Exploring the “Utsuwa Exhibiton” Together with Saki Shibata!

07.July.2017 | FASHION

The “BASE de Mitsukeru Instagenic Na Utsuwa Exhibition” was held at Shibuya Hikarie from June 23rd to June 26th. Saki Shibata, also known as Shibasaki, takes us through as she infiltrates the event!

“BASE” is a popular shopping app that helps you find the best and latest lifestyle items. A shopping exhibition was set up for purchasing “utsuwa”, an umbrella term for certain types of tableware such as Japanese style bowls or vessels. Utsuwa make your house feel that much more homely as you begin to line them up one by one on your dining table.

Shibasaki herself is interested in ceramics and collects her own utsuwa from different potters. From your morning coffee to an amazing dish you’ve whipped up on your day off, and even a nighttime drink. The nonchalant utsuwa can be used for many things. Let’s go see what they have!

The first booth we found when entering was the “INISHIE” booth. The shape and inclinations of the utsuwa here have been made with serious attention to detail, and they have a soft and calm tone about them. “How do you get it to look black likes this?”, asks Shibasaki in earnest.

The next booth we visited was by potter Kana Oguni. There were plates with light hydrangea colouring, and cream coloured cups with light pink clouds on them. The items were fascinatingly feminine, delicate and soft.

Shibasaki gave an enthusiastic interview while buying some stuff. The potters and crafters here at BASE are all from different parts of Japan, so you can ask each of them all about their work. It’s pretty wonderful!

One thing Shibasaki immediately grabbed without even moment’s thought was a single-flower vase. There’s something about them which makes you feel happier when placed at your window or in the middle of your table. They’re a breath of fresh air and a subtly beautiful addition to the routine of everyday life. And it also makes you want to snap a photo of it.

“Ow ow, my tooth!” We also encountered some utsuwa overflowing with this kind of playful humour by HAJIYOSHIDA.

From the closest thing to the human body to the vast expanse of nature. These utsuwa are conceived around such bold and audacious ideas, and duly create a world begging to be snapped by a camera!

We came across some wooden utsuwa too, with their enchanting natural touch and scent of nature…

We also encountered some sophisticated cutlery that looked like some kind of delicate accessories. Upon seeing them, Shibasaki had a single clear vision in mind. “I really wanna try eating sweets with these”.

And a swan cup. It just makes you want to start stroking the top of its head. Shibasaki definitely likes cute things, too. The true beauty of handmade items is how each and every one of them has a slightly different texture from the next.


Let’s take some photos of our instagenic utsuwa!

Shibasaki sifted through all the utsuwa she had collected and chose her favourite 3 to take pictures of!

Favourite utsuwa chosen, check. Photos taken, check. Shopping done, check. Before we knew it, 2 hours had already passed! This is what happens when you visit an utsuwa exhibition!

A satisfied Shibasaki exclaimed, “I want more events like this!” With everyone’s favourite items in hand, Shibasaki and the rest of the team strode back with even more of a spring in their step than when they first arrived.

“It’s unlike a flea market. Absolutely anybody can stop by, and after visiting I find the fact that such a kind of event exists is wonderful! Being able to meet the people who make all of those things is the most rewarding part. They are right there and you can listen to their thoughts about their work. You’re able to purchase something with that person’s passion built inside it. The tableware is made using both hands of a person, so I feel the passion and personality in them. It was an amazing time.” (Saki Shibata)

Navigator:Saki Shibata
Photo:Kayo Sekiguchi
Edit:Namiko Azuma
Text:Miiki Sugita

Translation:Joshua Kitosi-Isanga



“BASE de Mitsukeru Instagenic na Utsuwa Exhibition”
Artists appearing: Table Studio, INISHIE, UTSUWA11, HAJIYOSHIDA, Kouzanyou Amagi, kana oguni, Tada Michiko, 石川智美

BASE: http://base.ac/2slT6rX

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