These New Kawaii Sweets by “Felissimo Nekobu” & “Corocorocoronya” are too Cute to Eat!

17.July.2017 | FOOD


“Felissimo Nekobu” and “Corocorocoronya” have teamed up to release two new neko delights: the Japanese-style meowmallow “Neko Houzui” and tinned cat bread “Pan no Kanzume”. The items went on sale online on July 7th.




The meowmallows are a Japanese-style marshmallow called “houzui” which are made using egg whites that are frozen in cold weather. They are simple, squishy, and delicious. One set includes marshmallows designed with cats with different facial expressions as well as a cute cream design.





The soft cat bread which can be stored and eaten at room temperature comes in three flavours – strawberry, chocolate cream and milk cream. The tin is so cute that you’ll hesitate to open it. They are great as a gift and to stock up on for when you get hungry and need something quick.


Part of the money made from these products go towards numerous causes including shelter for animals with no owners and for helping find them owners, as well as aiding towards getting stray cats off the street to avoid overpopulation, and for protecting animals during times of disaster.


If you’re a cat lover, then you’ll definitely want to check these items out.




Coronya Mini Japanese-style Marshmallow “Neko Houzui”

1 Set – ¥1,150 (+8% ¥1,239)

→¥34 of the money will go towards the “Felissimo Cat Foundation”. (The money donated is tax exempt)

・Set: Includes 9 Japanese-style marshmallows (all same flavour)

・The same product will be delivered once a month

(Made in Japan)

For full details, visit:


○Coronyanchi Canned Cat Bread

1 Set – ¥1,900 (+8% ¥2,047)

→¥57 of the money will go towards the “Felissimo Cat Foundation”. (The money donated is tax exempt)

・Set: Includes two 100g bread in can (both same flavour)

・Size: 7.5cm x 11.5cm

・One of three flavours will be available and rotate each month. The order will change after 2 cycles.

For full details, visit:


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