the smell. Just quietly admiring this scene – that’s my morning ritual.


    “I have to get going already,” I murmur. I look to myself in the future a little.


    I wear a small handbag with my mint coloured coat. Let’s put this morning scene in one of them, because it was a fitting and refreshing start to the start of my trip.

    I swing my eyes to the view outside the window once more and leave my room.


    “I feel that I’ll have become a different me when I return to this room.”


    Model: Mala Morgan



    These are the organic items for my morning in Japan.

    TOPVALU GURINAI – Organic Original Blend Drip Coffee:¥298 (Before Tax) /¥321 (Tax Included) 64g(8g×8count)

    The green items sold by AEON’s private brand TOPVALU are good for both me as well as the environment. Organic drinks are like good luck charms that make your body healthy and beautiful from the inside. This organic drip coffee has a full-bodied flavour, and it’s easy to make, making it perfect for mornings when travelling.


    TOPVALU ORGANIC ORANGE 100 – 100% Straight Organic Orange Juice:¥298 (Before Tax) /¥321 (Tax Included) 750ml

    If my body craves fruit the moment I wake up, I sometimes go for orange juice. The refreshing sour taste of 100% organic orange juice makes me feel a little indulgent. Organic oranges that have been squeezed within 24 hours of picking are rich and very delicious.


    We are handing out coupons for the products mentioned here. Be sure to use them the next time you visit ÆON for great discounts.


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    ÆON Store Search:

  • Fashion Brand jouetie Opens Souvenir Shop ‘POSTOKYO by jouetie’ in Shibuya

    19.September.2018 | FASHION / SPOT

    Japanese fashion brand jouetie is bringing its first ever souvenir shop “POSTOKYO by jouetie” to RUNWAY channel Lab. SHIBUYA from September 20 to October 23.


    POSTOKYO offers a new Tokyo style to tie Japan to the rest of the world. Its location of Shibuya is a place home to a mix of different subcultures and fashion styles.


    Kotobuki Knit – ¥6,000 (Pre-Tax)

    This turtleneck knitwear is made using embroidery and a jacquard. It features the kanji character 壽 (kotobuki) on the front which has two meanings: ‘congratulations’ and ‘longevity.’ The back includes the outline of the sun as seen on the Japanese flag.


    Pink Game Knit – ¥7,000 (Pre-Tax)

    The front of these oversized knitwear jumpers reads “I love you” in Japanese with a game style pixel font. They’re made with jacquard cloth.

    Nengou Trim T-Shirts – ¥4,000 (Pre-Tax)

    These trimmed t-shirts read different periods of Japan on the front including Taisho (大正), Showa (昭和) and Heisei (平成). The checkered block print made using sagara embroidery is cute. The colour-on-colour style is very jouetie-eseque.


    POSTOKYO Long T – ¥4,000 (Pre-Tax)

    If you’re looking for something a little more retro, check out these ukiyo-e style long sleeve t-shirts. The sleeves read POSTOKYO (ぽす東京). Both are comfy and come as unisex one-size-fits-all. Both designs also boast jouetie’s classic colour-one-colour.


    Which item catches your eye the most? Head to POSTOKYO by jouetie in Shibuya to check out this mix of Japan and current trends.



    POSTOKYO by jouetie
    Address: SR6, 16-15 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
    Running: September 20, 2018 – October 23, 2018
    jouetie Official Website:

  • AMIAYA Feature in Vogue’s Popular ‘In The Bag’ Series

    23.August.2018 | FASHION

    In The Bag is a popular series by Vogue where celebrities showcase what’s inside their bags. Big names that have featured on the series include Victoria Beckham, Taylor Hill, Zoë Kravitz and many more.


    Vogue Japan have featured AMIAYA on their list, a model and DJ twin duo massively famous as Tokyo pop fashion icons.

    We get to see the full scope of their stylish bags which include everything from their favourite purses to make-up pouches, sunglasses, and sparkly accessories. Despite the contents of their bags being different there’s something that still unifies the two of them.


    They also discuss their favourite towns, what they do on their days off, what type of partner they like and more.


    In The Bag – AMIAYA:


    Check out the video for yourself and you might even discover some fashion tips!



    Vogue Video


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