~Wild Beach~ Enjoy the best resort-filled rooftop bar and BBQ

05.July.2017 | FEATURES / SPOT

Summer is almost here and it’s time to enjoy the sun, the beach, and the food!

Who would have thought you can enjoy the resort like atmosphere in Shinjuku?




Well, Tokyo Sky Resort Wild Beach (Shinjuku) is the best place to visit when you are tired of the city and feel like relaxing.

Once the elevator door opens, you will enter a completely different zone. The area is filled with white sand, beach beds, and sofa seats, creating a tropical beach resort atmosphere.




The “Beach Café Area” offers a fashionable “French style barbecue” where you can enjoy various kinds of appetizers and drinks. At night the area is lit up with candles and lights, creating a romantic feeling.

At the private wood deck space, you can reserve the whole area and enjoy the recent trend in Japan, “glamping” (glamorous camping). There will be a glamping tent with tables, sofas, and a barbecue space to have a good time with friends and family.  There will also be a personal waitress that will be serving your food and drinks.





Try out the most popular drinks, Mango Sparkling and Peach Sparkling! They are very fruity and easy-drinking for anyone. Even the ice cubes are colored, which makes it very stylish and perfect for Instagram!





Continuing with Instagram, there are several cute photo spots inside the café. There are 3 different areas with wall art of an Angel’s wing and there are also swings here that will bring back your childhood memories.





Not only can you come and BBQ with your friends on the weekend, but you can also show up after work on a weekday to refresh and have a nice relaxing time.


  • Beach Café Area with Parasol and Sofa ¥1000
  • Beach Café Area with Pergola Bed ¥2000
  • Wild BBQ ¥4500 (Kids under 10 ¥1500)
  • Wild BBQ for Girls Night Out ¥3900
  • Beach BBQ (¥5500) (Kids under 10 ¥2500)
  • Beach BBQ for Girls Night Out ¥4900
  • Luxury BBQ ¥7500 (Kids under 10 ¥3500)
  • Luxury BBQ for Girls Night Out ¥6900
  • Glamping BBQ ¥15,000 (Kids under 10 ¥5500)
  • Glamping BBQ for Girls Night Out ¥12,500
  • You can make any plan into all you can drink set with +¥1500
  • You must make a reservation if you are planning on going on Fridays or weekends and the reservation must be made a month prior.


There are also free café spaces where you do not need to make any reservations so feel free to come in any time!




The Tokyo Sky Resort Wild Beach (Shinjuku) will be opened until September 30th, 2017!




Location: Lumine EST rooftop

Address: 3-38-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Open Hours: 11:00am- 23:00pm

Phone: 070-3884-7290


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