Nordic-Inspired Shaman King Goods Now Available to Preorder

07.September.2021 | ANIME&GAME

Online anime, manga, and game merchandise brand AMNIBUS has begun preorders for six new Scandinavia-inspired Shaman King goods. These are part of the AMNIBUS NordiQ line of products, and incorporate pieces of simple Nordic design philosophy.


NordiQ Mini Signboard (12 designs): ¥550 (Tax Included) / Box: ¥6,600 (Tax Included)

NordiQ Mini Signboard Box Preorder Bonus: Limited Yoh Asakura AMNIBUS Signboard

NordiQ Mug (12 designs: Yoh Asakura, Kyoyama Anna, Tao Ren, Ryunosuke Umemiya, Horohoro, Faust VIII, Lyserg Diethel, Chocolove McDonell, Iron Maiden Jeanne, Marco, Silva, Hao): ¥1,650 each (Tax Included)

Group NordiQ Clear Folder: ¥440 (Tax Included)

NordiQ T-shirts (3 designs: Funbari Hot Spring Team, Team THE Ren, X-I): ¥4,180 each (Tax Included)

NordiQ Stickers (12 designs:  Yoh Asakura, Kyoyama Anna, Tao Ren, Ryunosuke Umemiya, Horohoro, Faust VIII, Lyserg Diethel, Chocolove McDonell, Iron Maiden Jeanne, Marco, Silva, Hao): ¥550 each (Tax Included)

NordiQ Acrylic Memo Stand (12 designs: Yoh Asakura, Kyoyama Anna, Tao Ren, Ryunosuke Umemiya, Horohoro, Faust VIII, Lyserg Diethel, Chocolove McDonell, Iron Maiden Jeanne, Marco, Silva, Hao): ¥1,078 each (Tax Included)


©武井宏之・講談社/SHAMAN KING Project.・テレビ東京 ®KODANSHA


  • HARAJUKU COLLECTIVE Apparel Collection to Bring Studio Ghibli Merch to Hot Topic in the U.S.

    23.July.2022 | FASHION / MOVIE

    HARAJUKU COLLECTION, a Studio Ghibli-inspired apparel collection by popular American counterculture chain Hot Topic, will be available in stores throughout the U.S. and Canada starting in August! These items will be available on the Hot Topic online store in Japan as well, and a limited-time pop-up shop is scheduled to open in Harajuku on August 10. This is the first time that one of Hot Topic’s apparel collections will be made available in Japan.


    HARAJUKU COLLECTIVE, an Apparel Collection from Studio Ghibli and Hot Topic

    Hot Topic has been popular in the states for years, with over 800 stores in America in 2022. Founded in 1988, the company is best known for selling apparel and goods inspired by popular music, games, movies, and anime. The new HARAJUKU COLLECTIVE collection brings the heart of Japanese culture to the chain, adding to the ongoing collaboration with the store and Studio Ghibli which began in 2014. Hot Topic stores will sell original items produced by nine Japanese creators and brands, as well as some original American items produced by Hot Topic’s executive designers. 

    The lineup of Japan-original items includes T-shirts, tote bags, and other items featuring exclusive artwork by up-and-coming creators. These items depict beloved characters from Studio Ghibli’s works, as well as logos created for the collaboration. This will be the first time these creators will be releasing items inspired by the famed animation studio, so expect to find a new vision of Studio Ghibli’s world!


    HARAJUKU COLLECTIVE Limited Time Pop-up Store to Open in Harajuku

    To celebrate the collection’s release, a pop-up store will be opening in Harajuku for a limited time. Visitors will be able to see and purchase the available items while in this unique space, and more details will be released on the official HARAJUKU COLLECTIVE’s social media pages, so keep an eye out!

  • New Rilakkuma Merchandise Features Amusement Park Filled with Sweets

    13.June.2022 | FASHION

    Everyone’s favorite lazy bear Rilakkuma is bringing fans a new merchandise collection! These items show the character and friends in an amusement park filled with sweets, and these goods will be on sale at retail stores nationwide and online in early July.


    Everyone would love to visit an amusement park filled with desserts, and these items are sure to add some retro pop flare to your daily life.


    Product Lineup at a Glance

    Memo Pad: ¥385 (Tax Included)

    Memo Pad with Clipboard: ¥660 (Tax Included)


    These cute memo pads are available in four designs, and fans can also grab a special set including a colorful clipboard.

    Camera Shoulder Strap: ¥2,750 (Tax Included)


    Give your camera some extra pizazz with this cute camera strap! Each comes with a decorated synthetic leather pad made to reduce neck and shoulder strain.

    Ferris Wheel Cushion: ¥3,850 (Tax Included)


    This cushion also includes pockets for small stuffed animals!


    These new items were made in conjunction with the Netflix series Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure, scheduled to stream on Netflix worldwide starting August 25, 2022.



  • Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween Limited Edition Merchandise Revealed

    03.February.2022 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Starting February 11, the Roppongi Museum will begin a new event to celebrate the upcoming release of Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween, coming to theaters in April 2022. The ‘Halloween Gift’ event combines a museum experience with aspects of the real world, and guests will be able to visit and enjoy until June 5, 2022. 


    Called a ‘Live Museum,’ the new brand of entertainment combines theater, puzzle-solving, and a museum exhibition. Each visitor will become a character working with Conan and his friends to solve riddles based on The Bride of Halloween film.


    Merchandise at a Glance

    RM Acrylic Figure (10 varieties)

    RM Pin

    RM Pâtissier Conan / RM Pâtissier Furuya

    RM Poster Card Set

    RM Bruno Hot Sandwich Maker / RM Bruno Kettle

    RM Mini Towel Conan/ Furuya / Haibara / Matsuda

    RM Embroidered Pouch Conan / Furuya / Haibara

    RM Drifter Backpack / Tote Bag / Shoulder Bag

    RM Secret Book

    Special merchandise only available during this event has been unveiled, and fans can snag items featuring Conan and Furuya, a major player in the new film. Other popular characters also make appearances, so Detective Conan fans should try to grab their favorites before they’re gone!

  • Tokyo Anime Center Opens ‘SHAMAN KING POPUP SHOP’ with Brand New Artwork

    15.October.2021 | ANIME&GAME

    Tokyo Anime Center in the DNP PLAZA SHIBUYA has collaborated with ‘SHAMAN KING’ to host the limited-time ‘SHAMAN KING POPUP SHOP’ from October 10 until October 25 2021.



    SHAMAN KING Acrylic Figure Stand (Asakura Yoh / Tao Ren / Hao / Kyoyama Anna): ¥1,320 (Tax Incl.)


    SHAMAN KING Trading Can Badge (Four Designs): ¥440 (Tax Incl.) *These are for trading and the design cannot be picked

    SHAMAN KING Trading Can Badge Mini Chara (Asakura Yoh / Tao Ren / Hao / Lyserg / Diethel / Horo Horo / Kyoyama Anna): ¥440 (Tax Incl.) *These are for trading and the design cannot be picked

    SHAMAN KING Trading Acrylic Stand (Six Designs) ¥660 (Tax Incl.)
    *These are for trading and the design cannot be picked


    SHAMAN KING Clear File Set: ¥990 (Tax Incl.)

    SHAMAN KING Die-cut Sticker (Four Designs): ¥550 (Tax Incl.)


    SHAMAN KING Pick Acrylic Keyholder (Four Designs): ¥880 (Tax Incl.)

    SHAMAN KING Tote Bag: ¥2,200 (Tax Incl.)


    SHAMAN KING B2 Tapestry: ¥3,300 (Tax Incl.)


    Purchase Benefits



    Many of the new items available to purchase at the ‘SHAMAN KING POPUP SHOP’ will feature new band-themed illustrations, such as the pick keychain and B2 tapestry. In addition, customers who spend over ¥3,000 with tax will receive a social postcard as a gift.

    The new goods will be available instore and online from October 8. You can only find these ‘SHAMAN KING’ products here, so be sure to check it out! 


    ©Takei Hiroyuki・Kodansha / SHAMAN KING Project・TV Tokyo


  • Shaman King Cord Bracelet Collection Features Luxurious Designs Inspired by the Characters

    28.May.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Japanese character accessory brand Anaguma, which lines its jewellery with natural stones, is releasing a new collection of cord bracelets in Japan on June 19 in collaboration with the anime series Shaman King. Pre-orders are now open.

    Shaman King Wind Cord Bracelets | ¥6,380 (Tax Included)


    The collection is inspired by the characters from the Shaman King reboot which began airing in April. Each bracelet features natural stones and metallic Oracle Bells. There are five designs in the line-up including Yoh Asakura, Anna Kyoyama, Ren Tao, Horohoro, and Hao.

    Yoh Asakura Model


    Features colours inspired by Yoh. Includes the Oracle Bell and Futsunomitama Sword made from metallic parts.


    Anna Kyoyama Model


    Features colours inspired by Anna. Includes rosary beads and an apple made from metallic parts.


    Ren Tao Model


    Features colours inspired by Ren. Includes the Oracle Bell and Bâo-Lèi Sword made from metallic parts.


    Horohoro Model


    Features colours inspired by Horohoro. Includes the Oracle Bell and Ikupasuy made from metallic parts.


    Hao Model


    Features colours inspired by Hao. Includes the Oracle Bell and Gohukusei mark made from metallic parts.



    Each bracelet comes in a box inspired by the colouring of each character as well as a mini character card.


    Who’s your favourite character from Shaman King and did they make it on this list?

  • Shaman King Anime’s Yoh and Hao Get Inspired Bear Plush and Merchandise

    18.May.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Japanese online site Movic released a new set of items inspired by the characters Yoh and Hao from the anime series Shaman King. The line-up is available fora limited time until June 16.


    Shaman King is a manga series written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei. Its current spin-off series, Shaman King: The Super Star, is serialised in Shonen Magazine Edge. A new anime adaptation began airing in April 2021.


    In celebration of Yoh and Hao’s birthdays, which fall on May 12, Movic released a special birthday set.

    Birthday Sets | ¥9,900 Each (Tax Included)

    The two sets both include 30cm-tall bear plushies who are wearing Yoh and Hao’s clothes, acrylic stands, pins, and an illustrated sheet. Their birthday date is also stamped on each item.


    ©︎武井宏之・講談社/SHAMAN KING Project.・テレビ東京

  • These Shaman King Chocolates Are Filled With Adzuki Bean Paste and Marshmallows

    14.May.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    TIROL-CHOCO is collaborating with the Shaman King anime series this spring with a special bag of chocolates releasing in Japan on May 17.

    Shaman King (Fukuro) | ¥130

    The Shaman King manga series written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei has over 38 million copies in circulation. This marks TIROL-CHOCO’s second collaboration with its anime adaptation.


    Inside each bag are individually wrapped chocolates each with a different character on the packets. There are eight designs in total, but one bag contains just seven. The chocolates are stuffed with adzuki bean paste, adzuki bean chocolate, and marshmallows.


    ©武井宏之・講談社/SHAMAN KING Project.・テレビ東京

  • Shaman King Gets All-New TV Anime Series Next April

    16.June.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    It was announced over on the official website for Hiroyuki Takei’s Shaman King manga that a new anime series is set to broadcast in April 2021. The series will adapt all 35 volumes of the manga’s new complete edition which is set to hit shelves from Kodansha this July. To promote the series, an exhibition will be held at the temporary Animate store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

    The exhibition will showcase 50 breathtaking panels from the Shaman King manga, and there will be a photo area too that puts people in the world of series. There will also be a message corner for people to write their own messages to the author of Shaman King, Hiroyuki Takei.


    The manga will also be available to purchase at the exhibition, as well as books related to the series, merchandise, and more. Those who purchase select items will receive an exclusive illustrated card.


    ©Hiroyuki Takei / Kodansha